ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, October 06, 2011

October 6, 2011


Guest Speakers Dana Roode and Steve Franklin (OIT)

Guest List:

Dimitrix (Jboard)

Steve Franklin (OIT)

Dana Roode (OIT)

Meredith Michaels (P+B)

  • Amazing benefits to all students—the average student has constant access to internet
  • technology is inevitable, we are here for the master plan, students werent given a chance to discuss
  • question: under student fees? yes, If anything is there an initiative process?
  • many different student services fee, mandatory est by regents, undergrad and grad pays those (approved fees)
  • campus based fees -- referendum
  • course materials fees-- delegated to the chancellor (materials used in classes) to approve
  • voting process? hasn't been completely passed or made official?
  • will submit formal proposal to chancellor. how money will be spent based on plan and reviewed by students
  • Budget cuts? type of technology and different installation-- will that increase fees for later years?
  • midyear cut of a hundred million dollars-- find another 10 or 11 million dollars needed to find somewhere
  • change in fee, proposal will come from E-tech advisory committee  with expenditure plan
  • How did you decide price?  tie it into the instructional processs
  • not engaging with admin  and how can we work with admin to figure a solution? engage in conversation and getting support?  how can we partner up?
  • no quick fix but welcome a conversation
  • Students were put in mind when this was decided on, need it (like gas) to keep the student going, could have been much more worse?
  • Need to be informed in using 
  • students were part of the budgeting process? How the money is being allocated? there will be site with details made available
  • are there estimates of how this would help maintenance?  Will maximize money
  • We recognize the frustration of the student but don't turn on each other.

New Business

Total voting members: 17

need 12

Advocacy Com Appointments

motion to put on floor: Bruce/Neal

motion to call question (voting):Enverga/ Neal

Y- 16



All ASUCI meetings



pt rescind-- null and void

motion to pull to floor JDo/ Lisa

motion to discuss JDo/ Bruce

we  pass this-- then R46-100 be void

Advocacy will create Adhoc com

when will new leg be  done -- as soon as rewritten, TBA most likely next year

work out technical issues, even if we meet all AS like check-ins no one is saying that its not possible

Bruce will have it rewritten so that all AS will be mandatory

call to floor-Bruce/Mark




PI appointments


Floor Mark/ Evelyn

Question Jdo/ Mark

Y- 17

Rules Committee

Friendly amendment

Neal B/Mark





WEDS 4-6 SPFB required to attend

Rules Com

                Open positions: At Large, Bio Arts; Encourage people to apply

                Go through By-laws—see fixed


                 Schedule meeting—not too sure about info

                Redo powerpoint—outdated, change to PDF

                Write Legislation


PI Com

                Names on shirt

                Only $700 budget—get or need the most

                Pay $5


                                Make presentation a safe place (against Admin)

                                Increase time with regents; time with grad students- 5 pm, undergrad—6:15

                                Needs to meet with UCR undergrad at 8:30pm

6:15—7ish? 20 min presentation 30 minutes for question

November 8th

Invite Admin?


Advoc Com

                Write legislation on All ASUCI retreat

Send Adhoc Com legislation


President’s Office

                Parking advisory committee; undergrad, grad, fac/staff

                SPFB—apps coming in soon

                First office meeting—20 interns

                Report by next Tuesday

                IT Fee committee

                                Confirmed by Leg council

                                Need nominations confirmed

                                                -however you want people to be nominated


EVP Office

                Dream Act and SB 185 – needs to be signed by end of the week and we’ll know by Sunday

                Student Regents are pushing back their meeting. No agenda for November and not discussing because school just started (waiting til later in the quarter when students are too busy to cause chaos)

                Trip to UCSB for UCSA meeting to discuss campaigns

                IT Fee—need people face, marketable? Encourage nominations by leg council

Meeting meets at 1pm John Shuban, Dillon?


Admin Affairs

                Relatives/friends that’s a lawyer? Admin is looking for one


Student Affairs

                Shocktoberfest—online tickets register at 11:59 pm (Date:?)

                                1st 400- entrance before 8pm

                                Buy tickets—non UCI $20



                                Good turn out

                                Info meeting later tonight


                Bridesmaids screening HIB 100


END Bruce/Le 6:50pm