ASUCI Senate Agendas
Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a.       Call to Order

b.       Attendance

c.       Approval of Minutes

d.      Approval of Agenda

e.      Guest List

II.                  Public Comment

III.                Old Business

IV.                New Business

a.       Legislations

                                 i.      R48-34: Creation of a Southwest Asian and North African Checkbox on the University of California Application

1.       Deborah (30 min)

2.       Discussion (15 min)

                               ii.      R48-35: Appointments to the Office of the President

b.      Other

                                 i.      Retreat Debrief

                               ii.      Application Update/Timeline(5)

                              iii.      Election Code Legislation

                             iv.      Audit Process begins

                               v.      Discussion about Aaron and Stephanie

V.                   Committee Breakouts (20 min)

a.       Public Info- Retreat/Publicity

b.      Rules- Code of Ethics/ Intern Program (revised)/Application Timeline

c.       Advocacy –Parking/ Soar- Develop Interview Questions

d.      Finance- Report of Budget Analysis

VI.                School Breakouts (10 min)

VII.              Announcements

a.       Letter to Next Council Members

VIII.            Next Meeting

IX.                Adjournment of Meeting