ASUCI Senate Agendas
Tuesday, January 06, 2015

ASUCI Legislative Council

Council Session

January 6th, 2015


1)    Bureaucratic Procedure

a)     Call to Order

b)    Attendance

c)     Approval of Minutes

d)    Approval of Agenda

2)    Public Comment

3)    Old Business

4)    New Business

a)     Legislative Council Housekeeping

                                          i)         New Member Introductions

                                        ii)         Committee Assignments

                                       iii)         Special Committees

b)    B50-05: Authorization of Monetary Expenditure for “Global Eaters” (10 minutes)

c)     R50-42: SPFB Cross Cultural Center Member and Deadline Extension (10 minutes)

d)    Discussion on Judicial Ruling R50-07, “Appointment of Bio Sci Representative” (10 minutes)

5)    Executive Officer Reports (10 minutes)

6)    Special Committee Reports

7)    Committees (20 minutes)

a)     Rules

b)    Finance

c)     Public Information

d)    Advocacy

e)     Reports (3 minutes)

8)    School Breakouts (10 minutes)

9)    Announcements

10)Next Meeting

a)     Executive Officer Budget Reports

11)Adjournment of Meeting