ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, October 08, 2015

1)     Bureaucratic Procedure

a)     Call to Order

b)     Attendance

c)     Approval of Minutes

d)     Approval of Agenda

2)     Public Comment

3)     Executive Officer Reports (10 minutes)

4)     Special Committee Reports

a)     International Student Committee

5)     Old Business

a)     R51-02: Affirmation of the Office of the President Commissioners [Khosravi/Baranwal] (10 minutes)

b)     R51-03: Administrative Affairs Commissioner Appointments [Fung/Phan] (10 minutes)

6)     New Business

a)     Interview of Films Commissioner [Student Services] (5:00 PM)

b)     Interview of Concerts Commissioner [Student Services] (5:15 PM)

c)     Interview of Campus Action Team Commissioner [EVP] (5:30 PM)

d)     Interview of SPFB Commissioner [President] (5:45 PM)

e)     Interview of Truth and Transparency Commissioner [President] (6:00 PM)

f)      Introduction from the Student Advocate General (10 minutes)

g)     R51-11: Appointment of Undergraduate Representatives to the e-Tech Advisory Committee [Phan/Khosravi] (10 minutes)

h)     Town Hall Meeting Concerning Rejoining UCSA (6:30 – 7:00 PM)

7)     Council Intern Program Reports

8)     Committee Breakouts (10 minutes)

a)     Rules

b)     Finance

c)     Public Information

d)     Advocacy

9)     Committee Reports (5 minutes)

10)  Immediate Business

11)  School Breakouts (10 minutes)

12)  Final Business

13)  Announcements

a)     Club Leadership Assembly – Tuesday, Oct. 13th 3:15-4:30pm @Moss Cove A&B

14)  Next Meeting: October 13th, 2015


15)  Adjournment of Meeting