ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, March 31, 2011

I. Bureaucratic procedure

A.      Call to Order: 5:06pm

B.      Approval of Minutes: Ip/Rob

C.      Approval of Agenda: Ip/Crystal

D.      Attendance: 15 as of 5:45

E.       Guest List: none

II. Public Comment:


III. Old Business

     Items tabled until after meeting in committees Omeid/Neal

IV. New Business

A. Item#104 R46-84 Judicial Board Appointment

            Motion to pull to the floor Arnel/Arellano

            Motion to table until after the interview Omeid/Arellano

            Motion to pull to the floor Omeid/Arnel

            She has the drive and knowledge

            She has qualities in her that you want to find in people. Balance in terms of diplomacy.

            Even when she asked us questions she was ready to go.

            She doesn't tell others her intentions when it comes to superiors.

            She is more upbeat.

            Motion to end discussion Omeid/Crystal

            Motion to call to question Crystal/Omeid

            Motion passes by 14-0-1


            Break into committees for 20 minutes Omeid/Arellano


            Votes in committees:

            Item #94 Committee on Committees: 4-0-0, Finance: 0-4-0, Rules: 0-5-0, Public Info: 3-0-0. Motion does not pass.

            Item #95 Finance: 4-0-0. Motion Passes in Finance.

            Motion to call to question Arellano/Vikram

            Motion passes 14-0-0

            Item #97 Finance: 4-0-0. Motion passes in Finance.

            Motion to call to question Crystal/Omeid

            Motion passes 14-0-0

            Item #101 ConC: 0-4-0, F: 0-4-0, R: 3-0-2, PI: 0-3-0. Motion does not pass.

            Item #102 ConC: 3-0-1, F: 3-0-1, R: 5-0-0, PI: 0-0-3 Motion passes in committees.

            Motion to call to question Vikram/Arellano

            Motion passes by 12-0-2.


V. Standing Committee Reports

A.      Rules: One application for at large

B.      Finance: Still in the works of getting the budget online.

C.      Public Info: Main goal for the quarter: the ALL AS meeting. Meet with Sandy and Execs

D.      Committee on Committees: The new chair and vice chair: Arnel and Charlene Ip respectively


VI. Special Committee Reports

A.      Parking and Transportation: Waiting to meet with Dan Dooros

B.      Housing and Dining: TYSON is now housing and dining.

C.      Retention Committee: If you would like to booth and help SOAR please contact Alex Chan.

D.      Marketing Committee: Go to D&B on Monday to see if we can sell UCI Apparel there

E.       Student-Faculty Relations Committee: Administration isn't cooperating Charlyn will HANDLE IT.

F.       Sustainability: Clean Air Clair


VII. Office Reports

A.      Office of the President: not present

B.      Office of the Executive Vice president: Budget Forum 6:30pm in CCA

C.      Office of the Administrative Affairs vice president: The CCA area smelled a bit but the issue has been taken care of it was a broken sewer line.. The bell tower is almost in operation. There will be a Kaplan test center in the Student Center behind the bookstore. What will be going up near the CCA area.

D.      Office of the Academic Affairs vice president: First meeting with the new AMP. By the end of the night the group of 40 people were like family. Info sessions about the UTeach program. Ron Jeremy vs. Susan Cole April 20th

E.       Office of the Student Services vice president: not present


VIII. Announcements

We can only publicize so much. You can't push people to do things. Stop reopening applications. Change the appointment process. Go to each school's student council and look there for a replacement for that ASUCI representative.


            Status for the Brochures for each respective schools.

            ZOTportal will be visiting next week.

            Look into how to engage your constituency and your school.

IX. Adjournment

           Meeting Adjourned: 6:50pm