ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, December 05, 2013


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a.     Call to Order

b.      Attendance

c.      Approval of Minutes

d.     Approval of Agenda

II.              Public Comment

III.            Old Business

a.     B49-11 By-Law Amendment:  Divestment From Fossil Fuels (10 min)

b.     B49-12 By-Law Amendment: Policy on Meat (10 min)

IV.            New Business

a.     R49-45 Judicial BOARD Nomination (5 min)

b.     R49-48 Judicial Board Nomination (5 min)

c.      Discussion of SAG Position (10 min)

d.     Nominations for Speaker Pro Tempore Winter Quarter (15 min)

e.     R49-44 Speaker Pro Tempore Line of Succession (15 min)

f.      R49-46 Formation of Undocumented Persons Advocacy Sub-Committee (15 min)

g.     R49-47 In Support of Dropping the “I-Word” Campaign (15 min)

V.              Executive Officer Reports  (10 min)

VI.             Committees (10 min)

a.     ALL

b.     Public Info

c.      Rules

d.     Advocacy

e.     Finance

VII.           School Breakouts (10 min)

VIII.         Announcements

IX.             Next Meeting

X.              Adjournment of Meeting