ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, March 05, 2015

1)      Bureaucratic Procedure

a)      Call to Order

b)      Attendance

c)      Approval of Minutes

d)     Approval of Agenda

2)      Public Comment

3)      Old Business

a)      [Matt Tsai/Aaron Echols] Brief Discussion on ASUCI Refurbishment (10 minutes)

b)      R50-54: Addition of a SWANA Ethnic Classification on the US Census (15 minutes)

c)      R50-69: ASUCI Constitutional Amendments Proposal (15 minutes)

4)      New Business

a)      R50-70: Flags and decoration adjustment for inclusivity (15 minutes)

b)      R50-71: Appointment of Legislative Council Members to Bus Love Board (5 minutes)

5)      Executive Officer Reports (5 minutes)

6)      Special Committee Reports

a)      International Student Committee

7)      Committees (20 minutes)

a)      Rules

b)      Finance

c)      Public Information

d)     Advocacy

e)      Reports (3 minutes)

8)      School Breakouts (5 minutes)

9)      Announcements

10)  Next Meeting: March 10th, 2015

a)      ASUCI Judicial Board - Associate Justice Interview

b)      ASUCI Judicial Board - Associate Justice Follow-up Interview

c)      R50-73: SPFB Guideline Amendments regarding Contractual Agreements

d)     R50-74: Appointment of Associate Justice to Judicial Board

e)      R50-75: Appointment of Associate Justice to Judicial Board

f)       R50-76: Endorsement of ASUCI Constitutional Amendments Proposal


11)  Adjournment of Meeting