ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, June 04, 2015


1)     Bureaucratic Procedure

a)      Call to Order

b)     Attendance

c)      Approval of Minutes

d)     Approval of Agenda

2)     Public Comment

3)     Old Business

a)      Student Advocate General Interview – Myrna Rosales (15 minutes)

b)     ASUCI Office of the President – Budget Presentation

c)      ASUCI Office of the Executive Vice President – Budget Presentation

d)     ASUCI Office of the Administrative Vice President – Budget Presentation

e)      ASUCI Office of Student Services Vice President – Budget Presentation

f)       Budget Update by Parshan Khosravi

4)     New Business

a)      R50-94: SPFB Amendments to Voting Membership

b)     R50-95: ASUCI By-Law Amendments: Committee Submitted Legislation Act

c)      R50-96: ASUCI By-Law Amendments: Redistribution of Executives to Legislative Council Committees

d)     R50-97: ASUCI By-Law Amendments: Revision of Executive Officer Budget Presentation Schedules

e)      R50-98: ASUCI By-Law Amendments: Agenda Amendments Act

f)       R50-99: Continuation of MyUCI Ad-Hoc Committee

g)     R50-100: Continuation of ASUCI Refurbishment Ad-Hoc Committee

h)     R50-101: Continuation of ASUCI Constitutional Revision Ad-Hoc Committee

i)      R50-102: Continuation of Parking Ad-Hoc Committee

j)      R50-103: Resolution to Call for the Immediate Convening of the Judicial Oversight Committee

k)     R50-104: Appointment of Student Advocate General

l)      R50-105: Resolution of Confidence and Approval regarding Incoming Chief of Staff Audits

m)    B50-17: Approval of 2015-16 ASUCI Budget

n)     R50-106: CARE Expansion Resolution

o)     R50-107: Creation of First Generation Ad-Hoc Committee

p)     R50-108: Resolution in Support of Ellen Pao

q)     R50-109: Taxation of Marijuana to support the creation of a Higher Education Fund Act

5)     Executive Officer Reports (5 minutes)

6)     Special Committee Reports

a)      International Student Committee

b)     Parking Committee

c)      MyUCI Committee, ASUCI Refurbishment, Constitutional Revision

7)     Committees (30 minutes)

a)      Rules

b)     Finance

c)      Public Information

d)     Advocacy

8)     School Breakouts

9)     Announcement

10)   Adjournment of Meeting