ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 04, 2010

 I.                    Bureaucratic procedure

A.      Call to Order: 5:04pm

B.      Approval of Minutes: Alex/Johnson

C.      Approval of Agenda: Martin/Toni

D.      Attendance: 19

E.       Guest List:

II.                  Public Comment:


III.                Old Business


IV.                New Business

A.      Item#37 R46-36

        Friendly Amendment that it should be seconded by Vikram Naydu

                        Motion to pull to the floor Vikram/Alex

                        Motion to call to question Johnson/Martin

                        Motion passes 19-0-0


B.      Item #38 R46-37

        Motion to pull to the floor motion by Alex/Omeid

        Motion to call to question Johnson/Arellano

        Motion passes 19-0-0


C.      Item #39 R46-38

        Friendly amendment comma after the first paragraph

        In event that these positions become open

                                Motion to pull to the floor Alex/Toni

                                Motion to call to question Omeid/Derrick

                                Motion passes 20-0-0


D.      Item #40 R46-39

        Motion to pull to the floor Alex/Arnel

        Motion to call to question Johnson/Vikram

        Motion to vote by acclimation Martin/Alex                         


V.                  Standing Committee Reports

A.      Rules:  Necessary revisions will be made soon once they meet with Jboard

                There is a student advocate general position, any complaints can be brought up                to Jboard

B.      Finance: Working on excel tables. Getting the budget updated and submit it through sally by the end of the month is the goal. There will be pie charts.

C.      Public Info: Town Hall: Rich Lynch is added on from Planning and Budget. Chancellor Drake will be out of town. We should all try to bring at least two people each. Arnel made an amazing poster/flyer. Please try to come to the town hall early. Plan flyering tomorrow. Definitely during Monday and Tuesday.

D.      Committee on Committees: Asking for commissioner reports. Via email rather than word of mouth.


VI.                Special Committee Reports

A.      Parking and Transportation: None.

B.      Housing and Dining: Busy with Town Hall

C.      Retention Committee: SOAR meeting where they will be working out the logistics, Friday 5pm. In the student center, Woods Cove.

D.      Marketing Committee: If we put flags outside Newport houses you can tell what school they’re from.

E.       Student-Faculty Relations Committee: None.

F.       Sustainability: Be working with housing.


VII.              Office Reports

A.      Office of the President: Report was sent out.

B.      Office of the Executive Vice president: 39 Going for fall elections for ASUCI legislative council. Taking results from Irvine City Council for trying to get a new cell phone tower from East campus for better reception. SOCC application numbers were really high. Please pick up your checks. Meeting with legislators to talk about the student fee increases and letting them know that it is an issue that is affecting students.

C.      Office of the Administrative Affairs Vice President:

D.      Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President: Emailed out.

E.       Office of the Student Services vice president: Emailed out.


VIII.             Announcements

Motion to nominate applicants for ASUCI Technology Liaison Martin/Alex

Motion to nominate Johnson Alex/Toni

Motion to approve Johnson by acclimation Vikram/Ip

Motion approved by acclimation.


IX.                Adjournment

        Meeting Adjouned: 6:50pm