ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 20, 2011


I.Bureaucratic procedure
A.      Call to Order: 5:11PM
B.      Approval of Minutes: Omeid/Lisa
C.      Approval of Agenda: Crystal/Arellano
D.      Attendance: 19
E.       Guest List: Jenna Dunatez
II.Public Comment:
Jenna: GUSH VP; head of the dining committee increase guest swipes from 5 to 10. She can bring in the petition to us in two weeks. If ASUCI backs this petition it will help it to pass.
III.Old Business
IV.New Business
A. Item #67 R46-58     
                        Motion to pull to the floor VIkram/Arnel
                        Motion to call to question Marc/Arnel
Motion to vote by acclimation Vikram/Crystal
            Item #67 R46-58 Passes by acclimation 18-0-0
            B. Item #68 R46-59
            Motion to pull to the floor James/Crystal
            Motion to discuss for 5 minutes James/Rob
            Motion to extend discussion for 5 minutes Arellano/James
            Motion to send to all committees Omeid/Arellano
V.Standing Committee Reports
A.      Rules: No one applied for Engineering on Leg Council. 35 applied for Leg Council Interns. 5 ex-officios applied. Tuesday will be interviews 6pm.
B.      Finance: Working on what the money is used for in each budget
C.      Public Info: Feedback from SOAR town hall. Working on the cardigans, polos, plaques, pamphlets.
D.      Committee on Committees: Presentation at the end of the quarter as to the successes and furtherment of all committees.
VI.Special Committee Reports
A.      Parking and Transportation:
B.      Housing and Dining: Working close with GUSH to further ASUCI
C.      Retention Committee: Nothing new to report
D.      Marketing Committee: Contacted John Wayne Airport and apparently there is UCI gear at
E.       Student-Faculty Relations Committee: Nothing new to report
F.       Sustainability: Working with Ip, to make the Claire Trevor Theatre more eco-friendly in terms of paint cans like recycling them and emptying them of paint.
VII.Office Reports
A.      Office of the President:
B.      Office of the Executive Vice president: USSA meeting and the Regents Meeting. Our delegates are in Massachusetts. Hopefully we can challenge the budget cuts. Already getting starting for elections for Executive Elections. Lobby Conference Applications are on the website. Tell constituents to apply for the Conference. Lobby Core Class 1.3 unit class. More lobbying is better to have under your belt.
C.      Office of the Administrative Affairs vice president: In terms of the Claire Trevor, TGIF would love to help. A lot of future potential in terms of relations with GUSH. Copyright Infringement. Letting the students know that there are other methods of getting music other than illegally downloading. Public giveaways - give students free things. Vendor Fair: Nice Balloon Arch for next time. Make signs for each vendor so you know what they are/who they are.
D.      Office of the Academic Affairs vice president: Academic Senate - 3 weeks early in the process. Speakers program - all about negotiations, getting dates set in stone, getting things for Spring Quarter.
E.       Office of the Student Services vice president: Nothing
Dan Doroos: Needs us to respond to his survey. Wants it before the 31st.
            Crucible closes this weekend in the Arts Department.
            Leadership Conference is next weekend.
            Sandy will email us the zot codes.
            Talk about SOAR 5-10 minutes.
                        Not publicized well.
                        Town halls should be more than just Public Info running it.
                        Publicizing: Tell your own organization rather than just tabling.
                        Posters about the town hall within our own schools.
                        Need to connect better with our schools.
                        Reaching out to the university communities is one major goal of town halls.
                        Make town halls more important to ourselves so that we can make other people                  see it as important.
                        Publicized as to have people put their interest in it rather than info about it.
                        Break into committees 6:11pm
                        Reconvene 6:34pm
           Meeting Adjourned: 6:50pm Omeid/Arnel