ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, April 07, 2011

Legislative Council
April 5, 2011

Meeting Call to Order: 5:19 PM
Approval of Minutes- Rob Hagighi
2nd-  Mark Enverga

Approval of Agenda- Mark Enverga
2nd- Jedrek Dineros
Clarification Agenda- Legislation is actually called “Appointment of Social Ecology Representative“

Attendance: Grace Poon, Eric Saidi, Jack Pan, Toni Reyes, ????new girl, ???, Sesar , Rob, Tyson, Lisa Lei, Johnson Liu, Mirage Mehta, Sejal Thaker, Arnel S., Vikram Nayudu, Andres, Logan Frick, Bruce Aquino , Omeid Heidari, Neal Catig, Sally Yu, Crystal Luu, Mark Enverga, Joy Kim, Jedrek Dineros, Evelyn, Briset, 

Public Comment: N/A

Items of new business: ZotPortal (Erik and Kevin )

R46-85 –carries with a 13- 0- 0
Motion to pull to floor- Arnel
2nd- Crystal Luu

Called to Question- Crystal
Motion to vote by acclamation- Ip
2nd- Mark

No opposition

Item passes by acclamation.

Standing Committee Reports
Rules: Vikram Nayudu-- Potential candidates for Social Science-- tmrw at 5pm

Finance: Johnson-- Budget Presentation this Thursday

Public Info: Townhall ideas?

1. Parking & Transportation – follow up meeting
2.Housing and Dining – N/A
3.Retention Committee – SOAR needs help boothing (10-3pm) to promote the idea of SOAR – Opening is at 5pm TODAY.
4. Marketing Committee—Dave and Busters
5. Student Faculty Committee – N/A
6. Sustainability --  N/A

Officer Reports:

President: N/A
Vice President: Forum of the Budget & Elections
Admin Affairs: Meetings C.      Office of the Administrative Affairs vice president: Tomorrow is the first student center board meeting of the quarter. Discussion about different projects. 4pm Aliso Beach. TGIF update: last year there weren't very many proposal. This year all of the money that they had has been allocated! Vendor/Farmer's markets: another profitable experience. Wanted 39000 for the Vendor's fair and so far we're at 37000 and we still have two more farmer's markets to go. Promote through Facebook but don't have to go crazy with the advertising with the Fairs.

D.      Office of the Academic Affairs vice president: no report sent

E.       Office of the Student Services vice president: Wayzgoose is coming up on the 16th. Thursday is ecofriendly fashion show. Glue water bottles to your shirt for instance and try to win a $100. Friday, Grandson of the creator of Peter the Anteater. Interactive art show on Saturday. Photo contest, the winner of the contest will receive two disneyland tickets. Your photo will be displayed at Wayzgoose. We won Your Highness, it's going to be in HIB100 on this Thursday. Movie nights coming up; No Strings Attached, King's Speech, Bridesmaids.


VIII. Announcements

National Public Health Week is RIGHT NOW. Getting a smoke free ban panel on THursday. 2 Hour Yoga session and breakfast. Bring in Plastic water bottles and they'll give you a sustainable bottle. 1 per person limit. Starting at 10am.

            Edward the 2nd. Tickets are $9 for students. Premiers next Friday.

            GUSH Elections. Starts on Thursday. Elections party.

            Relay 4 Life is in 25 days. Join a team if you haven't already.

            Anteater Awards is tomorrow. Through Dean of Students,

            Judicial Board Mixer Thursday April 14th 12:30-2pm, Doheny Beach B. Please come out and meet your Judicial Board Members. Food: Sandwiches and Ice Tea.

            May 7th CAFE (Coolest A Cappella Festival EVAR)

            Apply to be a DOS intern April 15th is the due date.


            Official Meeting is over at 5:58pm

            Unofficial Meeting starts at 5:58pm

            Limiting announcements to 10 minutes time.

            More participation

            More time for school reports and special committees/projects


IX. Adjournment

           Meeting Adjourned: 6:50pm