ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, February 17, 2011

I. Bureaucratic procedure

 .A.             Call to Order: 5:11pm

 .B.      Approval of Minutes: James/Crystal                                                                                        Approval of Last Thursdays Minutes James/Arellano

 .C.      Approval of Agenda: Omeid/Rob                         

 .D.      Attendance: 16

 .E.       Guest List: Dr. Parham, Associate Vice Chancellor Dan Dooros

II. Public Comment: 


III. New Business

            A. Discussion of Nicole Bastos

                        Motion to discuss 10 minutes Arnel/Arellano

                        Motion to end discussion James/Andrea

                        Motion to untable and pull James/Neal

                        Motion to call to question Omeid/Andrea

                        Motion to vote by acclimation Omeid/Rob

            B. Item #87 R46-73

            Motion to pull to the floor Ip/Arnel

                        Motion to discuss for 1 minutes Ip/Rob

                        Friendly amendments

                        Motion to end discussion

                        Motion to suspend rules and enter a closed session James/Ip

                        Extend meeting until 7:10pm Vikram/Arellano

                        Discuss for 5 minutes Vikram/Arnel

                       Motion to to call to question arellano/Arnel

                       Motion passes 11-0-1

IX. Adjournment

           Meeting Adjourned: Jack/Jedrek