ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I.Bureaucratic procedure
 A.             Call to Order: 5:10pm
 .B.      Approval of Minutes: Arellano/Ip
 .C.      Approval of Agenda: Arnel/Arellano
 .D.      Attendance: 17
 .E.       Guest List: Sam Shaw ASUCI
Andrew Beier ASUCI
Paige Caldwell   UCI Anteater Pepband
Tyson Monagle GUSH
Jenna Dunaetz GUSH
II.Public Comment:
            Summer Programs. Freshman Summer Start Program.
Community Business Relations
GUSH: Met with dining and were able to raise guest swipes from 5 to 10
Go to UC Davis (Picnic Day) celebrating earth and sustainability
III.Old Business
IV.New Business
A. Item #72 R46-63
            Motion to move this item to Thursday James/Vik
            B. Item #73 R46-64
            Motion to pull to the floor Arellano/James
            Motion to discuss for 5 minutes Henry/James
            Motion to end discussion Henry/James
            C. Item #74 R46-65
            Motion to pull to the floor Vik/Crystal
            Motion to discuss for 10 minutes James/Crystal
            Motion to call to question James/Arellano
            Motion passes 14-0-2
            D. Item #75 R46-66
            Motion to pull to the floor Ip/Arellano
            Motion to discuss for 5 minutes Vik/Crystal
            Motion to call to question
            Motion passes: 10-0-6
            Discuss later: Does the amount of constituents matter?
            E. Item #76 R46-67
            Motion to pull to the floor James/Vik
            Motion to discuss for 5 minutes Vik/Arellano
            Motion to call to question James/Rob
            Motion passes 13-0-3
            F. Item #77 R46-68
            Motion to break into committees James/Vik
            Motion to table until Thursday Vik/Sally
V.Standing Committee Reports
A.      Rules: Hiring the Leg council interns
B.      Finance: Finished pie charts - almost ready to put on the ASUCI website Budget Town Hall
C.      Public Info:
D.      Committee on Committees: Planning the next town hall
VI.Special Committee Reports
A.      Parking and Transportation: nothing to report
B.      Housing and Dining: Next town hall
C.      Retention Committee: Discussions about SOAR
D.      Marketing Committee: nothing to report
E.       Student-Faculty Relations Committee: Forge a partnership to do dean luncheons
F.       Sustainability: Seeing which of their projects are doable within the year
VII.Office Reports
A.      Office of the President: email
B.      Office of the Executive Vice president: email
C.      Office of the Administrative Affairs vice president: email
D.      Office of the Academic Affairs vice president: email
E.       Office of the Student Services vice president: email
Vagina monologues
            Zotcappella week 7 Thursday 730pm tickets $5
            Chipotle is now a sponsor and will donate money.
            USHIP - meeting on friday with the director
            5K in cooperation with the paul mirage school of business
            Student Center - doing a lot of new stuff info will be sent out via logan
            Bringing back Sam and Andrew and delve more into the Community Business Relations
            Having a Judicial Board Interview on Thursday
           Meeting Adjourned: 6:50pm