Student Life and Advocacy Commission

Jenna Gotte (left) and Jessica Oshiro (Right)

Student Life and Advocacy Co-Commissioners

Hello! I am Jenna Gotte and I am your Student Life and Advocacy Co-Commissioner for the 2018-2019 school year. I was an intern then the interim commissioner for last year in the commission. I was also a Campus Task Force intern my freshman year (2017-2018), but that commission has since been disbanded. I will be a third year Biological Sciences Major and Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor. I am very invested in this commission, not only because of my personal experiences with each topic we focus on, but since joining I have devoted my time in ASUCI to bettering the social environment on campus, as well as the health and wellness of the undergraduate population. I am so eager for the next year and everything we have planned for this commission.

Hello! My name is Jessica Oshiro and I am your Student Life and Advocacy Co-Commissioner for the 2017-2018 school year. I am a 4th year Biological Sciences major. Last year, I was the commissioner for the Student Life and Advocacy Commission and the year before that I was an intern for the same commission. My freshman year I was an intern for the Campus Task Force Commission, which unfortunately no longer exists. From the experience I gained from being a part of this commission, I not only learned about the commission’s topics and how it operates but also my passion for student health and disability grew. I am excited for what the Student Life and Advocacy commission will accomplish this upcoming year and for the opportunity to serve you as this year’s Student Life and Advocacy Commissioner!

Office Hours: Jenna Gotte: Wednesday 01:00-02:00pm in the ASUCI Office

                         Jessica Oshiro: Wednesday 06:00-07:00pm in the ASUCI Office

Student Life and Advocacy is a commission under the Office of the Internal Vice President. We are a group of motivated student leaders that are passionate about student health, wellness and disability. This upcoming year we will take a focus on sexual health, mental health, and disability services in our events. Student wellness encompasses topics such as stress-management, diet/exercise, sexual health, drug/alcohol use, and other habits that promote a healthy lifestyle. We also work to ensure students with disabilities, visible or not, are represented and given the tools to succeed. We believe that health should be in every student’s priority and a key factor contributing to both academic and personal success.

This year, we plan to educate UCI’s population on the importance of health and how to adapt a healthy lifestyle, as well as, give a voice and advocate for students with a visible or invisible disability. To accomplish this, we will hold educational workshops, utilize Ring Road, take advantage of social media, and other events to spread knowledge amongst students. We will also collaborate with other campus organizations and resources on and off campus to build a positive community surrounding the topic of student wellness. Our long term goals are to create a safe and healthy UCI campus in which all students feel included and are welcome.

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