ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, October 12, 2010


October 12, 2010
I.                    Bureaucratic procedure
A.      Call to Order:5:10pm
B.      Approval of Minutes: Alex/ Derrick
C.      Approval of Agenda: Adrian/Johnson
D.      Attendance: 17
E.       Guest List:
II.                  Public Comment: 10minutes
No Comment
III.                Old Business
A.      Item #04 R46-04:
                Motioned to be put on the floor by Omeid/Christian
                Rescinded by Charlene Ip
B.      Item #09 R46-09: Correction to the agenda Bill R46-01
                Tabled because they want clarification of where the money is being used for
C.      Motion to revisit the agenda to include R46-10: Charlene Arellano/Neal
                Rescinded from the legislations
IV.                New Business
A.      Item #19 R46-18
                Motion to pull to the floor: Seconded by Johnson
                Question Seconded by Sally Yu
                Motion dies 0-12-0
                Motion to move to committee on committees By Charlene/Christian 14-0-0
B.      Item #20 R46-19
                Motion to Pull to the floor Johnson/Toni
                Motion to discuss for 5 mins Adrian/James
                Motion to end discussion
                Motion to call to question Johnson/Neil
                Motion passes: 14-0-0
C.      Item #21 R46-20
                Motion to pull to the floor Alex/Charlene Arellano
                Amend to add a picture
                Friendly amendment
                1. Vacant spelled incorrectly
                2. Info should be changed to information/ information is spelled 3rd one
                3. Let it finally be resolved “tha tthe” should be fixed
                4. Liaison is spelled wrong
                Discussion for 5 minutes
                Motion to send to all committees James/Charlene 14-0-0
D.      Item #22 R46-21
                Motion to call to the floor Alex/Charlene
                Friendly amendment liaison is spelled incorrectly
                Motion to spell liaison correctly 14-0-0
                Motion to call to question Christian/James
                Motion passes: 14-0-0
E.       Item #23 R46-22
                Motion to pull to the floor Charlene
                Discussion for 2 minutes Omeid
                Extended for 10 minutes James/Derrick
                Motion to table until next Tuesday Charlene Ip/Adrian 14-0-0
                                Charlene will talk to Club Outreach and PR
V.                  Standing Committee Reports
A.      Rules: Applications are still out and are due Friday
B.      Finance: Give a copy of the budget to each dept when it is finalized
C.      Public Info: binder ready by Thursday
D.      Committee on Committees: waiting for documentation on each commissioner that are                 hired through the executive officers(ie applications that say said person was hired)
VI.                Special Committee Reports
VII.              Office Reports
A.      Office of the President: Hired 70 interns; $121 a person that didn’t show up to retreat
                Already have the date planned for retreat within the job description; the             weekend after the ALL-U; all appointed positions JBoard/leg council; mandatory; email her if you want retreat to be changed or want certain things out of it in terms of training/etc.
B.      Office of the Executive Vice president:
                Bad news: another fee hike 0%-20% November 16-18th UC Regents Vote
                Information within the NewU; support the EVP office
                UCSA: trying to work out a fee freeze
                Good news: We’re mobilizing 1600 voter registration
                Election packets:
                48th debate for congressional tomorrow 6-8th 10/13/10
C.      Office of the administrative affairs vice president:
                Legal counsel tomorrow 2-4pm (where?)
                Megan Braun: UCLA products at the Zot and Go (not selling that anymore)
                Student Center Board meeting: 100,000 at the Student Center
                $1 for an hour game of pool at Zot Zone/ Pool Tournament soon
                Markers for each booth area along Ring Mall
                12 LCDs in CCA
                9am-9pm Bell Tower Student Center
                ACC installed machines: they can stay as long as they want… for a price $2/hour
D.      Office of the academic affairs vice president:
                Ant mentor/mentee program: Jam packed!
                Story about a mentee that wanted a girl
                “There’s some messed up people in this world”
E.       Office of the student services vice president:
                ShocktoberFest this Friday!
                Working on getting food for people who are getting passes at 6am
                Starbucks and Zot and go and Jamba Juice will be open.
                Enter in the Halloween contest
                                Whole year’s supply of In’N’Out/Disneyland and Knott’s Passes
                Outdoor festival: pop chips, energy drinks, glow sticks, activities
VIII.             Announcements
        What is Leg Council’s job?
                        Money that leg council gives to AS; detailed budgets are given back to Leg
                        Accountable for office hours and tabling
                        SERVE THE STUDENTS
                        Start town hall meetings on Tuesdays: Vocalize what the students want
        Sign in sheet for your office hours
        Add Office hours to the Google Calendar
        Live chat during office hours?
        Volleyball team vs china we won! newsletter section
        Umbrella council: Hot Umbrella Nights
        iHealth: pacific ballroom tomorrow
        Oct 21st: movie about struggling students, location: near humanities gateway
Vik/James suspended the rules to break into committees
Motion to revisit R46-20
        Rules                     Pass 2-0-1
        Public Info           Pass 4-0-0
        Finance                                Pass 4-0-0
        Committees       Pass 4-0-0
        Vik/Martin official voting meeting on Thursday
        Passes 15-0-0
IX.                Adjournment
        Meeting Adjourned: 6:52pm