ASUCI Senate Agendas
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

1. Bureaucratic Procedure

    1. Call to Order

    2. Attendance

    3. Approval of Minutes

    4. Approval of Agenda

2. Public Comment
3. Executive Officer Reports (10 minutes)
4. Special Committee Reports
5. Old Business

a. [Natoolo] Senate Roles, Duties, and Responsibilities (5 Minutes)
b. [Safedy/Lim] R52-45: Safe Campus for Free Speech for All: Condemn Violence at UC Berkeley (15 Minutes)
c. [Chirigotis] Office of the Student Services Budget Report (15 minutes)
d. [Nand] Office of Academic Affairs Budget Report (15 Minutes)
6. New Business
     a. [Lim/Pourmand] R52-46: Formation of Public Information Committee (10 Minutes)
     b. [Abdelrahman/Abuzeid] B52-06: Introduce a Girl to Engineering (10 Minutes)
     c. [Orozco/Yakub] R52-47: Senate Ex Officio Membership for UCI Extension Student (10 Minutes)
     d. [Yakub/Pourmand] R52-48: Rules and Oversight Committee Responsibilities (10 Minutes)
     e. [Natoolo] Discussion about Freshman and School of Arts Senate Applications (5 Minutes)
     f. [Natoolo] Discussion about vacant seats ( 5 minutes)
     g. [Natoolo] Discussion about New applications for Ex-Officio seats on Senate (5 minutes)

7. Committee Breakouts (20 minutes)
     a. Rules
     b. Finance
     c. Public Information
     d. Advocacy

8. Committee Reports (5 minutes)
9. Immediate Business
10. School Breakouts (15 minutes)
11. Final Business
12. Announcements
13. Adjournment of Meeting
14. Next Meeting - February 28th, 2017