ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 02, 2010

 I.                    Bureaucratic procedure

A.      Call to Order: 5:05pm

B.      Approval of Minutes: Christian/Arellano

C.      Approval of Agenda: Alex/Christian

D.      Attendance: 17-18

E.       Guest List: Dan Dooros: Student Affairs

                Dmitriy Kuritskiy:JBoard

                David Gao: New U

                Stephanie N Van Giniel: Student Govt

                Geo Del Carmen: Student Govt

                Tyson Monagle: GUSH

                CrystalRae Lugo-Shearer: GUSH

                Sarah Heiny: GUSH

                Jenna Dunaetz: GUSH

                Abraham Medina: Dreams @ UCI

II.                  Public Comment:


                Expressing high interest in having a permanent fixture on Legislative Council,     Item #44 R46-33.               

APSA (Asian Pacific Student Association)

                The Bill/Resolution towards Students of Color Conference

III.                Old Business


IV.                New Business

A.      Item#41 R46-40

        Motion to pull to the floor Martin/Ip

        Motion to call to question Sally/Vikram

                        Motion to vote by acclimation Martin/Alex

                        Motion carries

B.      Item #42 B46-04

        Motion to pull to the floor Ip/Martin

        Motion to call to question Christian/James

        Motion to vote by acclimation Omeid/Alex

        Motion Carries

C.      Item #44 R46-43

        Motion to pull to the floor Christian/Ip

        Motion to discuss for 10 minutes James/Alex

                        Problems with other groups wanting permanent seats on Legislative                              Council

        Extend discussion 5 minutes Martin/Rob

        Extend discussion 5 minutes

        Motion to suspend rules Alex/Fernando

        Motion to send to ALL committees Sally/Johnson

D.      Item #45 R46-44

        Motion to pull to the floor Johnson/Neal

        Motion to call to question Sally/Neal

        Motion to vote by acclimation Sally/Ip

        Motion carries

E.       Item #46 R46-45

        Motion to pull to the floor Christian/Arellano

        Motion to call to question carries.

        Motion to discuss for 10 James/Alex

        Friendly amendment; “Let it be resolved, that the Legislative Council of ASUCI stands in solidarity with the concerns of the UC EAP students and their non-violent forms of protest.

        Motion to call to question with the amendments

        Resolution does not pass.

        Motion to send to ALL committees Christian/Alex

F.       Item #47 B46-02

        Motion to pull to the floor Adrian/Arellano

        Motion to discuss for 5 minutes James/Vikram

        Friendly amendment $750

        Motion to call to question Vikram/Christian

        Motion passes by 13-0-5

G.     Item #43 R46-42

        Motion to pull to the floor James/Alex

        Motion to discuss by 5 minutes Christian/Rob

        Motion to end discussion James/Ip

        Motion to call to question James/Ip

        Motion to approve by acclimation Omeid/Christian

        Motion carries

H.      Item #48 B46-03

        Motion to pull to the floor James/Vikram

                                Motion to call to question Vikram/Sally

                                Motion to vote by acclimation Vikram/Arnel

                                Motion carries


V.                  Standing Committee Reports

A.      Rules: Putting out ex-officio applications

B.      Finance: Hash out budget details with Sandy; oversee take into account everything that was passed today

C.      Public Info: Town Hall, 120 people attended, next town hall is on Tuesday SOAR retention committee. Thursday discuss the town hall.

D.      Committee on Committees: Committee reports form for next quarter


VI.                Special Committee Reports

A.      Parking and Transportation: Vikram is willing to head up the Parking and Transportation; start charging for visitor parking; new angle to allow ACC residents to park on campus afterhours.

B.      Housing and Dining: No updates

C.      Retention Committee: Andrea is working on the town hall; dream coalition

D.      Marketing Committee: Nothing to report

E.       Student-Faculty Relations Committee: Henry Wang is setting up a meeting between Arellano and Dean Salinger.

F.       Sustainability: Contact information for a Vice Chancellor to talk about sustainability


VII.              Office Reports

A.      Office of the President:  SOCC is happening this week; Elections going on right now want to get to 2000 votes.

B.      Office of the Executive Vice president:

C.      Office of the Administrative affairs vice president: Vendor Fair right now! $18000 ROAR: finals brunch week 10.

D.      Office of the Academic Affairs vice president: Visions committee; Professor Luncheons there is one this week. AMP: hosting a social event at boomers for mentors mentees and cluster leaders.

E.       Office of the Student Services vice president: Emailed


VIII.             Announcements

Retreat: Does anyone want to head up the committee for next year if Sally isn’t on Council next quarter?

Spirit Packages: Look at particular events that we want to give them away at. Free stuff give away?

GUSH United Voice

IX.                Adjournment

        Meeting Adjourned: 6:50 Christian/Alex