ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, May 05, 2011

May 5th, 2011


I. Bureaucratic procedure

A.      Call to Order: 5:11pm

B.      Approval of Minutes: Arnel/Arellano

C.      Approval of Agenda: Arnel/Lisa

D.      Attendance:

E.       Guest List: None

II. Public Comment:  minutes


III. Old Business

A. Item #118 B46-29 Legislative Council to SPFB Account Reallocation

            Motion to pull to the floor Arellano/Jessica

            Motion to discuss for 15 minutes Omeid/Rob

            Motion to suspend rules to take a non-binding strapole for giving $2500 to SPFB

            Motion to call to question with the friendly amendments that have been accepted by the author.

            "Let it further be resolved Legislative council establishes and agrees that the notion this fund reallocation

            Motion to vote by acclimation Vikram/Arellano

            Motion passes 18-0-0 by acclimation

IV. New Business

A. None

V. Standing Committee Reports

A.      Rules: Applications online right now and due next wednesday

B.      Finance: Nothing

C.      Public Info: Working on week 10: word warp extreme. Cardigans. UCItems has them.

D.      Committee on Committees: Currently working to turn CoC into Advocacy


VI. Special Committee Reports

A.      Parking and Transportation: Having a follow up meeting with Dan Dooros. Hopefully ACC residents will be able to park on campus in two years.

B.      Housing and Dining: Focus group will be meeting next week.

C.      Retention Committee: 5 paid internships for SOAR. ($2000) for the academic year.

D.      Marketing Committee: Nothing to report

E.       Student-Faculty Relations Committee: Nothing new to report

F.       Sustainability: Move the equipment to the Clair Trevor. The place closes at around 4pm.

VIII. Announcements

Moving their program to winter quarter of next year.

            Cinco De Mayo event. Donation box. Going to a dreamer that had to drop out this quarter. Free tacos VDC 63222 Arroyo Drive.

            CAFE: Saturday. You should go.

            Next years shows have been announced. Mega auditions are next year during welcome week. Contemporary monologue. Done in 2 minutes. 14 different directors.

            Dalai Lama. Funny. Cute laugh.

            Rob: Invite constituents to May 24th Social Ecology Luncheon.

            May 18th Anteater Awards. Buy your ticket for Kenya Dance

IX. Adjournment

           Meeting Adjourned: 6:50pm  Tyson/Arellano