ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, October 14, 2010


October 14, 2010
I.                    Bureaucratic procedure
A.      Call to Order: 5:37pm
B.      Approval of Minutes: Omeid/Johnson
C.      Approval of Agenda: NO AGENDA going off of old agenda
D.      Attendance: 17
E.       Guest List: Jeff Wylfong, Tommy Le
II.                  Public Comment: No Comments
III.                Old Business
A.      Item#04 R46-18
        Pull to the floor Christian/Charlene
        Motion to call to question Vik/Johnson
        Pass Committee on Committees 4-0-0
        Passes: 12-0-0
B.      Item B46-01
        Move to discussion Vik/Johnson
        End discussion Omeid/Charlene
        Call to question: Vik/Johnson
        Motion Passes: Passes by acclimation 13-0-0
C.      Item# 21 R46-20
Public: 4-0-0
Rules: 2-0-1
Motion to discuss for 2 minutes Arellano/Ip
Call to question: Vik/Arellano
Motion Passes: 13-0-0
Motion to accept nominations for position
                Martin Vu
                Christian Medero: declined
Motion passes: 13-0-0
IV.                Standing Committee Reports
A.      Rules: For appointed positions due by Friday 5pm 10/15
                On the ASUCI website updates the minutes
B.      Finance: look at the last four digits on budgets
                Working on a way to visually see the budget
                Contact finance if records are not in the binders
C.      Public Info: Binders are done; there is a sign in sheet; in the ASUCI office
                Town Hall idea from sandy! Publicize and have the first one in November
                Make pamphlets in bulk
D.      Committee on Committees: Sitara’s legislation was tabled for now
V.                  Special Committee Reports
A.      List of Special Committees:
                Sustainability: Work with sustainability groups on campus
                Student-Faculty Relations: conjunction w/ student faculty luncheons
                Marketing: Improve branding on campus
                Parking/Transportation: Shuttles routes, VDC parking, make ACC parking similar                                to VDC parking
                Housing/Dining: on campus options for healthy food
                Retention: 1 of 2 campuses that don’t have a retention program
                Hospitality: campus more engaged and welcoming, change our perception
VI.                Office Reports
A.      Office of the President: n/a
B.      Office of the Executive Vice president: n/a
C.      Office of the administrative affairs vice president: n/a
D.      Office of the academic affairs vice president: n/a
E.       Office of the student services vice president: n/a
VII.               Announcements
More tables and chairs needed for Thursday Meetings
A Dry Erase Marker
Improving Voter Registration: Work with elections commission to help get the 5% voter        increase
Town Hall: Beginning of November (Nov 9th) , start off with Fee Increases
        Table everything on the plate so that we can have a town hall meeting.
        Good opportunity to let students ask certain committees questions Bi-monthly
        Invite Jesse Cheng, Yudof, etc
Informal Bonding Retreat Committee
        Brucé, Omeid, Arellano, Neil, Christian, James, Sally
VIII.            Adjournment
        Meeting Adjourned: 6:54pm