ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, March 13, 2014

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

a.     Call to Order

b.      Attendance

c.      Approval of Minutes

d.     Approval of Agenda

II.              Public Comment

III.            Old Business

IV.            New Business

a.     R49-73 ASUCI Endorsement of SOAR (10 min)

b.     R49-74 ASUCI Withdrawal from UCSA (10 min)

c.      B49-15 Removal of Funds from UCSA (10 min)

d.     R49-76 Legislative Council’s Winter 2014 Retreat (5 min)

e.     R49-77 ASUCI Support of Workers Strike (10 min)

f.      R49-78 Revised Constitution for 2014 Spring Elections Ballot (20 min) 

g.     R49-79 Endorsement of Club Sports Spirit Initiative (10 min) 

h.     R49-80 Revised Additional Voting Stations During ASUCI Fall and Spring Election Weeks (5 min) 

i.       Speaker Pro Tempore Nomination (20 min)

V.              Executive Officer Reports  (10 min)

VI.             Committees (5 min)

a.     ALL

b.     Public Info

c.      Rules

d.     Advocacy

e.     Finance

VII.           School Breakouts (5 min)

VIII.         Announcements

IX.             Next Meeting

X.              Adjournment of Meeting