ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, December 02, 2010

Call to order: 5:18pm

Approval of minutes: Arellano/Alex

Approval of Agenda: Christian/Neal

Attendance: 23

Guest List: Tyson Monagle     GUSH

 Public comment

No comment but will be used to introduce new people

 Old Business

Item #50 R46-47

Still need to meet in committee to approve

 Item #59 B46-07

Finance: 4-0-1

Motion to pull to the floor Christian/Omeid

Motion to call to question Arnel/Neal

Motion passes 19-0-0

 Item #57 R46-53

Finance: 4-0-1

Rules: tabled

Public info: 0-0-3

Committee 1-0-4

Motion to move out of committee Sejal/Tarun

Motion to discuss for 15 minutes Adrian/Alex

 Whether or not it is important to have a permanent seat with Leg Council

Gush not having a seat until possible 3rd week because the applications for ex officio seats are due a few weeks in.

Want to see where the relationship goes during Winter Quarter on top of what has happened in the last year so that Leg council can evaluate and judge whether or not a permanent ex-officio seat is needed

But is a permanent ex-officio seat needed? 5 ex-officios has never happened.

Motion to extend discussion 10 minutes Alex/Arellano

Motion to suspend rules James/Tarun vote for item #57 without evaluation

Motion to suspend rules James/Tarun vote for item #57 with an evaluation

Motion to suspend rules and table this until spring quarter with an informal evaluation 13-0-6 Christian/Alex

Christian's stipulation:

Table legislation until spring quarter, post informal evaluation 18-1

Motion to vote by role-call via Christian's stipulation

Table indefinitely Christian/Alex

Rules: Going over by-laws


Public Info: getting interns

ConC: the form for committees is done

Parking and Transportation: grad students get different benefits and can buy permits because technically they work for the university

Housing and Dining: meeting with GUSH's vice president

Retention: none

Marketing: going next week to go to D&B's to display UCI gear

Student-Faculty Relations: seeing Dean Sallinger; going to talk about pictures being attached to the class roster

Sustainabilty: emailing Dan

Office of the president:

Office of the EVP:

Office of AdminAVP: Meeting with GUSH for the finals

Office of the AcademicAVP:

Office of the Student Services Vice President:


837 people swiped in to the ASUCI give-away event

Free running and Parkour

LARPing is coming up

NFL quarterback came Warren Moone: Sports Business Association

Dali Llama is coming to UCI

CORE is doing winter leadership conference; $5, being a campus leader, organization leader

Meeting Adjourned: 6:19pm