ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, January 27, 2011


Meeting Started: 5:08pm
Buy things from UCItems because the money comes back to ASUCI.
Bring Jasper in to talk at a Legislative Council Meeting
            How to improve leg council
            Start at 5pm
            Get the execs to the meeting
            Will announce the names of those not present at Tuesday Thursday Meetings
Have updates at the ends of meetings
Ad-hocs don't die but end at the end of the academic year. In the future spend more time on ad-hocs and projects.
Open Mic Night
            Open Jam
            Uncultivated Rabbits
Controversial Topics
            MLK Jr. Day
            Aramark offered Chicken and Waffles at Pippin
            Nov. 23rd Indians and Pilgrims
            Protect the needs of students and make sure events on campus aren't offensive
Zot Lanes
Meeting Adjourned 6:50