ASUCI Senate Agendas
Tuesday, February 02, 2016


1)     Bureaucratic Procedure

a)      Call to Order

b)     Attendance

c)      Approval of Minutes

d)     Approval of Agenda

2)     Public Comment

3)     Executive Officer Reports (10 minutes)

4)     Special Committee Reports

a)      International Students                                           Ono, Aldoghmi, Novshadyan, Vuligonda

b)     Parking                                                              Carlson, Aldoghmi, Novshadyan,                                                                                       Vuligonda, Chavez, Raza, Reynolds          

c)      First Generation and Non-Traditional Students          Olvera, Chavez

d)     Transfer Student                                                  Fan

e)      MyUCI Committee                                              Phan, Baranwal, Hong, Vergara, Vuligonda

f)      Constitutional Revision Committee                                    Phan, Baranwal, Tompkins, Aldoghmi

5)     Old Business

a)      Consent Calendar (15 minutes)

                                        i)     Item #52: R51-47 [ Khandadash, Heyward / Miller]
Public Information Committee Appointments (first read)

                                       ii)     Item #54: R51-49 [ Dizon / Leng ]
Commissioners' Appointment (first read)

b)     Item #53: R51-48 [ Hong / Phan ]
Resolution In Support of An Official UCI eSports Program (15 minutes)

6)     New Business

a)      MyUCI Updates

b)     Item #55: R51-50 [ Phan / Baranwal ]
Appointment of Associate Justice Shantharaj to ASUCI Judicial Board (15 minutes)

c)      Item #56: R51-48 [ Phan / Baranwal ]
Appointment of Associate Justice Shin to ASUCI Judicial Board (15 minutes)

7)     Council Intern Program Reports

8)     Committee Breakouts (20 minutes)

a)      Rules

b)     Finance

c)      Public Information

d)     Advocacy

9)     Committee Reports (5 minutes)

10)   Immediate Business

11)   School Breakouts (15 minutes)

12)   Final Business

13)   Announcements

14)   Adjournment of Meeting

a)      6:00PM - ASUCI Campus Debate Series: Political Correctness - Oppression to Free Speech or Inclusive Campus Climate? @ UCI Student Center, Crystal Cove Auditorium

15)  Next Meeting - February 4th, 2015