ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, October 04, 2011

ASUCI Legislative Council Agenda Minutes

October 4, 2011

Call to Order—5:10

Approval of Agenda: Bruce/Neal

Attendance: 13 voting

Guest List: Aaron Echols

Judicial Board Injunction

Motion for Debate 1 min speaking time for 10 mins—Enverga/Le

-Sets as a precursor, legislation has typos, not entirely perfect

-appease to Judicial Board

-replace it? In by-laws? Bring ASUCI together as effective and is it a good idea?

- people easily not paying attention during all ASUCI meeting?

- amend or rewrite legislation? Highly suggested that leg council rewrite

- appoint vice chair for president in case of absence

- Because leg council  cycles through commission—if we want to ammed, make a precedent

-Before amending—informal meeting to discuss agenda and force attendance

-miss more than 2 meetings—removal of stipend

-Leg meeting or all AS meetings> both? Excused absence?

-council has to vote for it

-Reviews process by rule committee

-Specific for all ASUCI?

-leg chair to sit in for president

Motion to debate extension for 10 min—Bruce/Neal

-discrepancy every or every other

-shouldn’t interfere with Leg meetings

-push for a different time

-the injunction is very technical and could be easily fixed

-in defense of all AS meetings—easier to recognize people in the AS office and better dialogue

- make all AS meetings mandatory

-fix typos

-create committee (exec) for all AS meetings

Point of Inquiry—question/meet with judicial board? Invite to judicial meetings

Overall options for leg:

-          Rewrite legislation or overrule

-          Debate whether all ASUCI meeting is effective?

-          Delay implementation of legislation written job  description take effect in a certain timeline

-          Give to advocacy committee (Bruce and Jessica)

Nomination for Bruce to write to resend

Motion to deffer to Advocacy—Jessica and Bruce



ASUCI Retreat/All-U

Motion to discuss All ASUCI retreat/All U-- Neal/Dillon

-At  All-U it was interesting to find out what people are passionate about and good to hear alumni speak

-Retreat felt last minute

-unfortunate that others could not attend

-not knowing the venue ahead of time/ last minute

-important to get name out ALL-U and when ASUCI retreat would be

- ASUCI retreat did not set place and messaging where it is—need to be on top agenda

During the introduction of commissioners and office goals—some were bored

-good to see what the other offices are doing (really important)

Awareness of other offices

-not following agenda—tasks need to be on time

- good idea to be joined with all U

-no overall goal with retreat— (goal—get acquainted and to educate and feel like that was accomplished)

- miscommunication between staff and exec


Leg Council Guide

Motion to discuss Legislative Council Guide to Awesomeness

-how to start terms, transitional documents

-better understand

-set office hours (every rep)

-meet respective school dean—required at least once a quarter

- look at by laws

Hold  info table once a quarter? Boothing ? as needed

Put as much facts as possible



Applications available for Leg council



-fiscal financial bill

Budget presentation ASUCI




UC Regents Townhall during Leg council

Open forum—Outside (possibly between Gateway and Langson Library)






Bruce Jdo

JBoard Injunction

Appointments-Ad hoc


Office Reports

President—present only on Thursday s

Apply for Dinner 12 Anteaters November 5th (hosted by Alumni)

EVP applications available

Admin Affairs  applications available


Motion to end meeting-- Bruce/Dillon 6:50