ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, October 19, 2010


October 19, 2010

I.                    Bureaucratic procedure

A.      Call to Order: 5:07pm

B.      Approval of Minutes: Vik/Johnson

C.      Approval of Agenda: Christian/Charlyn

D.      Attendance: 17

E.       Guest List:

                Joshua Chu SOAR

                Alex Chan SOAR

                Jia Li SOAR/Umbrella Council

                Vileana De La Rosa SOAR/Umbrella Council

                Lea Voget

                Boaz Gurdin

II.                  Public Comment: 10minutes

Josh Chu Advocate for Student Outreach and Retention Center

        Center designed to act as a hub for all retention and outreach programs

        Most of it will be modified off the UCSD center

        UCSD reached out to two high schools did a poll before and after their program

        It changed from nearly 60-70% want of attendance to a high 90%

        Help students integrate into the campus in a more effective manner

Alex Chan    SAIP

        For outreach and retention programs

        Endorsing a center for outreach, that way they can reach out to more students

        And provide better resources for programs such as academic coursework

        Provide students with support and leadership

        They hope since they have the support of Chancellor Drake they hope to have the          center open soon.

III.                Old Business

IV.                New Business

A.      Item#24 R46-23

                        Motion to pull to the floor Martin/Andrea

                        Motion to call to question Christian/Martin

                        Motion passes: 14-0-0

B.      Item #25 R46-24

        Motion to pull to the floor Johnson/Alex

        Call to question Sally/Neal

        Motion to vote by acclimation: Martin/Charlene

        Motion Passes

C.      Item #26 R46-25

        Motion to pull to the floor Christian/Alex

        Motion to discuss for 5 mins Adrian/Charlene

                        Motion to table Adrian/Sally

V.                  Standing Committee Reports

A.      Rules: Can we bring in the potential candidates for council? Next week?

B.      Finance: We have the budget at the front desk

C.      Public Info: Binders are ready and in the office; bringing back Public info interns

D.      Committee on Committees: Hope to finalize a draft of the form for progress reports and              tracking

VI.                Special Committee Reports

A.      Parking and Transportation: Meeting with them

B.      Housing and Dining: Formed 20 minutes ago

C.      Retention Committee: Planning for the panel for Tuesday Nov 23rd

D.      Marketing Committee: Can we put flags in Newport? It’s on hold

E.       Student-Faculty Relations Committee:

F.       Sustainability: TGIF meets at 9pm

G.     Hospitality: Talking with Club Outreach and will have more information shortly


VII.              Office Reports

A.      Office of the President:  

B.      Office of the Executive Vice president:

C.      Office of the Administrative affairs vice president: ROAR – midterm breakfast 730-1100 in the conference room of ASUCI this Friday

Vendor Fair is right now this week!

Legal Clinic: Being held from 2-4pm

Bren meeting is tomorrow

Downstairs is painted for the study center

Noontime concerts in the student center

D.      Office of the Academic Affairs vice president: AMP wide event bonfire week 6

Academic senate: 14 students to multiple councils on academic senate

E.       Office of the Student Services vice president: Haunted Happy Hour at the Anthill Pub

24th playing Inception

Next year’s Shocktoberfest is being planned right now

VIII.             Announcements

Technology: If you sent in your Bio to Martin still do it if you haven’t

Sound on the leg council computers

Minutes on the ASUCI website                                                                       

He met with Eric before legislative council to give us emails for leg council

Larger room for Thursday meetings?

Advertising the Student First Forum

Motion to break into committees Vik/Ip/Omeid

IX.                Adjournment

        Meeting Adjourned: 6:56pm Sally/Martin