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TGIF Marketing Application 2018-2019

What is TGIF?

Established in 2009, The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) is a student leddoc fee referendum designed to empower undergraduate students with the financial resources to fund projects regarding the 3 main aspects of sustainability:

  • Ethics
  • Environment
Funded by a $3.50 per quarter “sustainability fee,” The Green Initiative Fund is a student-run funding board, housed under the Internal VP Office of ASUCI, for sustainable projects at UC Irvine. It is composed of 5 board members with voting power, and several interns. About $120,000 per academic year is available in grants for undergraduate students, organizations, or collaborative between organizations to apply for in the form of project proposals. The principle goal of the Green Initiative Fund is to provide funding for projects that reduce the University’s overall impact on the environment and create a more sustainable atmosphere on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TGIF?

TGIF stands for The Green Initiative Fund. The 2009 Spring quarter elections passed the TGIF fee referendum where all undergraduate students will pay $3.50 per quarter (excluding summer school) to fund sustainable projects on campus.

What is a sustainability project?

For the purpose of TGIF, sustainability projects are defined as initiatives that shall reduce the environmental impact of the UCI campus.

What if I am receiving financial aid and cannot pay the $3.50 Sustainability fee?

One-third of the money received will be returned to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship for students who receive financial aid. These students will not be affected by this fee referendum.

What is the $3.50 Sustainability Fee being used for?

The funds will be used for sustainable projects on UC Irvine’s campus. Projects include infrastructure upgrades, educational opportunities, and equality outreach.

How do I apply for some of The Green Initiative Fund money?

All undergraduate students are eligible to apply for project funding. Applications are available on this website.

How is the funding dispersed?

The Sustainability Grant Making Committee decides on which projects are approved based on the most sustainable projects. Funding is dispersed in increments based on progress made by each project.

Do we get our money back if the money is not used?

No, the unused money will rollover to be used in the following quarter.

Can I apply for more than one project at a time?

Yes, you can apply for more than one project at a time.

What projects do not get approved?

Any project already mandated by UC Policy or Federal/State Law will not be approved. Also, projects that the Grant Making Committee decides is not sustainable or may prove to be ineffective. Many factors are taken into consideration, but rest assured that all applications will be equally considered.

What if my project doesn’t get approved, can I still apply at a different time?

Yes, you may still apply at a different funding period. Do make sure to take the comments and criticisms made by the Committee into consideration when re-submitting projects.

What if I have an idea but am not sure if it will be approved, who can I talk to?

Email your idea with your name to and we will make sure to reply in a timely fashion.

My question wasn’t answered in this FAQ section, what should I do?

Please email your questions to

Submit A Project Idea

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) is a grant-making fund for UC Irvine sustainability projects supported by a quarterly student fee.  Projects are selected by a Grant-Making Committee composed of students, and non-voting staff and faculty.

Any award given by The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) does not represent the views and/or opinion of the TGIF Funding Board, University of California, Irvine; Regents of the University of California, and/or its affiliates.

Any UC Irvine undergraduate may submit a project application.  All projects must meet the following requirements as established by the TGIF bylaws:

Project Requirements

  • Projects must directly address environmental sustainability on UC Irvine’s campus, or in the capacity that on-campus activities influence sustainability off campus. All proposed projects must have a clearly-defined, measurable outcome.
  • Projects must have received written confirmation of support by appropriate campus officials prior to consideration (see Project Approval form).
  • TGIF funding will not support projects already mandated by law or UC Irvine policy directive. TGIF will fund projects which go above and beyond minimum requirements and that are unable to gain funding from other sources.  (Consult the UC Policy Guidelines for Sustainable Practices for more information)
  • All projects shall have a mechanism for evaluation and follow-up after funding has been dispersed.  At minimum, a project plan must include a report made to the Grant-Making Committee after implementation.  If a project is expected to have on-going benefits such as annual cost savings, the project plan must include a mechanism for tracking, recording, and reporting these benefits back to the Grant-Making Committee.
  • Projects must have publicity, education, and outreach considerations.
  • Priority will be given to collaborative educational projects, projects done by two or more UCI organizations.
  • Preference will be given to projects which demonstrate the largest positive environmental impact per dollar spent, as well as to projects that generate cost savings which can be used to repay the Fund.
  • Projects will have received all necessary approvals prior to consideration. Projects submitting applications without submitting Completed Approval Forms will not receive funding.
  • All projects must have a mechanism for evaluation and follow-up after funding has been disbursed.
  • Projects which have student involvement will be given preference.

Project Preferences

  • Preference will be given to projects that demonstrate the greatest reduction in UC Irvine’s environmental impact for the least cost.
  • Preference will be given to projects with strong student involvement.

Project Deadlines 2017-2018

Completed applications must be emailed in PDF format to by MIDNIGHT for each of the deadlines; please put the name of your project in the subject line. Questions or comments may be directed to the Sustainability Commissioner, Ruth Priscila Morales-Toledo, at

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Week 2 (10/13/17) Week 2 (1/19/18) Week 2 (4/13/18)
Week 5 (11/3/17) Week 5 (2/9/18) Week 4 (4/27/18)
Week 8 (11/24/17) Week 8 (3/2/18) Week 6 (5/11/18)

TGIF 2017-2018 Project Applications

Current Projects

Winter Quarter 2018

Local climate action panel: $672.56 – The panel brought students together with an event of a climate action-oriented art gallery, panel, and reception. Students were able to interact during the art gallery, participate to win prizes during the panel while listening to speakers from academia to business talk about their journey with climate action, and end the event with vegan friendly reception.

Bottle filling station at Croul Hall: $4,799.30 – In order to expand the refillable water stations around campus, this project focuses on expanding the number of water stations by installing one in Croul Hall. Implementation not only makes water more accessible, but, with said accessibility, it also incentivizes students to switch to a reusable water bottle.

Green room certification program: $101 – Undergraduate students in the UCI residential housing facilities participate in housing audits to determine how energy efficient their area is. By measuring daily lifestyle choices, residents will get exposure to their impact in order to implement sustainable lifestyle options

Delta Delta sigma: student run free health clinic: $253.85 – During their time at the clinic, student volunteers will learn about sustainable alternatives in the dentistry industry and the harmful impacts of traditional dentistry practices. The issues addressed range from water waste, toxic waste, biomedical waste, and general office waste.

TEDxUCIrvine 2018 Spring event “Domino Effect”: $160 – The TEDxUCIrvine event is one that brings speakers from different disciplines and backgrounds to contribute to the theme of the Domino effect. This event allows students to learn from sustainability speakers, just to narrow down a few, in order to incorporate their knowledge to create a change.

Airborne ESW: $389 – In this project, undergraduate student work intently in order to create an airborne wind system to better understand how to harness energy from the wind. The overall goal is to successfully execute the airborne wind system to possibly implement that method as part of the energy consumption on campus.

Fall Quarter 2017

2017 Sustainability Fair ($1,674.04) – The first approved project of the year, the sustainability fair provided students the resources to reduce their carbon footprint, interact with sustainability oriented organizations, learn about waste diversion, and implement sustainable practices in their everyday lives!

2nd Annual Pre-Dental Day ($415.62) – During this event, students were exposed to the concept of green dentistry in order to encourage sustainable practices within the dentistry field. Keynote speakers touched on the topic of green dentistry and there was a booth at the event dedicated to teaching students about sustainability through interactive activities.

Green Public Art at Mesa Court ($15,131.21) – This project is intended to foster a collaboration between Mesa Court residents and students from the art school in order to divert plastic waste from the residence halls and display the usage of plastic through an art medium.

Sustainability Action Week ($134.77) – The Sustainability Action Week was a week-long event that informed students on various issues i.e. environmental justice, ethical consumerism, and various forms of recycling through interactive demonstrations and workshops.

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) at UCI ($460.00) – This project is aimed at developing water faucet nozzles that would improve water use efficiency by dispersing water through a mist. Students involved in this project will achieve this through prototype modifications in order to implement the nozzles throughout campus facilities.

Past Projects

Fall Quarter 2016

Fall 2016 Sustainability Fair ($692.00)​ – The first approved project of the year, the
Sustainability Fair allowed students the opportunity to learn about reducing their carbon
footprint, the importance of waste diversion, and water conversion! Sustainable practice
workshops were also a part of the event.

Students of Color Conference 2016 ($3,430.00) -​ During this event, students were allowed the
opportunity to share and learn about issues currently affecting students and communities of
color. They were also able to learn about how environmental justice intersects with racial justice,
and received knowledge and skills to stand against various forms of oppression.

Circle K Change Thru Games ($287.25) -​ This event, hosted by the Circle K Chapter of UCI,
was a 24-hour video game streaming event that involved participants playing various games for
charity while educating about how to live healthier and greener lifestyles.

AV Garden Greenhouse ($2,982.00)​ – For this ongoing project, students are able to learn about
sustainable farming and how to create the ideal environment for plant propagation. Students are
also able to work on their communication and garden-managing skills.

UCI PHA Summit ($5,000.50) -​ In that two-day event, students attended a conference that
explored the field of public health as it relates to community-level and global-scale issues
including environmental sustainability and disease prevention.

Hang in There ($263.46) -​ In partnership with the Active Minds at
UCI, a student club advocating for mental health, this project served as a creative and
educational program for students to educate themselves about the self-care options that are
available to them. Students spent time in nature while learning about the mental health
opportunities available to them.

Winter Quarter 2017

Paris Climate Panel ($986.26) -​ This event involved a panel of UCI professors who answered
students’ questions about both the Paris and Marrakech climate agreements. Sustainable
giveaways, such as solar-powered phone chargers, encouraged student participation and allowed
students to learn more about the steps needed to make their lifestyles more sustainable.

Solar Car ($5,433.48) -​ Students involved in this project will learn about how to build an
eco-friendly and efficient car using sustainable electricals systems such as solar panels. At the
end of the construction, students will participate in the American Solar Car Challenge along with
UCSD and UC Berkeley.

Dance for a Chance 2017 ($650.00) -​ A sustainability information booth was a part of this
charity fundraiser night, which involved educating students about how to turn everyday items
into reusable objects. Furthermore, students learned about the consequences of throwing away
disposable bags and bottles.

Wildflowers at the UCI Permaculture Research Area ($108.15) – ​In this project, students
participated in a workshop designed to teach students about permaculture and the use of
California native plants in a permaculture setting. Specifically, the workshop introduced students
to California wildflowers, their use in permaculture and how they are propagated properly.

Reuse Art Competition ($1,978.25) -​ In this project, the UCI Facilities Management
Sustainability Team participated during Earth Week and as a team held a Reuse Art Competition
with educational and DIY booths connected. UCI Students were able to compete in a reusable art
competition to display sustainability and reusability by using of waste as an art compliance.

Alternative Break ($2,926.61) -​ For this unique learning experience, students spent a few days
volunteering at La Jolla Indian Reservation in preparation for their Earth Day program and used
this service work to explore sustainability issues in terms of mental health and its relationship to
social justice and science through dialogue and literature.

Renewable 3D Printer ($9,900.00) – ​In this research intensive project, the topic of interest was
the generation of comingled plastic waste. Using 3D printing technology, this organization aims
to reduce the campus waste footprint to help UCI achieve its sustainability goals.

Public Health Week 2017 ($1,626.97) -​ This National Public Health Week program focused on
nutrition by incorporating public health issues as well as environmental health factors. This
program consisted of a recycling drive, in which students were be encouraged to recycle plastic
water bottles and received various prizes such as mason jars and reusable lunch bags.

Green Room Certification ($258.24) -​ In this program students learned the importance of what
it means to be sustainable in our society. Students learned how to reduce the amount of water
they use, how to reduce trash by recycling and sorting out waste, and how to reduce electricity

Relay for Life ($1,695.99) -​ Relay for Life, a 24-hour event for the fight against cancer,
provided water canteens for attendees to use to reduce the amount of landfill waste.
There was also a section during the event that involved an educational activity to teach attendees
about the benefits of organic food and allow them to try the food.

Take Back the Night ($845.00) -​ In this event highlighting awareness about sexual assault,
participants had the option to join a peaceful march around campus and win prizes by learning
and demonstrating knowledge provided by educational booths. Topics included self-defense,
eco-friendly self-care methods, and student resources in the community and at UC Irvine

Student Led Congress 2017 ($604.58) -​ The Student Led Congress Forum is a formal check-in
with participants of the Student Led Congress retreat that allowed for a meeting with key campus
partners.The students learned about organizations, departments, and clubs on campus that
aligned with the goals of the sustainability initiative.

Undergraduate Bicycle Education ($262.17) -​ This project educated about transportation, and
student understanding about the direct impact that their day-to-day transportation decisions have
on not only the global environment in terms of carbon emissions and pollution, but also locally
in terms of traffic and pedestrian safety.

Waste Audits ($2,081.16) -​ The learning goal of this project is to help students learn more about
simple ways to transition into a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. This
goal was achieved through Outreach Booths that provided reusable tote bags along with
information about the harmful effects of plastic consumption and plastic debris on the environment.

Seed Library ($1,142.00) -​ Through the seed library, all members of the UCI community will be
provided with the tools and resources needed to learn how to grow their own food, successfully
maintain their garden with the resources needed to do so. Some of these resources include a wide
variety of seeds, pots, soil, educational gardening books, and community gardening tools. As a
result of this project, students will learn to grow their own food whether they have access to a
garden plot or simply an indoor apartment space.

Engineers for a Sustainable World ($535.00) -​ This engineer-led project allowed students to
learn how to build an eco-friendly and efficient car as how solar panels are used to power the
electrical systems in their communities. As a result of this project students can use their
newfound knowledge of electrical solar systems to implement their own environmentally
friendly projects around campus.

Sustainability Fair ($1,263.07) -​ During this program, goals for students included
understanding a more holistic view of sustainability through different perspectives, the adoption
of sustainable practices into students’ own lives, and providing the tools and resources to help
students adapt more environmentally sustainable habits through exposure of different
organizations on campus that can continue to foster sustainable practices.

UCI Care-A-Thon 2017 ($7,993.00) -​ This annual event aims to raise funds for premature
babies at the UCI Medical Center. In addition to promoting the philanthropic goal of this event,
the Student Alumni Association hosts allowed this year’s event to be a platform upon which
sustainable practices were taught and promoted to attendees.

Costa Rica Symposium 2017 ($4,995.00) – ​Each year, the Costa Rica Research Symposium
allows student participants to create a series of events for undergraduates to learn about living
sustainably. Hosted by Student Housing, the event involved an evening of sustainability
celebration that showcased the best practices in sustainability education.

Spring Quarter 2017

Coup de Comedy 2017 ($3,112.50) -​ This annual theatrical arts festival aimed to support
sustainability in all aspects of the event. For this event, a sustainable community of people
interested in comedy education promoted sustainable resources during the festival,
demonstrating a regard for the environment.

Succa for Succulents ($325.47) -​ For this program, students built their own terrariums while
learning to care for plants, the environment, and themselves. Through this they learned how their
actions can affect the environment, the people surrounding them, and themselves.

Theta Psi Sustainable Food Fair ($176.00) -​ Hosted by Theta Psi at UCI, the Bike Blender
Booth will took place on Thursday, April 20th of Earth Week during the Sustainable Foods Fair.
During this event, students were able to select their choice of fruits to blend into a smoothie.
Students will invested physical labor to powering the bike blender to blend their fruit smoothies.

Fashion Interest Group Upcycle ($450.09) – ​This fashion-centered event allowed students to
learn about sustainability within the fashion industry. There was a presentation about the harm of
fast fashion that included high CO2 emissions and water depletion.

College Sustainability Cookbook ($4,832.00) -​ Students received a small booklet of a
sustainability cookbook that had been designed for undergraduate students who are new to the
world of cooking. By combining this need for building cooking skills with sustainability,
students are be able to integrate sustainability into their everyday lives through food.

ASUCI – Ants in Your Pants Orchard ($1,271.39) -​ This orchard will provide the opportunity
for undergraduate students to become involved in the ASUCI Garden Commission and will
allow residents of AV Housing to learn about raising orchards. The project coordinators envision
that in future years, the produce of this orchard will be available for food insecure students that
are enrolled in SOAR Food Pantry program.

10/20/15 ­ UCI Aquaponics ($11,525.94):The solar aquaponics project at the UCI Arboretum
aims to build a sustainable urban agriculture system to demonstrate the various interdisciplinary
connections that underlie sustainability. This ongoing project will allow students to learn how
solar panels can be used for sustainable urban farming.

10/2/15 ­ Fuel Cell Senior Design Project ($3,486.00):Students, in collaboration with the
Henry Samueli School of Engineering will be working on research­based renewable energy
technologies in an attempt to offset the growing demand for electricity.

10/20/15 ­ UCI Aquaponics ($11,525.94):The solar aquaponics project at the UCI Arboretum
aims to build a sustainable urban agriculture system to demonstrate the various interdisciplinary
connections that underlie sustainability. This ongoing project will allow students to learn how
solar panels can be used for sustainable urban farming.

11/15/15 ­ Campus Beautification ($619.90):UC Irvine’s American Red Cross Club will be
hosting a campus clean­up to help beautify the university and to demonstrate to students that a
collective effort has the power to make a big difference in a community.

11/17/15 ­ Climatepedia ($1432.64):Climatepedia, originally founded at UCLA, is a student run
organization that seeks to educate the general public about climate change. The organization is
currently in the process of constructing a user­friendly website that will serve as a resource for
interested individuals to come and learn about the implications of climate change. This year,
Climatepedia plans to host a variety of sustainability related events such as solar smoothie
give­aways, environmental documentary screenings, and faculty panels.

11/20/15 ­ Circle K Change Thru Games ($214.55):Circle K at UCI will be hosting a unique
fundraiser for the Elimination Project that will involve a 24­hour live stream of games and
engagements. Throughout the event, Circle K will encourage students to live sustainable with a
series of skits that promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

11/21/15 ­ Inspire to Act GSRC Student Congress ($977.00):In collaboration with the Global
Sustainability Resource Center various organizations involved in promoting sustainability will be
joining together for a 3 day student­led congress to educate students about leadership skills and
taking action in the community.
Winter Quarter 2016:

2/1/16 ­ AirEaters ($1,913.89):Student organizers of this project aim to make students feel
engaged with the air they are breathing to encourage better understanding about the
importance of climate awareness. The group will be collecting air quality data with sensors from
various points on campus, and will be presenting their findings to the UCI community.

2/13/15 ­ Khmer Student Coalition Conference ($771.05):This conference, hosted by UCI’s
Cambodian Awareness Organization, will focus on inspiring students to become influences for
positive change in their community. Throughout the event, students will be educated about how
to lead a more sustainable life.

2/15/16 ­ Ecological Reserve ($13,257.47): The Ecological Reserve, located on campus, aims
to educate students about the local environment and promote outdoor exploration and exercise
activity. The new signs will be a resource for students to turn to to educate themselves about
the local agriculture.

2/21/16 ­ MEChA de UCI ($1,830.00):Students will be participating in a one day conference
that aims to promote higher education. During the event, there will be a workshop to educate
students about food security in the hopes that they leave with a better understanding about the
importance of water conservation.

2/25/16 ­ Care­A­Thon ($4,203.00):UCI Care­A­Thon is an annual philanthropic dance
marathon that benefits the UCI Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. As one of the
largest student­led fundraisers on campus, the program has funded over $25,000 in the past.
The project also aims to encourage sustainable living by encouraging the use of reusable
materials to reduce consumption.

3/1/16 ­ DIY Terrarium Workshop ($237.00): This project will allow students the opportunity to
participate in a hands­on experience that involves constructing their own mini terrariums. This
activity will serve to educate students about the importance of ecosystems.

3/9/16 Global Sustainability Educational Poster Session ($442.00):This event hopes to
educate students about the present challenges that society faces in regards to sustainability.
During the event, students will have their 10­week research projects presented on posters
around Ring Road.
Spring Quarter 2016:

3/31/16 ­ Concrete Canoe ($770.00): This researched based event will be a competition
involving the construction of canoes from recycled materials. The most efficient canoe, that is
built from the most sustainable materials, will be the winner.

4/4/16 ­ Public Health Brigades ($1,038.29):The Public Health Association at UCI will be
participating in National Public Health Week, which will focus on bringing attention to disparities
in health and lifestyles. During the event, a recycle drive will be held to encourage students to
reduce their waste and educate them about proper waste disposal.

4/18/16 ­ Earth Week Planting Session ($818.75):In this program, students will be learn about
Permaculture design principles for sustainable agriculture, and will help build the next phase in
the Native Food Forest at the UCI Arboretum by planting 50 native edible herbs, bushes, and

4/19/16­4/22/16 ­ Earth Week 2016 ($464.00):During Earth Week, students will have the
opportunity to learn about gardening and plant species at the UCI arboretum. They will have the
opportunity to engage in various gardening activities at the A/V gardens, as well as attend
multiple environmental documentary screenings on campus. The goal of this project is to
educate students about multiple aspects of sustainability through a series of hands­on and
educational workshops.

4/21/16 ­ Pause For A Cause ($565.00):The Pause For A Cause project aims to educate
students about the effects of tobacco on health and the environment. Students will collaborate
to investigate the ramifications of tobacco on the environment, and will participate in discussions
involving social justice and environmental health.

4/23/16 ­ Colleges Against Cancer Relay for Life ($1,700.00):Relay for Life is a 24­hour
fundraising event for the fight against cancer that aims to raise awareness about the disease.
The event will reduce plastic waste by providing its own water canteens to students to use
during the duration of the event. Compost bins will also be implemented to reduce the event’s
carbon footprint.

5/9/16 ­ Student Housing Celebration and Costa Rica Symposium ($7,268.00): This event
will highlight new sustainability initiatives in Student Housing, such as composting and food
waste, that have taken place during the academic year. Furthermore, the Costa Rica Program
will also highlight the academic research conducted overseas through a research symposium,
which aims to inspire students to carry forward sustainable practices in their day to day lives.

5/9/16 ­ 5/20/16 ­ Costa Rica Outreach Program ($640.0): The Costa Rica Outreach
participants are seeking to expand their outreach to upperclassmen by hosting a variety of
programs in higher­level housing communities for their 5 year anniversary. The three­part
program will aim to educate students about sustainable cooking and energy conservation.
Students will have the opportunity to plant their own herb gardens in recycled tin cans and jars,
and participate in a cooking expo experience with a variety of sustainable recipes.

5/11/16-5/14/16 – Coup de Comedy ($584.00): The Coup de Comedy festival 2016 will implement sustainability by educating students about waste-reducing practices that can be used during the production of a large-scale event. Reusable items will be used in place of single-use items to encourage students to reduce waste and align themselves with UCI’s zero waste goal.

5/14/16 ­ Sustainability in 3D Printing ($1,536.78):This project aims to educate students
about the potential of plastic reuse with a 3D printer. The demonstrative 3D writer will allow
participants to have a hands­on experience with sustainable manufacturing, as the project will
be taken to campus events throughout the school year.

5/14/16 ­ TedxUCIrvine ($2,718.00): This day­long conference will bring together innovative
minds from UCI to celebrate the integral values shared by the Irvine community. The event will
strive to be the most sustainable Tedx that UCI has ever hosted by reducing waste,
encouraging recycling, and educating attendees about sustainability.

5/17/16 – Pre-Dental Society Banquet ($512.88): This end-of-the-year banquet for UCI’s Pre-Dental Society will have a focus on sustainability, as the event will serve as an outreach program to inform pre-dental students about “Green Dentistry”. The organization intends to educate members about water consumption and reducing waste in their day to day lives in addition to traditional dental practices. During the event, a green dentistry presentation will be made, incorporating iClickers and tips to live more sustainably. There will also be a terrarium workshop where students will be able to learn about drought resistant plants and plant their own succulents.

5/19/16-­5/22/16 ­ UCI Racecar Competition ($11,668.00): Students, in collaboration with the
Henry Samueli School of Engineering will participate in the UCI Racecar competition, scheduled
to occur spring quarter. Four vehicles, Baja, Delta, Electra, and Savage, will participate in a
distance competition that aims to stretch one dollars worth of fuel as much as possible.

5/23/16 – UCI Classroom Recycle Bin Improvement Project ($36,974.88): In accordance with the UCOP mandate of Zero Waste by 2020, this infrastructural change will take place within lecture halls and classrooms, and will encourage recycling to improve overall campus diversion. The standardized bin system will conduct a quarterly waste audit to determine recycling diversion rates, the results of which will be posted in a flyer above the bins in each lecture hall/classroom.

5/23/16 ­ ConnecTableTM Solar­Powered Electronic Device Charging Stations
The charging stations of this project will expose and educate all UCI students and
faculty about source renewable energy, solar energy. Students will now have a renewable
option for electricity with cafe­style solar­powered electronic device charging stations in the
outdoor seating area on the Student Center terrace.

8/1/2016 ­ HyperXite ($22,617.00):Students in collaboration with the Henry Samueli School of
Engineering will be participating in a competition to build the most sustainable vehicle for
transportation. The project will involve constructing a prototypical transportation pod that runs on
solar energy and is green house gas free.

10/15/2014 – DIY Craft and Art: Harry Potter Wand Making Workshop ($75.32): This workshop hosted by DIY Craft andw Art and open to all students is a tutorial on how to make Harry Potter wands using eco-friendly materials. TGIF funded the Delta Soy Paint and Greenline Post-Recycled Paper for the wands.

10/29/2014 – Water Filtering Stations ($7770.92): The purpose of this project is to install three new water filtering stations funded by TGIF in the following locations: the 2nd floor of the Ayala Science Library, the Information and Computer Science Building 1 (ICS1), and the Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway. As with all oncampus water filtering stations, the goal is to encourage students to reduce plastic wastes from water bottles, thus further reducing UCI’s carbon footprint.

11/5/2014 – UC Irvine Costa Rica Program: Global Sustainability and Cultural Immersion ($4250.00): Each year, a team of sixteen UCI students and two staff members travel to Costa Rica to immerse themselves in an eco-friendly lifestyle (composting, sustainable farming, reforestation, etc.) at an environmental learning center. They pass on this educational experience to UC Irvine students every year by hosting a symposium which details their projects and stories. This year, TGIF funded food from the UCI Sustainable Catering Menu for the symposium, as well as the materials for a biodegradable shampoo workshop hosted in collaboration with Student Housing to improve student awareness of eco-friendly practices.

11/12/2014 – DIY Craft and Art: Photo Prints ($132.97): Another eco-friendly workshop hosted by DIY Craft and Art open to all students for the purpose of teaching them how to transfer photos onto canvas art boards. This workshop will utilize ecofriendly art supplies, as well as green alternatives to canvas prints.

11/19/2014 – Climatepedia ($335.80): Climatepedia is an on-campus branch of the UCLA organization which runs the website The website’s purpose is to educate the public with reliable and up-to-date information regarding climate change gathered via in-depth research and communication with experts (especially professors) in the field. For the purposes of publicizing Climatepedia, TGIF funded club banners, 50 custom tote bags, 500 custom pins, and 500 stickers.

11/19/2014 – Art Lab – Sustainability ($250.00): The Art Lab’s Art Community Showcase incorporates creative avenues in keeping with this year’s theme, “Sustainability”. The showcase will allow students to participate in painting a community mural using eco-friendly materials, while informing students of green practices through trivia games and fliers made of seed-paper. For this project, TGIF funded the organic yarn and recycled fabric for the eco-friendly mural, as well as the seed-paper fliers.

11/25/2014 – Racecars – Delta ($487.50), Zeta ($2369.26), Epsilon ($1425.00), Baja ($2538.75), Savage ($1387.50): Each of these separately funded racecar projects started by the UCI Racing Club incorporates some aspect of sustainability. For example, Delta promotes lower gas emissions through its compressed natural gas (CNG) engine, while Zeta and Epsilon run on electric engines. Additionally, each car uses recycled parts in the building process. Upon completion, the projects and their sustainable features will be presented to the UCI student body, thus incorporating an educational component to the projects.

12/3/2014 – The Green Beans Project ($554.00): Campuswide Honors Program (CHP) holds a Coffee Hour every Friday, during which free coffee is given out to CHP students. By replacing the Styrofoam and plastic cups with 100 reusable, eco-friendly thermoses funded by TGIF, CHP promotes waste reduction.

12/3/2014 – Asian Pacific American Awareness Conference ($500.00): Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA) is hosting a conference to raise awareness to better understand the injustice of sweatshop labor. The conference also explores the importance of teaching students of sustainable economic practices and reducing material waste. For this event, TGIF is funding the organic Vietnamese sandwiches made by a local business that will be served to attendees.

12/3/2014 – Lambda Phi Nu: An Effort in Sustainable Marketing ($200.00): The business fraternity Lambda Phi Nu aims to promote sustainable marketing, especially during the process of recruiting new members. For this purpose, TGIF is funding a reusable banner that can replace wasteful marketing items such as fliers.

12/3/2014 – Brown Bag Theatre Presents “The Service Workers’ Project” ($6,928.25): The Brown Bag Theatre Company aims to showcase the rich Latin American culture by bringing together UCI service workers, students of Claire Trevor School of Arts, and the broader campus community. The production process of this play incorporates a combination of cultural and sustainable awareness. The service workers will be interviewed about their experiences as the project advances in order to recognize their hard work. Moreover, a talkback will be conducted between the audience and actors after performances to enhance campus community. Finally, eco-friendly practices are incorporated into the set and costume design. TGIF is funding the Brown Bag Theatre for green production materials ranging from low- VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint and energy-efficient lighting to costume materials (promoting reuse) and eco-friendly food served to the audience.

TGIF Approved Projects 2013-2014

Fall Quarter:

8/20/13 – Late Night at the ARC ($4,100): Late Night at the ARC is an annual welcome week event that includes exercise and cooking demonstrations, sports tournaments, rock climbing, and giveaways. This year, as part of a sustainable series of events at the ARC, TGIF funded 500 recycled organic t-shirts for their event, as well as accompanying educational flyers about their commitment to sustainability and the environmental impact of a cotton t-shirt.

10/30/13 – Guide to Shopping Green / Green and Fit ($1,163.20): This event hosted a workshop open to all UCI undergrads, educating them on the alternative use of re-usable shopping bags and aluminum water bottles. 80 water bottles and 60 shopping bags were supplied for the event as giveaways.

11/6/13 – Real Food Challenge Education Series: Food Insecurity in Orange County ($793.81): Real Food Challenge, in collaboration with Theta Psi and the OC Food Access Coalition, hosted a documentary screening of A Place at the Table with an accompanying panel discussion. This event aimed to raise awareness and educate UCI students on a local issue – food insecurity in Orange County, and the efforts being done to solve it. TGIF funded the screening rights for the film, sustainable food for the event, and 60 t-shirts featuring the RFC and TGIF logo. The 60 t-shirts were given away to the first students who signed up for Harvest Club, RFC’s email list, and attended the event.

11/13/13 – Brown Bag Theater Company Presents ‘Yerma’ ($2,582.00): “Yerma” is Brown Bag Theater company’s first full-length production and they aimed to set a precedent of sustainability for both future productions and for their peers in the drama department. The theater company collaborated with TGIF and received funding for 36 printed organic shirts for their company, MDF and recycled wood material for set design, thrift store costumes, sustainable programs, and sustainable local foods and utensils for the reception. The play will be performed for the UCI community during week 6 of Spring Quarter.

11/13/13 – UCI Club Soccer: Kickin’ Green ($1,258.80): UCI Men’s and Women’s Club Soccer teams are going green this year – with sustainable recycled organic cotton uniforms, t-shirts funded by TGIF, and the use of team aluminum re-usable water canteens, also funded by TGIF. Club Soccer boothed on Ring Road informing students of their club’s efforts toward sustainability and their goals of combining fun with health and fitness.

11/26/13 – Costa Rica Symposium (UC Irvine Global Sustainability Exploration and Cultural Immersion Program)     ($5,650.00): This program selects 18 students and 2 staff members to travel to Costa Rica for 1 week over spring break, where they will stay at an environmental learning center, then engage in 2 homestays, and 2 explorational days – the learning focuses of the trip being tropical ecology, sustainable farming, reforestation, ecotourism, sustainable development, and more. Prior to the trip, participants engage in a 2-4 unit course in which they propose research topics to explore on the trip. Upon returning in spring quarter, the program has collaborated with TGIF to host an open symposium, educating UCI students on participants experience, and sharing their research projects.

11/26/13 – Light Up the Streets ($600.00): Ride On Anteaters, a new bike club at UCI, received funding for 15 USB rechargeable head and tail bike lights, for use by their members on night rides. The club aims to advocate bike use as a sustainable means of transportation and educate students on the biking resources available to them.

11/26/13 – Hydration Station – AIRB ($3,330.69): One water refilling station will be built on the first floor of AIRB at UCI, with collaboration of UCI Facilities Management. The implementation of hydration stations contributes to UCI’s waste diversion rate, sustainable water management, and promotes use of re-fillable water bottles on campus while providing a convenience to students. Campus hydration stations have already saved thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in landfills.

11/26/13 – Lights for Bikes ($1,716): Bike Club at UCI received funding for 39 front bike lights and 39 rear bike lights. Bike Club aims to advocate bike use as a sustainable means of transportation and educate students on the biking resources available to them. Lights will be used by club members and participants at biking events and around campus – they are rechargeable and therefore multi-use.

12/4/13 – Aquaponics ($10,000):  The Aquaponics project exemplifies a self-sustaining food-production system, combining aquaculture with hydroponics – virtually the definition of sustainability. In short, the system begins with nitrogen excretion-rich water from an aquaculture system (tilapia fish tank) being fed to a hydroponic plant system where the water nourishes and fertilizes a plant/vegetable bed. The water drainage from the plant bed is then recirculated back to the aquaculture system, and the system continues. Once built, the system will be maintained by the group, the food and fish produced will be available to students,  and the infrastructure will be used as an educational resource open to the UCI community and public for visitation.

12/4/13 – Experimental Testing of Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Efficiency and Durability ($1,538.80): The Fuel Cell Project is a mechanical engineering senior design project, experimentally assessing the performance of a proton-exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) under accelerated stress testing and various operational temperatures. Fuel cell research has been going on in the UCI engineering community for many years now, and aims to improve on the modern efficiency, maintenance and handling of hydrogen fuel cells, furthering sustainability by improving alternative energy sources.

TOTAL AWARDED (FALL): $32,733.30

Winter Quarter:

1/29/14 – Care-a-Thon ($3,800.00): Care-A-Thon is a student initiated and student run, 6-hour dance marathon that raises money for the UC Irvine Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This year, TGIF funded 400 sustainable cotton t-shirts with educational tags that informed attendees of the benefits of organic alternatives, 100 reusable water bottles as well as providing sustainably grown food at the event.

1/29/14 – E-Week Sustainable Souvenirs ($3,200.00): E-Week is an annual week-long event hosted by the Engineering Student Council that includes a BBQ, Dean’s Breakfast and student/faculty sports games among other things to involve and inform the UCI community of the engineering initiatives on campus. TGIF funded the 300 sustainable t-shirts and 300 reusable water bottles that were given away over the course of the week.

1/29/14 – V-Day UCI 2014 ($3,600.00): V-Day UCI is an annual production that is put on to fundraise for UCI’s Care Department. This year LED lighting, recyclable posters, paper and tickets were used to create a more environmentally conscious event.

2/5/14 – National Public Health Week ($1,780.00): Public Health Week was a week long recycling drive hosted by the Public Health Association which allowed students on campus to trade in their water bottles and plastic bags for 130 reusable water canteens and 250 canvas tote bags that TGIF provided. This was an opportunity for students to learn about the negative effects of plastic and the environmentally friendly alternatives available.

2/12/14 – Relay for Life 2014 ($3,700.00): Relay for Life is a 24-hour fundraising event that for cancer awareness, cancer prevention, advocacy efforts and patient services. This year the event was made more sustainable through the use of composting bins and providing organic food to this years participants.

2/12/14 – CORE Goes Green ($833.41):  CORE is an on campus consulting group that is a resource for all clubs on campus. In an effort to become more sustainable TGIF funded 1000 bamboo pens that CORE will be giving away when boothing on Ring Road as well as at their various workshops and events.

2/19/14 – Kenya Dance ($5,238.00): Kenya Dance is a charity dance showcase that supports Kenya Dream, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in Kenya. TGIF helped sponsor the event in part through providing sustainable cotton t-shirts as well as LED lighting for the show.

3/5/14 – Ciclavia ($600.00): Ciclavia is a 6 mile long bike ride along Wilshire Blvd. an L.A. biking event which encourages healthy living and carless transportation. Ride on Anteaters members will be given eco-friendly shirts to be worn at the event.

3/5/14 – Honduras Care Package and Sustainable Engineering Blogs ($162.00): Global Brigades is an on campus organization that sends students around the world to study and assist the local communities in different areas of interest such as engineering and environmental studies. This year, 15 students traveled to Honduras to design and build sustainable water systems for the locals. TGIF funded care packages of shampoo and conditioner bottles and gloves to the students abroad.

3/5/14 – Black Soldier Fly Compost Bin ($330.00): TGIF funded an honors thesis project that will research the feasibility of integrating composting bins with black solider fly larvae to create a self sustaining feeding and fertilizing system with aquaponics system in the AV garden. The compost bins will use the waste from the aquaponics project to feed the system.

3/5/14 – Anteaters in Action – Green is the New Black: Crafts for Kids ($1,300.00): ASUCI is partnering with on campus organizations to host a community service event to not only teach young children about sustainability through green crafts but to also educate the students themselves on recycling and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Anteater Shuttles will be used to transport students to the event to promote commuting and sustainable t-shirts will be given away to students.

3/12/14- UCI CKI Dance-A-Thon ($800.00):  UCI’s CKI is hosting “UCI CKI Dance-a-thon, a night of dancing to fundraise for the Pediatric Trauma Prevention. TGIF will be giving sustainable t-shirts away to promote this benefit event.


Spring Quarter:

4/2/14 – My Sustainability Pathway ($1,200.00)

Theta Psi, GSRC, Powersave, PASS and Calpirg collaborated to bring together an event that introduced students to future careers in sustainability as well as showcasing the various eco-friendly clubs on campus. TGIF funded their promotional items: mugs, notebooks, pens and food.

4/9/14 – GUSH Elections/Launch Event ($2,250.00)

The Government of Undergraduate Student Housing held an ink recycling drive parallel to their ongoing election for their new board to promote the different opportunities students could integrate sustainable practices into their lives. TGIF funded t-shirts for their event.

4/9/14 – Water Around the World ($1,000.00)

The Muslim Student Union boothed a week on campus to inform students of water scarcity problems around the world and in the local community. To emphasize  this important point they gave out TGIF sponsored water canteens to also help reduce the amount of plastic bottles on campus.

4/16/14 – DIY Desert Terrariums ($192.80)

DIY Arts and Crafts club held a TGIF sponsored workshop to show students how to make terrariums using native plants and succulents.

4/16/14 – Pause for a Cause Contest ($3,375.00)

Pause for a Cause is a video contest that encourages students to create videos that show the benefits to a tobacco free lifestyle. TGIF sponsored their promotional items: t-shirts, drawstring tote bags and sunglasses.

4/23/14 -Flying Samaritans Annual Banquet ($2,000.00)

UCI Flying Samaritans held their annual end of year banquet that aimed to raise money for their clinic in Mexico. The banquet included  all sustainable cutlery and sustainable produced food.

4/23/14 – TEDxUCIrvine ‘14 Main Conference | The Adventure of Discovery ($5,528.00):

TEDxUCIrvine held their Adventure of Discovery series this year at CalIT2, a green building on campus that hosted speakers that spoke on topics ranging from sustainability to other research fields. This gave students the opportunity to look into different fields and careers to open their perspectives to a wide variety of interests. TGIF helped sponsor the event through reserving the space, buying tote bags and other green giveaways.

4/30/14 – Stroke Awareness Picnic ($4,657.65): DESCRIPTION

TGIF funded a picnic with stroke attendees in the community and UCI students through buying greenware, water bottles and sustainable catering.

4/30/14 – Climatepedia ($2,280.00): DESCRIPTION

Climatepedia is a new on campus organization that in partnership with TGIF,  recently launched a website that serves to inform students on the health of the global and local climate as well as offer tips to students on how to improve their lifestyle to help lower their carbon footprint.

5/7/14 – Pre-Dental Society Banquet  ($980.00)

UCI’s Pre-Dental Society hosted their annual year-end banquet this spring, which TGIF helped sponsor through proving sustainable utensils and catering.

5/7/14 – Zotcade ($1,070.05)

Zotcade is the largest annual LAN gaming festival that takes place on the UC Irvine campus. To make this technologically surging event more energy efficient, TGIF helped fund this event through the purchase of long lasting ethernet cables, power strips and t-shirts to give away at the event.

5/7/14 – Film Screening – TINY: A Story About Living Small ($200.00)

TINY is a film focused on the positive environmental impacts of downsizing and not only the possibility of a smaller living space but the comforts of a quainter home. This film had a showing on campus for students to be exposed to this sustainable alternative way of living.

5/21/14 – Hydration Stations for Campus Village ($8,000.00)

This year, TGIF has funded the addition of two hydration stations in the Campus Village housing community to bring fresh filtered water to students in the efforts to reduce plastic water bottle usage.

5/21/14 – Recycling Waste for 3D Printer Filament ($4,049.00)

The 3D Printing Club on campus has partnered with TGIF to bring a 3D printer to campus to foster the innovation of finding alternative materials to use as filaments for this 3D printer. Possible sources include plastic bags, water bottles and plastic cutlery to re-use as materials.

5/28/14 – SISL Merchandise Design & Contest ($550.00)

The Summer Institute for Sustainability Leadership has initiated an annual art contest for students to design and vote on the SISL logo to be seen on tote bags and t-shirts. TGIF has sponsored this summers t-shirts and tote bags.

5/28/14 – Celebrando Nuestros Exitos: VELA’s 1st Annual Banquet ($233.00)

VELA hosted their annual year-end banquet which TGIF funded sustainable cutlery, centerpieces, tablecloths and napkins.

5/28/14 – Powersave Campus Water Battle Competition: Middle Earth ($1,700.00)

Powersave hosts an annual water battle in the Middle Earth housing community. They challenge the students to use less water for a week to emphasize the importance of conservation of water. TGIF funded sustainable t-shirts to be given away at the event.

5/28/14 – Zero Waste Plan ($39,616.00)

Zero waste bins that separate trash between compost, landfill and recycling will be placed in various location around the Bren Events Center and Cicerone Baseball Field. These bins will educate students on waste diversion as well as decrease the amount of trash that is directed to the local landfill.

6/4/14 – Sustainable Orientation Totes ($11,200.00): DESCRIPTION

TGIF has partnered with Student Life and Leadership to provide all newly incoming students with sustainable tote bags upon their arrival to campus during the summer for their orientation programs, an initiative with the hope of reducing their carbon footprint as past years students have been given plastic bags.



Anteaters in Action – Skyla Zhang (ASUCI) $2,110.00

Anteaters in Action is a newly created community service commission under ASUCI in 2012-2013 academic year.. This commission seeks to increase student participation by providing students with various community service opportunities while using sustainable transportation.They collaborate with on and off-campus organizations to create large volunteer events that target medical and sustainability issues. Successful events include the Beach Clean up event held on November 4th, 2012. TGIF decided to fund the transportation portion of AIA service events for its sustainability value.

Pocket Ecosystems – Nicholas LaJeunesse $400.00

Pocket Ecosystems was a workshop event held on campus that taught students on how to repurpose commonly disposed materials like lightbulbs, jars, and bottles while introducing the concept of self-sustainability. It accomplished this goal this by encouraging hands-on work to create a self sustaining ecosystem. The request of necessary materials needs to educate students on self-sustainability was granted by TGIF.

UCI Race Car Engineering Formula SAE Electric – Sharango Kundu $7,500.00

Formula SAE is a competition that promotes excellence in engineering as it encompasses all aspects of the automotive industry including research, design, manufacturing, testing, developing, marketing, management and finances. Formula SAE allows students to apply textbook theories to real work experiences. The UCI Race Car Engineering team utilized this opportunity to build a highly competitive all-electric car for the 2013 Energy Invitational. The students designed, engineered, built, and tested the racecar throughout the year. TGIF granted funding for the components of the race car that stressed its sustainability factor in competitions.

Dreaming of a Green Christmas – Derek Campfield $500.00

As a campaign of the UCI chapter of CALPIRG, this event engaged in actively distributing compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to students for use in their housing on-campus. Administration of energy use surveys provided information for the various energy efficiency habits of UCI students as a way to better understand what kind of outreach and education campaigns should be featured in the future. CFLs wrapped in traditional holiday colors were distributed to encourage energy efficiency in residence.

DIY – Green Knitting – Alison Vu
DIY – Planting and Pot Decorating –

DIY Craft and Art launched a creative workshop in which participants decorated a clay pot and saucer, and plant a vegetable or herb seed. The pots were decorated with soy-based paint, or chalkboard paint. Attendees were able to write what they have planted & care instructions in chalk on the pot itself.
This workshop sought to increase the amount of plants and biodiversity at UCI – beneficial ones like certain vegetables and herbs that can be consumed, unlike lawns or bushes. We will be providing attendees the tools to plant organic plants they would otherwise not have access to. By sharing information on what is being planted, the care required for the plants, and how the plants can be consumed, attendees were educated on organic gardening and plant care, with materials provided through TGIF grants.

Ink Recycling – Mira Lowenstein $ 48.00
Think Pink – Simi Rai

The overall purpose of the Think Pink project was to raise awareness and educate preventive
breast care. Along with UCI Athletics, pink t-shirts were chosen to highlight the breast cancer awareness, as well as selecting t-shirts that were produced sustainably. TGIF assisted in the distribution of these sustainable t-shirts in an effort to not only educate about breast cancer, but also the need for sustainable, organic clothing free of typical chemical production.

Zot Trot – Sasha Richey $400.00

Zot Trot hosted a sprint triathlon and 5K run race, which aimed to encourage healthy lifestyles and sustainable planning of sporting events. The run course highlighted the sustainable works present on campus, boosting participants’ value of our local environment. TGIF helped by funding bike racks for the race, which further promotes sustainable means of transportation.

Costa Rica Program – Emily McVey $4,200.00

The Costa Rica project immerses UCI students in the Costa Rican community for the purposes of learning about global sustainability from a new perspective. The goal of this program is to increase students’ knowledge, awareness and understanding of global sustainability issues and bring back what they have learned within the UCI community. TGIF has sponsored the presentation equipment, sustainably catered food, and location of where the research symposium will take place.

Ken-Ya Sing – Ronnie Han

Ken-Ya Sing showcased a charity concert whose funds go toward improving the quality of educational facilities in Kenya. This project took a step further by making the event as environmentally friendly as possible through sustainable giveaway items and increased use of recycling bins. TGIF facilitated their efforts by funding bamboo t-shirts and reusable water bottles.

Relay for Life – College Against Cancer $2,768.17

Relay for Life is a 24-hour fundraiser dedicated to raising funds for cancer research and prevention, advocacy efforts, and patient services. Due to its 24-hour duration, an overflowing amount of waste is expected. In an effort to reduce the impact on the environment, TGIF funded reusable water bottles, hydration stations and locally sourced produce for the event.

TAO Utensils Project – Victoria Lee $500.00
Pause for a Cause – Kazuya Shiba $1,082.60

Pause for a Cause carried out a YouTube Tobacco Awareness Contest in order to promote a healthier campus environment. Students competed to film a public service announcement advocating campus smoking policies and the negative effects of smoking on the environment and human body. TGIF funded the materials utilized for the launch party: cash prizes, projector, screen, microphones, t-shirts, and sustainable refreshments.

TEDx UC Irvine – Derek Wong $3,623.70

TEDx UC Irvine was a locally organized event hosting well-known speakers in conferences dedicated to this past year’s theme “Collaborating Forward.” The goal of TEDxUC Irvine was to create global dialogue and engagement within ones community, showcasing the community’s dedication and contribution to problem solving and creativity for the future. The conference addressed making sustainable choices by implementing recyclable and organic giveaway items, as well as introducing more recycling bins at the event. TGIF took part in this event by funding reusable canteens, recycled paper name tags, and organic t-shirts.

Alpha Phi Omega Section 2 Conference – Nancy Chen Yu $971.00

Alpha Phi Omega hosted their leadership conference on campus, which presented workshops regarding sustainability, guest speakers talking about today’s environmental issues, and a community service event bringing awareness toward these issues. The organization worked with Facilities Management to implement landfill, recycling, and compost bins at the event and handed out giveaway items such as reusable water bottles to reduce use of plastic bottles. TGIF assisted in the funding of aluminum water bottles for this event.

Community Service Fair – Camille Imbo $1,283.40

Mesa Irrigation Retrofit – Jaimie Wan $12,350.00

The Irrigation Retrofit project selected the Mesa Court sprinkler system to have higher efficiency irrigation nozzles in an effort to reduce water usage on one of its largest turf areas in Student Housing. Students were able to participate in this event as well by attending workshops teaching the importance of water conservation in landscaping as well as offering hands-on experience for student volunteers to be involved in irrigation audits. TGIF contributed to the applicant’s request to fund half of project’s total cost, which went toward the nozzles, sprinkler bodies and materials for the workshop.

National Public Health Week Recycling Drive & Bottle Exchange Prog – Marcel Flores $2,111.52

The National Public Health Week Recycling Drive and Bottle Exchange Program held a bottle recycling competition and handed out stainless steel water bottles in exchange as incentive. This event raised awareness for sustainability, promoted recycling, and showed the negative environmental impacts of plastic. TGIF assisted this project by funding stainless steel water bottles.

Hydration Stations Hillside Halls Mesa Court – Abraham Kou $40,000.00

The Hydration Stations in Unit 4 Hillside Halls in Mesa Court project installed hydration stations in 4 locations of the Unit 4 Hillside halls in an effort to reduce the amount of recyclables used on campus and encouraging greater use of reusable water bottles. Further maintenance of hydration station and filter replacement will be handled by the Mesa Court Operations budget. TGIF assisted this project by funding the hydration stations and installation plumbing supplies.

Water Refilling Stations – Ngoc Luu $10,201.69

The Water Refilling Stations project installed hydration stations in two locations: Aldrich Hall 1st floor and the Education/Law School building. The goal was to install hydration stations so that faculty and staff are able to have free and easy access to drinking water not just on the main campus but also on the outer locations of campus. This reduces the need to purchase plastic bottles from outside vendors and decrease the demand for production of plastic by encouraging students and faculty to refill their containers. TGIF contributed to this project by funding the hydration stations at each location and water filters. Facilities Management has agreed to take care of future maintenance needs.

UC Irvine Global Sustainability Exploration and Cultural Immersion Program $500.00

This project reached out to the UCI student body and provided information on the importance of global sustainability and how to partake in sustainable practices on a daily basis. Posters were displayed in various housing communities on campus on how to recycle properly and an environmentally friendly shampoo and conditioner making workshop was put on in Mesa Court and Middle Earth. TGIF contributed to this event by funding mason jars and banner for publicizing.

DIY Craft and Art: Green Knitting$212.65

DIY Craft and Art held a “green knitting” workshop that taught each attendee on how to knit using eco-friendly bamboo knitting needles with recycled or reclaimed yarn. They also provided a pamphlet on how to knit as well as green supplies to use for knitting – such as t-shirts, or plastic trash bags.This workshop addressed eco-consciousness in choosing craft supplies such as knitting needles and yarn TGIF facilitated by providing the materials budget that benefitted students in gaining new sustainable skills that can be applied creatively.

DIY Craft and Art: Mother’s Day with Mother Earth$141.00

This project was one of DIY Craft and Art’s biggest events put on to celebrate Mother’s Day and aimed to have it be as green as possible through usage of sustainable materials such as eco-fi felt (made from post consumer recycled bottles) and recycled cardstock. TGIF contributed to this project by funding eco-fi felt, dowels, brooch pins, and recycled card envelopes.

UC Irvine Global Sustainability Exploration and Cultural Immersion Program (Costa Rica)$600.00

The purpose of this project was to reach out to the UCI student body and provide information about the importance of global sustainability. A workshop was held in the freshmen community teaching students how to make sustainable shampoo and conditioner, which allowed individuals to participate in sustainable practices on a daily basis. TGIF assisted this project by funding mason jars and advertisement for the banner.

2012 Stroke Awareness Picnic$600.25

The Stroke Awareness Picnic project aimed to encourage sustainable living as well as promote stroke education and awareness through the usage of biodegradable utensils and purchase of local produce. The goal was to reduce the campus’ carbon footprint, inspire attendees to participate in sustainable practices and promote healthy eating habits. TGIF helped this project by funding spudware wrapped utensils (biodegradable utensils made of potatoes) and locally grown fruit.

Mesa Court Automatic Faucets$4,250.00

The Mesa Court Automatic Faucets project installed hands free faucets in several locations of Mesa Court in an effort to conserve water in the case that regular faucets would be accidentally left on, wasting water. The purpose was not only to save water but to prompt students to get involved in their community through the involvement of hall representatives within the project. TGIF contributed to this project by funding 10 automatic faucets in Mesa Court, which will be maintained by maintenance.

Human Powered Airplane at UCI$3,000.00

The goal of the Human Powered Airplane project was to build a plane that achieved flight solely through the use of natural human power by using as little material as possible and without the help of engines, motors, or fuel. This project dismisses the growing misconception that humans need to rely on fossil fuels for modes of transportation and pushes future engineers to discover new solutions that prevent the depletion of natural resources.

Sustainable Shower$3,920.00

The Sustainable Shower project installed UZLOW shower valves in every shower of Arroyo Vista in an effort to conserve water with just a flip of a switch. This project offers residents the opportunity to save water and expore them to more sustainable practices. TGIF contributed to this project by funding the UZLOW shower valves.

Pre-Dental Society Banquet 2013$232.00

The Pre-Dental Society Banquet put on an event where all materials used were to be reusable or recyclable so that nearly zero waste would be generated. The goal of this event was to create a greater awareness for environmental sustainability, not only to the members, but as well as the rest of the biological sciences community. TGIF assisted this project by funding compostable dinner plates and a sustainable option of food.

Let’s Pick It Up: UCI Campus Butt Cleanup (START cleanup)$250.00
Let’s Pick It Up: UCI Campus Butt Cleanup project helped raise awareness of the upcoming smoke-free policy in January 2014 by having volunteers help clean up the campus and collect cigarette butts and in return receive rewards for their work. This project aimed to reduce the ecological burden of cigarette litter on soil and decrease health hazards to maintenance staff. TGIF helped by funding sustainable t-shirts to be given out to the first 20 volunteer participants and gift cards as giveaway items.

Anteater’s Ink-Recycling Program ($70.00)
Ballet Folklorico de UCI Spring 
Concrete Canoe 
Hydration Stations Mesa Court 
Hydration Stations Student Center 
($ 3,828.00)
Zot Trot 
Keith McHenry’s “Tour to End World Poverty” 
Integrative Medicine Week 
Solar Stage Wayzgoose 
($ 2,500.00)
21st Annual Lu’au 
DIY Craft and Arts 
Kenya Dance SoCal 2012 
Pause for a Cause 
Queer Cultural Festival
Research Social and Enginneering Week Expenses 
Hydration Station Expansion 
Ants in Your Plants Garden: Real Food Challenge ($31,970.00)
Computer Virtualization: New University ($20,000.00)
3 Food Documentary Screenings: Real Food Challenge ($1,440.00)
3 Hydration Stations: An Vinh Tran ($15,138.56)
Anteater For Israel Compost Plates: Anteaters for Israel ($1208.80)
Balloons for Rally Alley: AS Student Services ($169.32)
Clean Air Claire: Claire Trevor School of the Arts Representative ($3,015.74)
Concrete Canoe: American Society of Civil Engineering ($2,000.00)
DIY Sweatshirt Laptop Case: DIY ($480.00)
Farmer’s Market: ASUCI Farmers’ Market Coordinator ($1,500.00)
Flying Sam’s Banquet: Flying Sam’s ($2250.00)
Giant Potluck:  Real Food Challenge ($294.00)
Green Laces: ASUCI Office of the President/UCI Athletics ($3,588.75)
Nowruz SIG: Society of Iranian Graduate Students ($815.62)
Public Health Association Week: UCI Public Health Association ($ 4,608.00)
Anteater Express Saturday Shuttle Route: Anteater Express  ($21,209.00)
Solar Cell Workshop 40 Cells: DIY ($368.25)
TAO Utensils Project: Taiwanese American Organization ($7,000.00)
The Vine Green Edition: The ‘Vine ($1,176.56)
Think Pink Think Green: UCI Athletics ($7,000.00)
Transit Week Expenses: Transit Advocates, UCI ($178.00)
UCLA Green Jobs Fair: Green Campus Program ($2,240.00)
Wayzgooze Solar Stage: ASUCI Student Services ($6,600.00)

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Agendas Spring 2016

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Minutes Spring 2016

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Agendas Winter 2016

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Minutes Winter 2016

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Agendas Fall 2015

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Minutes Fall 2015

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Agendas Spring 2015

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Agendas Winter 2015

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Agendas Fall 2014

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Minutes Fall 2014

10/15/14 Meeting Minutes
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Agendas Spring 2014

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Minutes Spring 2014

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Agendas Winter 2014

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Minutes Winter 2014

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2/24/14 Meeting Minutes
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1/29/14 Meeting Minutes
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Agendas Fall 2013

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Minutes Fall 2013

11/27/13 Meeting Minutes
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11/13/13 Meeting Minutes
11/06/13 Meeting Minutes
10/30/13 Meeting Minutes
10/23/13 Meeting Minutes
10/16/13 Meeting Minutes
10/09/13 Meeting Minutes
10/02/13 Meeting Minutes

Minutes 2012-2013

10/03/12 Meeting Minutes
10/10/12 Meeting Minutes
10/17/12 Meeting Minutes
10/24/12 Meeting Minutes
10/31/12 Meeting Minutes
11/07/12 Meeting Minutes
11/28/12 Meeting Minutes
01/30/13 Meeting Minutes
02/06/13 Meeting Minutes

To Contact TGIF, E-Mail:

Below are the 2017-2018 TGIF Commissioners

Sustainability Commissioner

Ruth Priscila Morales-Toledo

Major: Environmental Science
Year: Fourth Year

Ask Priscila about potential sustainable project ideas and how TGIF can fund your projects and events on campus.

Accounting Commissioner

Victor Paitimusa

Major: Environmental Science
Year: Fourth Year

Ask Victor about how to access awarded funds, making payments, and purchasing for your award.

Marketing Commissioner

Eduardo Cruz-Hinojoza

Major: Biological Sciences
Year: Fourth Year

Ask Eduardo about publicity and marketing for TGIF.

External Affairs Commissioner

Chloe Zheng

Major: Computer Science
Year: Second Year

Administrative Commissioner

Yessenia Lemus

Major: Sociology
Year: Fourth Year

Ask Yessenia about agendas and minutes from the Board meetings.

Student Retention Commissioner

Priscilla Shuo

Major: Environmental Science
Year: Third Year

Ask Priscilla about how to become an intern for TGIF.

Non-Voting Members and Staff:
TGIF Grant Manager – Stephanie N. Van Ginkel
Administrative and Business Services Representative – TBD
Facilities Management Representative – Anne Krieghoff
Graduate Student – TBD
Faculty Member – TBD
Internal Vice President – Brittany Nguyen

Any award given by The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) does not represent the views and/or opinion of the TGIF Funding Board, University of California, Irvine; Regents of the University of California, and/or its affiliates.

Get Involved!

Other than sending in a project application for funding, there are other ways to get involved with TGIF throughout the year.

TGIF Marketing Application 2018-2019

Board Member Descriptions

Sustainability Commissioner:
The Sustainability Commissioner is the official representative of TGIF within ASUCI and on campus. Duties of this position include serving on the Sustainability Committee alongside faculty and staff, serving as the liaison between Associated Students, UCI Officials and TGIF, and being in control of the TGIF email. The Sustainability Commissioner facilitates board meeting, and does administrative work for TGIF such as booking meeting rooms, updating the TGIF website, creating meeting agendas, etc. Sustainability works closely with project applicants, meeting with them upon request for advice on improving their projects, or directing them to resources on campus, also meeting with every approved project to explain stipulations of funding and signing contracts. Besides project applicants, Sustainability Commissioner also works closely with the TGIF Grant Manager, and communicates with ex oficios, attending UCI media events and several administrative meetings every quarter.

The Secretary Commissioner records minute meetings, documents project applications, as well as writing project descriptions for approved projects to be posted on the TGIF website, for transparency values and for historical documentation. This position is also in charge of sending updates to the GSRC newsletter.

External Affairs:
The External Affairs Commissioner reaches out directly to various student organization leaders to help them apply for funding and implement their sustainable projects. This includes meeting or presenting to clubs to inform them on available TGIF funding, or providing info to funding workshops. They research new resources for future applicants and methods to make the process more efficient. This position, along with Marketing, are also in charge of twice-per-week posts on the TGIF Facebook and social media about upcoming events, opportunities, or sustainability tips.

Marketing & Assistant Marketing:
The main purpose of the marketing commission is to spread the word about TGIF so the general undergrad student population knows about us on campus and what we stand for. This can be implemented through physical advertisements (through the school newspaper, kiosks, and even in the dining commons) as well as via social media. We also seek out promotional items and merchandise to put our stamp on the campus as well as make ourselves known. The marketing commission aims to reach the student population in effective ways that will make TGIF memorable and further our impact on campus. This commission is also in charge of all boothing.

Accounting Commissioner is in charge of reviewing and approving incoming check requests from approved projects. They meet with project recipients to purchase items using the TGIF credit card, and are involved with answering TGIF budgeting questions/concerns and purchasing/requisitioning of project materials. They also keep detailed logs on our financials.

Student Retention Commissioner
The Student Retention Commissioner is responsible for planning the intern program for the full year. They will attend all intern meetings, lead/plan retreats, book all events for interns. This position will report weekly on the program as well as handle all intern interviews each quarter.

Become an Intern!

Apply to become an Intern with TGIF!

Intern Application Form
Intern Agreement

To apply, Please download the “Intern application Form” fill it out, attach a resume and email both to

Applications close on Friday, Oct 27 (Week 4) at 5 p.m.

Come to a TGIF event!

Like The Green Initiative Fund at UCI on Facebook to stay updated about sustainable events/meetings at UCI that you can attend!


Below you will find resources courtesy of TGIF that will help you learn more about sustainability!
Anteaters Go Green-A Guide to Sustainability Classes – Resources and Living at UCI