About the Judicial Branch

The Judicial Board is the third branch of ASUCI. All judicial authority of ASUCI is vested in the Judicial Board as prescribed by the ASUCI Constitution. The Judicial Board’s authority extends to all judicial cases arising under the ASUCI Constitution; various ASUCI By-laws; all official actions of the Executive Officers, Legislative Council members and ASUCI Commissioners; and any matters delegated to the Judicial Board. The Judicial Board also acts as the board of appeals over complaints regarding decisions of the Election Commission. Additionally, the ASUCI Constitution empowers the Judicial Board to uphold the rights of undergraduate students and campus organizations.

The Judicial Oversight Committee adjudicates cases where the Judicial Board is thought to have exceeded its jurisdiction under the ASUCI Constitution. The Committee is activated by a unanimous vote of the Legislative Council. If activated, the Committee is to be comprised of one Executive Officer, one Legislative Council member, the ASUCI Executive Director, and the Chair and Vice Chair of the Judicial Board.

Any undergraduate student may file a complaint form voicing a concern over an action of the Student Government, and asking the Judicial Board to remedy the situation. Complaint forms must be submitted to the Judicial Board Chair. The petitioner will then receive an email indicating what the next steps in the judicial process will be. For more information regarding filing a complaint, please refer to the Judicial Board Policies and Procedures.

E-mail: judicial@asuci.uci.edu


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