ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, February 27, 2014

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a.     Call to Order

b.      Attendance

c.      Approval of Minutes

d.     Approval of Agenda

II.              Public Comment

III.            Old Business

IV.            New Business

a.     B49-14 Withdrawal of ASUCI From the University of California Student Association (30 min)

b.     R49-60 Stop the Suppression and Policing of Student Activism at UC Irvine (15 min)

c.      In Support of AFSCME Strike on March 3rd-7th 2014 (15 min)

d.     R49-62 Appointment of Arts Representative (5 min)

V.              Executive Officer Reports  (10 min)

VI.             Committees (20 min)

a.     ALL

b.     Public Info

c.      Rules

d.     Advocacy

e.     Finance

VII.           School Breakouts (20 min)

VIII.         Announcements

IX.             Next Meeting

X.              Adjournment of Meeting