ASUCI Senate Agendas
Tuesday, October 28, 2014

  1. Bureaucratic Procedure
    a) Call to Order
    b) Attendance
    c) Approval of Minutes
    d) Approval of Agenda
  2. Public Comment
  3. Old Business
  4. New Business
    a) R50-14 ASUCI Technology Liaison (10 mins)
    b) R50-15 By Laws Amendment: Seat Allocation (10 mins)
    c) R50-16 By Laws Amendment: Changes for Clairy (10 mins)
    d) R50-17 A Resolution for the Creation of an International Center Committee (10 mins)
  5. Executive Office Reports (10 mins)
  6. Committees (20 mins)
    a) Rules
    b) Public Information
    c) Finance 
    d) Advocacy 
    e) Committee Reports
  7. School Breakouts (10 mins)
  8. Announcements
  9. Next Meeting
    a) R50-18 Appointment of ASUCI Representative to the e-Tech Committee
    b) R50-19 Appointment of ASUCI Legislative Council Secretary 
    c) R50-20 Office of student Services Chief of Staff and Commissioner Appointment
  10. Adjournment Meeting