ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 13, 2011


Meeting starting at 5:06pm
Trying to make a symposium for the social sciences. Presentation: Teachers speaking on their research topics to bridge the gap between academic affairs and students.
School of Bio: Build community and give back at health fairs. Like health con. Working with school of health sciences. Associate dean will come.
Engineering: meeting up with the dean of engineering. meeting up with the alumni asso. to make meetings between current students and alumni
humanities: setting up a student faculty luncheon.
Scheduling a meeting with the dean of ??? SE 13 counts towards
We need to table Friday and Tuesday
Make your budget bigger when you plan things so you don't go over budget, the extra money will go back into ASUCI funds.
Town hall next tuesday
Official Meeting on Thursday for Leg Council
Next town hall:
Dining Town Hall
Parking and Transportation