ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, January 31, 2013

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a.        Call to Order

b.        Attendance

                              i.      Attendance Check

c.        Approval of Minutes

d.       Approval of Agenda

e.       Guest List

II.                    Public Comment

III.                  Old Business

a.        Commissioner Legislations - Admin, Academic, OP

IV.                  New Business

a.        Other

                              i.      Sandy & Elections Commission (30)

                             ii.      Budget Presentations (25)- Admin, EVP, Academic

                           iii.      Public Info- Retreat Update (10)

b.       Legislations

                              i.      R48-23:Appointments to the Office of the Executive Vice President

                             ii.      R48-29: EVP Office Request for Funding from Legislative Council for the 2013 Student Lobby Conference

1.       Discussion about R48-29 (15)

                           iii.      R48-30: EVP External Affairs Budget Reallocation of Funding from Statewide Legislative Affairs Programming to Student Lobby Conference

                           iv.      R48-31: Reallocation of Funding from UCSA Board Meeting at UCI to Student Lobby Conference

                             v.      R48-32: Reallocation of Funding for Student Lobby Conference

                           vi.      R48-33:Appointments to Public Info Committee

V.                    Committee Breakouts (10 min)

a.        Public Info- Retreat/Publicity

b.       Rules- Code of Ethics/ Intern Program (revised)

c.        Advocacy –Parking/ Soar

d.       Finance- Report of Budget Analysis

VI.                  School Breakouts

VII.                Announcements

VIII.               Next Meeting

a.        Committee/ Personal Updates

b.       Nancy-ASML

IX.                  Adjournment of Meeting