ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, October 28, 2010


October 28, 2010

I.                    Bureaucratic procedure

A.      Call to Order: 5:10pm

B.      Approval of Minutes: Vik/Neal

C.      Approval of Agenda: Adrian/Arellano

D.      Attendance:  

E.       Guest List:  Crystal Luu, Sejal Thaker, (Arnel Sancianco), Rob Haghighi, George Karatoroysan, Tarun Patel

II.                  Public Comment: 0 minutes

III.                Old Business


IV.                New Business

A.      Item #27 R46-26

Motion to pull to the floor Ip/Johnson

 Motion to call to question Omeid/Derrick

Motion passes 13-0-0

B.      Item #28 R46-27

Motion to pull to the floor Vikram/James

Motion to call to question Ip/James

Motion to vote acclimation Vikram/Christian

Motion passes by acclimation

Motion to pull 28,29,31,32,33 Vikram/Johnson

Motion to call 28,29,31,32,33 to question Omeid/Neal

Motion to vote by acclimation Vikram/Neal

C.      Item #29 R46-28


D.      Item #31 R46-30


E.       Item #32 R46-31


F.       Item #33 R46-32


G.     Item #34 R46-33


H.      Item #35 R46-34

Friendly amendment “student programming funding board”

Motion to pull to the floor Ip/Christian

Motion to call to question Adrian/Sally

Motion passes by 14-0-0

Motion to recess for 5 minutes Christian/Neal

I.        Item #36 R46-35

Motion to pull to the floor James/Christian






Add the goal

Add that statement on to who SHOULD be and who CAN be

What elections this is for

Author has rescinded this resolution


Motion to suspend the rules for until the end of current discussion Ip/Adrian

Motion to reinstate the rules Martin/James


Motion to call to question for Jedrick, Omeid/Neal

Motion passes to Appoint Jedrick for the At-Large Representative by 10-0-2


V.                  Standing Committee Reports

A.      Rules: Done with all the new members here! Keep looking through the bylaws.

B.      Finance: Erik and Sandy so that people can look at a simplified version online.

More detailed copies of the budget from 2006-2010

Andrea now goes to SPFB to hopefully be a voting member

Projector on Tuesday

C.      Public Info: Working on the first townhall meeting; maybe other committees can help.

Townhall meeting might be 5-7pm or 6-7pm

Who to be invited: Jesse Cheng, Meredith Michaels, Board of Trustees member, Contact Director of Student Center and Event Services

D.      Committee on Committees: Finalized the form to send to committees PDF leg council listserv. Get more detailed report. More of a commissioner report rather than a standing report.


VI.                Special Committee Reports

A.      Parking and Transportation: Nothing

B.      Housing and Dining: Nothing

C.      Retention Committee: Logistical plan meeting. Start SOAR in winter quarter. Townhall: Nov 23rd. Gateway Center first floor Aldrich park. Old LGBT center used to be.

D.      Marketing Committee: Flags around Newport; talked to Sergio from the bookstore, might be able to get flags for free as long as we buy the poles. Display cases in UTC.

E.       Student-Faculty Relations Committee: How we can help them publicize for the event.

F.       Sustainability: Alex brought up an idea to use the extra money that we aren’t using for electricity and using solar panels instead. Kevin S. meet with him. Talk with housing to see when they can meet with the supervisors.

G.     Hospitality: Legislation will be rewritten later.


VII.              Office Reports

A.      Office of the President: Meeting with academic senate chair. Leadership panel Mesa court council.

B.      Office of the Executive Vice president: ASUCI apps for SOCC.

Past Wednesday there was a debate at Crystal Cove Auditorium.

Fee Increase: around 10%

C.      Office of the Administrative Affairs vice president: Vendor Fair: It rained, more foods

ROAR: midterm breakfast, ASUCI car rally Nov 6th 11am-2pm, scavenger hunt with cars!

Administrative: rich lynch/Meredith Michaels: budget issues with Bren Events, financial accountability.

Garden Initiative: Educational experience… $20,000. In AV, a garden. SUBWAY is the devil, as noted by Omeid.

Good Evening: First episode came out

D.      Office of the Academic Affairs vice president: Met with social sciences professor Russell Dalton on Monday, agreed to lobby in our favor before the academic senate council on educational policy once we reach that level in the process.

Academic senate: applications just closed, interviews are soon.

Professor luncheons, professor shaw from the women’s studies program

Thursday of week 8 at 12pm

Speakers and debate: five days ‘til J-spot! Tuesday, 11/2 7-8:30pm, Pacific Ballroom D.

E.       Office of the Student Services vice president: none


VIII.             Announcements

Autumn Harmonies right after this legislative council meeting

Rally next Tuesday… 530pm.

New people on the listserv

Breast Cancer Awareness

Next month is lung cancer awareness


IX.                Adjournment

        Meeting Adjourned: 6:57pm Fernando/Neal