ASUCI Senate Agendas
Thursday, December 07, 2017


1)       Bureaucratic Procedure

a)       Call to Order

b)       Attendance

c)       Approval of Minutes

d)       Approval of Agenda

2)       Public Comment

3)       Executive Officer Reports (10 minutes)

4)       Special Committee Reports

5)       Old Business

6)       New Business

a)       [Noureldine/Sidhu] R53-48: Appointment of Pharmaceutical Sciences Senator (10 minutes)

b)       [Sidhu/Noureldine] R53-49: Issuing Minor Certifications at UCI (10 minutes)

c)       [Khan/Kaur] R53-50: Senators need to request  money from the senate and it needs a majority vote in the senate before it gets withdrawn (10 minutes)

d)       [Baggia/Almahdi] R53-51: Appointment of First Year Special Interest Senator (10 minutes)

e)       [Kaur/Jiang] R53-52: By-laws Amendment: Transfer Senator Meeting with the Director of the Transfer Student Hub (10 minutes)

f)        [Galaidos/Khan] R53-53: Appointment for Social Ecology Senator (10 minutes)

g)       [Hong/Yakub] R53-54: Appointment of Associate Justice to Judicial Board (10 minutes)

h)       [Hong/Yakub] R53-55: Appointment of Associate Justice to Judicial Board (10 minutes)

i)      [Broussard] 6:30 PM - Facebook Posts Discussion (15 minutes)

7)       Senate Intern Program Reports

8)       Committee Breakouts (20 minutes)

a)       Rules

i)         [Hong/Boparai] R53-31: Elections Code Revision Institutionalizing Slates

b)       Finance

c)       Public Information

d)       Advocacy

9)       Committee Reports

10)   Immediate Business

11)   School Breakouts (15 minutes)

12)   Final Business

a)       Last Address to the Senate

13)   Announcements

a)       Good luck on finals and have a great winter break, Senators and Senate support staff!

14)   Adjournment of Meeting

15)   Next Meeting – January 9th, 2018