Welcome to the ASUCI Legal Education and Resource Network (L.E.A.R.N.) page, a space made for UCI undergraduate students to help them navigate legal concerns that are interfering with their academics. 

The purpose of the L.E.A.R.N. is to educate and provide resources that support students while navigating the legal world.

  • Educate students through events and workshops that promote awareness of the legal world and students’ rights. 
  • Resources to connect students to Orange County referral services and clinics, which could provide legal services to students. While also listing other resources in surrounding counties.

When to Contact an Attorney

There are various reasons a student may need legal assistance, including:

  • Alcohol-related citations or arrests
  • Immigration questions
  • Bankruptcy and credit cards
  • Landlord, roommate, and security deposit issues
  • Selling your vehicle 
  • Small claims court
  • Child custody, divorce and child support
  • Noise violations from the police
  • Auto accidents
  • License and permits
  • Limitations on services
  • Labor and employment 
  • ADA non-compliance 
  • Any other issue that may come about

L.E.A.R.N. conducted a survey and it showed 61% of the student population are ‘not aware at all’ of the free legal services in the area.

We are always looking for new and creative ideas to bring legal education to students, and we hope that these resources help guide you all. 

How Does UCI Protect It’s Students?

infographics created by the Legal Education Team!

No Hazing



Free Legal Consultation


Escort Program

Disability Services

Basic Needs

Additional Referral Services & Resources

Please find additional referral services & resources in the county that is most appropriate to your case. An initial consultation may cost a nominal fee or be free-of-charge with some referral services, depending on the type of case. Terms subject to change at anytime.

Roads to Immigration

Learn more about the immigration process and different ways to obtain residency, including Visas, Green cards, Asylum, etc.

*Please note that certain organizations are Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs) at UC Irvine that are listed as ways to get involved in legal advocacy or education on campus.

Pre-Law Series

Immigration Series

Webinars and Workshops

The Public Law Center (PLC), Orange County’s pro bono law firm, is committed to providing access to justice for low-income and vulnerable residents. Founded in 1981, PLC’s 30 staff members work with over 1,600 Orange County lawyers, paralegals, law students, and other volunteers annually to provide free civil legal services, including counseling, individual representation, community education, and strategic litigation and advocacy to challenge societal injustices. 

For more information on how the PLC could assist you, please visit: https://www.publiclawcenter.org/
Legal assistance the PLC provides can be found on this Flyer for Outreach.
Information COMING SOON as to how to apply direct to the PLC!

Below are various referral services and resources within Orange County to better serve you and your legal concern.
Please click on the below links for more information on each service and resource available.

Please contact us with any feedback or questions! 

Legal Education and Resource Network Commission (L.E.A.R.N.) – legalresources@asuci.uci.edu 

The Legal Education and Resource Network commission operates under the Internal Vice President of ASUCI and it is composed of student interns.  We do not provide legal advice. We can only answer email questions regarding programming, any workshop requests, and suggestions or concerns related to our service.  We welcome any contributions to the Resources page. Thank you!

If you are interested in information about early termination of your lease, please read COVID-19 and Terminating a Lease Information for Off-Campus/Non-University Housing (PDF).

This document is for a ‘resource only’ of off-campus housing, not university-related housing. It is not the sole position of SGSM, UC Irvine, UCOP, and or the Regents of the University of California and or its affiliates as to the content of the document.

For any questions regarding your on-campus housing, please contact the Housing Department at UC Irvine or ACC if you are in an ACC-affiliated complex.

Sauntharya Manikandan

Hello! My name is Sauntharya Manikandan (pronouns: she/her/hers) and I will be serving as your Legal Clinic Officer for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. I am a fourth-year Psychological Sciences and Criminology major hoping to enter the legal field in the future. I hope to work towards the main goal of LEARN, by connecting UC Irvine students to legal services and providing information to underrepresented communities on campus through informational sessions and additional resources.

 I am so excited to be working in this capacity to not only increase resources but also representation and advocacy for our UCI community. In my free time, I love catching up with friends over a cup of coffee or baking some sweet treats. Please know I am here to support my fellow anteaters and would love to work to address your concerns or ideas to improve student life at UCI.

Mona Amirseyedian 

Hi! My name is Mona (she/her) and I am a second-year political science student from Orange County, CA. This is also my second year as an intern for the LEARN commission, which I joined because of my passion for social justice and desire to create a more equitable campus environment. Connecting with people through ASUCI and providing access to legal resources has been an incredibly rewarding experience, especially when we are able to help marginalized communities. Apart from LEARN, my other involvements include being a Campuswide Honors Ambassador and staff member for Legislative Affairs under the Office of the External Vice President. Outside of campus, I enjoy working for political campaigns, procrastinating with the help of TikTok, reading, listening to and playing music, and of course eating Persian food. In the future, I hope to pursue a career at the intersection of law and politics using the skills and knowledge I’ve learned at UCI.

Amy Alavez

Hi everyone, my name is Amy Alavez. I am a third-year student double majoring in Urban Studies and Criminology. I applied to be an intern for the LEARN commission because I want to be able to help students and a way I could do that is by offering resources and making myself a source for students to reach out to when they do need help. As a first-year student, I did not know the number of legal resources that UCI can offer students therefore I want to bring more exposure to everything that UCI can do to help its students. As a criminology student, I noticed there was a lack of clubs, programs, resources for students that want to pursue law which is why one of my missions this year is to be able to put all the law related opportunities on the LEARN website so that students can easily access and take advantage of these opportunities. I am excited and happy to be in this commission so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about LEARN or if you need any legal resources.

Simrat Ubbhi

Hi y’all! My name is Simrat Ubbhi (sim-RIT oo-BEE) and I am a fourth-year majoring in Criminology, Law & Society with a minor in Political Science. As a future lawyer, I joined LEARN to bring awareness to key legal issues surrounding students. As young adults, we can sometimes be unaware of the correct steps to take or resources to use. I wanted to help bridge this gap and support my peers in need! LEARN is here to help underserved students and communities of UCI. I hope we can help you in any way possible!

In my free time, you can usually catch me skateboarding around Aldrich Park or getting coffee with friends! I also enjoy traveling and attempting to be a photographer. My favorite color is orange and my favorite food is Indian food, of course. Zot zot zot!

Tawab Nazari

Hello, Anteaters! My name is Tawab Nazari and I am a first-year student studying political science here at UC Irvine. My hobbies include volunteering through school, pitching in on electoral campaigns, running 5ks, and gardening. 

I became an intern for LEARN because I wanted to educate myself about the plethora of various legal resources that we have available for students. I’ve had some experience in connecting folks to aid and I’d like to continue doing that. While I’m involved with this commission, my goal is to familiarize myself with ASUCI and succeed in achieving some good old student outreach.

As of now, I’m interested in pursuing a career in politics and hope to attend law school post-undergraduate. Please direct any questions you may have about LEARN to

legalresources@asuci.uci.edu. If you’d like to just talk, my Instagram is @itstawab. See y’all around! Zot zot zot!