ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, April 23, 2015

1)      Bureaucratic Procedure

a)      Call to Order

b)      Attendance

c)      Approval of Minutes

d)      Approval of Agenda

2)      Public Comment

3)      Old Business

4)      New Business

a)      R50-83: For a Surveillance-Free Campus, Against SB 424 (15 minutes)
[Guevara / Sidney]

b)      R50-13: Academic Advising Survey Funding (15 minutes)
[Kathuria / Phan, Hong, Barnoy]

c)      R50-84: student workers against extended hours (15 minutes)
[Khan / Lima]

d)      R50-85: Rules Committee Appointments (5 minutes)

[Phan / Khan]

e)      R50-86: E-Tech Committee Appointment (5 minutes)

[Barnoy / Hong]

f)       R50-87: Finance Committee Appointments (5 minutes)

[Barnoy / Hong]

g)      6:00PM Presentation by Miguel Olvera on SB-424

5)      Executive Officer Reports (5 minutes)

6)      Special Committee Reports

a)      International Student Committee

7)      Committees (20 minutes)

a)      Rules

b)      Finance

c)      Public Information

d)      Advocacy

e)      Reports (3 minutes)

8)      School Breakouts (10 minutes)

9)      Announcements

10)  Next Meeting: April 28th, 2015

11)  Adjournment of Meeting