ASUCI Senate Agendas
Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I. Bureaucratic Procedure


a.       Call to Order


b.       Attendance


c.       Approval of Minutes


d.      Approval of Agenda


e.      Guest List


II.                  Public Comment


III.                Old Business


a.       Commissioner Legislations – Need Academic, OP


IV.                New Business


a.       Other


                              i.      Nancy-ASML (10 min)


                            ii.      Public Info- Retreat Update (5)


                           iii.      Application Update/Timeline(5)


                          iv.      Goal Presentation (40)- Goal, What Worked, What didn’t, Improvement


1.       Finance


2.       Public Info


3.       Advocacy


4.       Rules


                            v.      TGIF By Law Discussion (15min)


b.      Legislations


                              i.      R48-34: Student Services Commissioner Appointments


                            ii.      R48-35: Appointment of Admin Affairs Commissioners


V.                   Committee Breakouts (20 min)


a.       Public Info- Retreat/Publicity


b.      Rules- Code of Ethics/ Intern Program (revised)/Application Timeline


c.       Advocacy –Parking/ Soar- Develop Interview Questions


d.      Finance- Report of Budget Analysis


VI.                School Breakouts (10 min)


VII.              Announcements


VIII.            Next Meeting


IX.                Adjournment of Meeting