2021-2022 Judicial Board

The Judicial Branch has been filled. We are so excited and happy to be UCI’s newest Judicial Board! We know this has been a wild and crazy ride for everyone this academic school year, but we sure hope to uphold the rules of the Judicial Board, and make you all proud! We appreciate you all.

Chief Justice, Kai Ferragallo-Hawkins

Office Hours: https://tinyurl.com/kaiofficehours

Email: kferraga@uci.edu

Feel free to contact me personally on Facebook or Instagram as well for any questions!

“Hello there everyone! My name is Kai Ferragallo-Hawkins (Pronouns: He/Him) and I’m glad to be serving as your Chief Justice! I’m a current 3rd year and double majoring in Physics and Political Science, coming from Los Angeles, California. I love nature and learning about politics, and if you catch me in my free time, you’ll likely find me either playing something, looking at random data or just listening to music. I care deeply about making sure that everyone can be uplifted and wish to work to make things as transparent and accessible as possible. I hope that I can be a fair justice for all of UCI, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to stop by office hours or hit me up!”

Vice Chief Justice, Katharine Vine

“Hello!! My name is Katharine, but most people call me Kat. I’m a senior in the Criminology, Law and Society major. I’m British, but have also lived in Australia, Missouri, NorCal and SoCal. I love to travel and have an endless list of where I want to go, with my ultimate goal being to see all of the Disneys around the World. I’m a mom to a 9 year old, I’m in Sigma Delta Sigma sorority, I’m doing research on Lifers who have been released, prison violence and am part of the PrisonPandemic Project. I’m huge into prison reform  as my husband is incarcerated. Watching him go through the trials of prison for something he didn’t do and being harshly punished for refusing a plea deal made me want to help those that do not have anyone else. I see the racism and discrimination throughout the justice system and so I decided I would be the voice for those that may not have it on campus. I’m big into helping others, and want to see everyone succeed. I’m always happy to listen to people’s problems, tutor them or be a friend that you can both laugh and cry with. I have overcome an abusive marriage and struggled financially to get to where I am today. This being said, I am stronger now than ever and will advocate for anyone that needs it. Feel free to come talk to me anytime!!”

Judicial Board

Associate Justice, Giovanni Longino

“Hey there! My name is Giovanni Longino (but everyone calls me Gio) and it is an honor to be serving on this board! I am a current 3rd year and a double major in Psychological Sciences and Criminology, Law and Society. I am from Long Beach, CA. I enjoy the outdoors and video games but whether its a simple dinner at the house or an extravagant road trip to ‘who knows where’, spending time with my family and friends is my favorite thing to do. I am a member of UCI’s Collegiate Mock Trial team and have been doing mock trial since high school. I’m a very outgoing individual who enjoys meeting new people and learning about their life experiences. I am a true believer in ‘YOLO’ and continue to live my life to the fullest even through the most dull moments. I not only care about the rest of my academic journey here at UCI but the journey’s of my peers and those to come. Students Rights are my number one priority and I hope to work with ASUCI to establish a campus that is diverse and progressive for positive change even when faced with challenging times.”

Associate Justice, Tawab Nazari

Hey! I’m Tawab Nazari and my pronouns are “he,” “him,” and “his.” I am a second-year honors student and plan to graduate as part of the Class of 2024 with a degree in political science. I hope to attend law school post-undergraduate. My current goal is to work in a field where my presence makes an impact; environmental, civil rights, and governmental law attracts me the most. Before this position, I was heavily involved with ASUCI’s Internal Office through the Legal Education and Resource Network. There, I worked with a team of close friends to promote access to pre-law, immigration, and general student resources to the undergraduate population. My mindset for the Judicial Board is to understand that things are not always in black and white and that the gray area is where one’s character really shows. I believe and will always stand for fairness, transparency, responsibility, and accountability.
Before UC Irvine, I came from Simi Valley which is a relatively small town about an hour and a half away in Ventura County. I committed here because it felt like they recognized and respected my work and background. When I’m not doing schoolwork, I like to spend my free time with my partner exploring the city, volunteering, cooking for friends, trying new food or boba spots, and driving around with good music playing. You’ll often find me on campus in various spots at the Student Center or jogging around Aldrich Park. Thank you for reading this! Feel free to connect with me through social media or LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tawab-nazari-23b93a1b3/). Zot zot zot!

Associate Justice, Samuel Hernandez

Hello Everyone! My name is Samuel Hernandez, and my pronouns are he/him/his. I’m a second year political science major, and this is also my second year serving as an associate justice for ASUCI. I have lived in California my whole life, spending time in both SoCal, and Norcal. In my free time I like to play video games, read, or go on a run. After finishing my degree, I plan on pursuing a degree in law, but have decided on any specific field just yet. By being a part of the Judicial Board, I hope to gain valuable experience, while also ensuring that every undergraduate student at UCI is fairly represented by their student government. As an associate justice, I also promise that under the current Judicial Board all undergrad students will have the ability to participate in ASUCI, and hold it accountable should they believe negligence is taking place. If you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me through the official JBoard email!
Office Hours: Tuesdays 8-9PM

Associate Justice, Vanessa Lau

Hello! My name is Vanessa, and it is an honor to be one of your Associate Justices for this year! I am a 3rd year Biological Sciences major from both Taiwan and the Bay Area. I am currently involved with Math CEO and Healing through Humanities on campus, and on my free time, you can catch me watching documentaries on Netflix or knitting my latest project. While I may seem quiet at first, I feel strongly about making sure no one goes unheard, so feel free to come to me if you have any questions, concerns, or just thoughts in general!