ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 12, 2011


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

A. Call to Order: 5:09 PM


B. Approval of Minutes: Vikram

Second: Jessica Do


C. Approval of Agenda: Omeid

With amendments

Table #124

Second: Neal


D. Attendance:


E. Guest List: N/A


II. Public Comment:


III. Old Business

A. Item


IV. New Business


A: Item #121 B46-31

Call to Question: Rob


Object: Johnson

Second: Vikram

Withdraw: Rob

2nd: Vikram

Discuss for 5 mins: Charlene

2nd: Johnson

Amendments: Date correction

Johnson: Where is the event happenning?

Charlene: Leg. Council Meeting

Omeid: Can we change it? That's the same day we're getting the budget

Charlene: We can try changing it.

End Discussion: Andrea

Second: Rob

Motion to Call to Question: Mark

Second: Andrea

B46-31 passes 17-0-0


Item #122 R46-92


Call to Question: Vikram

Second: Omeid

Motion to discuss: Charlene

Second: Crystal

Charlene: The vote number on the bottom should say "majority"

Andres: I'll tell Bruce to change that

Omeid: were you able to sit in on the interviews?

Andres: I was not able to.....

Omeid: the only reason why i ask is because there aren't any other execs here to ask.

Andres: all i know is steve knows....??


Andrea: I would like to know what their duty is for the summer if they get paid (Appointed

Andres: 1. Ask about the communication between the execs and TGIF 2. Asking Kevin the specifics of what he did over summer and when he started

Andres: End Discussion

Motion to table until next Thursday: Tyson

Second: Charlene


Resolution is tabled.


Item #123 B46-32

Motion to pull to the floor: Johnson

Second: Neal

Motion to discuss for 5 mins: Johnson

Second: Crystal


Amendments: Location NSI, first floor

Pizzas will be purchased.


Vileana: How will you publicize the event?

Sally: We contact the professors to relay the information via email. Counselors also send out emails to the Bio Majors list serv.

Eric: The Associate Dean is also a professor this quarter and he usually announces it in class.


Motion to end discussion: Mark

2nd: Charlene


B46-32 passes 17-0-0


Item #124 B46-33

Motion to pull to the floor: Sejal

Second: Vileana

Motion to discuss for 5 mins: Johnson

Second: Vileana


Johnson: As of right now we have $309 left after these legislations. Council should be wary of the possibility of the stipend not transferring over. Just in case.


Lisa: How long does it take for the stipends to transfer over?


Andres: As soon as the bill passes.


Sally: Will write the legislation to transfer from the left over stipends to the Unallocated Account, along with Vikram


Motion to amend: Tyson, to remove "[strictly]" in the last clause

Motion to vote by acclamation: Sejal

Second: Jessica


B46-33 passes by acclamation



Committee Break Out for 15 Mins.



Omeid: Who has documents that they want to put in the packet for retreat?

Tyson&Toni will email


School Committee Breakout


Item #125

Motion to add Item #125 onto the agenda: Omeid

Second: Vikram

Motion to pull to the floor: Omeid

Second: Tyson

Motion to discuss for 5 mins: Sejal

Second: Tyson


Amendment: Add "Council Members"

Add breakdown of where the money is coming from specifically

(6 Months worth of Engineering Seat, 2 Months worth of At-Large Seat)


Motion to call to question: Jessica

Second: Sally

Motion to vote by acclamation: Sejal

Second: Eric


Item#125 passes by vote by acclamation





Retreat Committee: Bring water bottles to retreat and they will fill it up for you with Brita Filters


Rules Committee: Submitting new legislation

Finance Committee: Nothing to report

Public Info:  Word Warp Extreme (Week 9)

Someone needs to respond to the Dreams Legislation


Toni: Figure it out event is moved to Week 9 (May 24), during council meeting



Item#R46-91 By Laws Attendance Revision

Motion to Pull to Floor: Omeid

Second: Mark

Motion to discuss for 5 mins: Omeid

Second: Charlene


Amendment: Effective Fall Quarter 2011


Item#R46-91 passes