ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, October 05, 2017


1)       Bureaucratic Procedure

a)       Call to Order

b)       Attendance

c)       Approval of Minutes

d)       Approval of Agenda

2)       Public Comment

3)       Executive Officer Reports (10 minutes)

4)       Special Committee Reports

5)       Old Business

a)      [Broussard/Natoolo] R53-05: Appointment of Labor Commissioner in Office of the External Vice President (10 minutes)

6)       New Business

a)       [Hong] Payroll Check, Senate Office Policy, and Office Hours (10 minutes)

b)       [Hong] Etech Committee Representatives (10 min)

c)       [Danishgar/Hong] R53-02: Office of Academic Affairs 2017-2018 Staff Appointments (10 min)

d)       [Broussard/Natoolo] R53-06: Elimination of Current National Co-Commissioner (10 min)

e)       [Lim/Chin] R53-08: UCI Stock Market Competition (10 min)

7)       Senate Intern Program Reports

8)       Committee Breakouts (20 minutes)

a)       Rules

b)       Finance

c)       Public Information

d)       Advocacy

9)       Committee Reports (5 minutes)

10)   Immediate Business

11)   School Breakouts (15 minutes)

a)       Begin scheduling a meeting with your Dean

12)   Final Business

13)   Announcements

14)   Adjournment of Meeting

15)  Next Meeting - October 10th, 2017

a)       [Hong/Safady] R53-09: Appointment of Senate Secretary

b)       [Wan/Gabra] R53-10: Appointment of the President Pro-Tempore of the Senate for Fall 2017 

c)       [Hong/Chin] R53-11: Appointment of External Deputy Student Advocate General

 d)       [Hong/Chin] R53-12: Appointment of Internal Deputy Student Advocate General

e)       [Hong/Chin] R53-13: Appointment of Chief Accountability Officer

f)       [Hong/Boparai] R53-14: Disapproval of the Failure by UCI to Produce a Report on the Rescinded Admissions in the Promised Time