Recruitment and Retention Commission

Yennhi Nguyen

Recruitment and Retention Commissioner

Hey y’all! My name is Yennhi Nguyen (she/her) and I will be your Recruitment & Retention Commissioner for the 2021-2022 school year! I am a second year Business Administration major and in my free time, I like to go crystal shopping, hang out with friends & family, attempt to skateboard, and eat carrots and hummus. I had a blast being a RAR intern this past year online and am super hyped to carry out this commission in person this year! Can’t wait to meet everyone and grow our Anteater family together :D

Office Hours: Tuesday 1-2 pm

Commission Description:

The Recruitment and Retention Commission is a commission under the Office of the Internal Vice President. We are dedicated leaders of our ASUCI and UCI community and work to ensure that the barriers between students and leaders are broken. We oversee the interrelationships between each office through transparency, community building, and inclusivity. Not only do we bring AS members together but also students who are interested in becoming leaders of our community. We are also motivated to build a more family-like atmosphere through hosting different events, meetings, and socials. Our primary focuses for this year are Orientation, Open Houses, Gatherings/Meetings, Banquet, and more recruiting throughout the year.

Everyone has a place in ASUCI. Find yours!



– increase recruitment within the UCI community

– increase retention within the ASUCI community

– close the knowledge gap between ASUCI and general student body through transparency and communication

– strengthen the bond between ALL offices within ASUCI and the Anteater community

– promote a family-like & inclusive atmosphere within ASUCI

– host annual RAR events: All-ASUCI meetings, ASUCI Orientation, ASUCI Open House, ASUCI Banquet, ASUCI Socials/Gatherings, ASUCI newsletter, etc.

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