ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Minutes October 11, 2011
Call to Order 5:10
Approval of Minutes: Neal/Albert
Approval of Agenda: Neal/Albert
Attendance: 20

Public Comment:
Old Business:
New Business:
•    Avicii Concert ASUCI Reserve Funds Reallocation
Discuss: 15 min 1 min speaking Bruce/Ben
3 reasons-- A purchase of equipment for long term purposes, 1 time expense, add a position for long term purposes
options-- will die or Jboard slaps an injuction
Where did money come from?  1 time expense
Finance problem- not enough students didn't attend so lost money
Didn't publicize early enough when Common came to perform.
if it passes Jun will publicize better.
interpret the bylaws is vital to our organization, if is against the by-laws then
potential to not be profitable, line-up and currency is compromised
 whether or not we'll be accountable for it and loss of money
seconded by past and current leg council member
how much money is in reserves (alot)
technical details Jun will be answered on Thursday
Recommend that we table this for Thursday
All leg council should have access to budget on Thursday
will it be considered another 1 time thing?  Student Services be under their budget? How much is going into advertisement? into artist? alot of money to handle
when will the event be? This school year winter or spring
Shoctoberfest Bren can hold 5300
Soulstice Feb 10th
Why these artist (Jun answer on Thursday)
Why the tickets sold at this price? Why this amount?
even if we have 5500, not a self-sustainable plan
Table: JDo/ Neal
•    ASUCI Student Services Chief of Staff Commission Reallocation
Floor :Mark/Jon
Question: Bruce/ Mark
N 1
legislation passes

Finance Committee Appointments
Floor: Bruce/Neal
Question: Dillon/ Mark
Vote by acclamation Mark/Bruce-- no one objects already passes
Appointments for E-Tech Advisory Committee (need 2)
Dillon Gamboa
Jon SHuban
Time commitment
Meeting time TBA
Nominations : Michelle
Write legislation by Thursday for creation of Etech Advisory Committtee (done by Jon Shuban)
look at other UC models (ex UCR has $30 a quarter fixed)
Standing Committee Reports
Rules: need applicants for At-Large, Bio, Arts; tell your friends!, looking at by-laws
FInance:  updating budget powerpoint online so everyone can see how much ASUCI is spending and for leg council need an open date to discuss ASUCI budget where money is going,
This quarter, need a potential date to present the powerpoint
All AS meeting -- want to continue it, need structured meeting, money allocation from Jun
Ad-hoc-- create publicity committee; 
Public Info:  polo shirts $8 bucks
 raise price as time goes on
advertise ourselves
Ad-Hoc-- still don't know
Regents confirmed 6:45 pm  to 7:30/8 pm 30 minutes of present 30 minutes of question
need work on publicity, for now EVP pub team work on it
next two weeks come up with media plan
time directly to grad at 5pm
we do the townhall and need to expand we can look into a bigger room
Advocacy Committee
Questions for Jun? clarify for venue, representation ;why these artists?
 Let them know who to join the Ad-Hoc committee to take part in writing legislation
working on all ASUCI legislation
what you all want/don't want
set purpose and goal for all AS meeting--
send any legislation for your adhoc comm
SPFB from 4-6 in conference room
 committees for 15
schools for 15
Special COmmittee Reports
Write Legislation to establish  a committee
Have 5 people but really need 7, been a quarter and a half,
operating at half the production
leg council can appoint people, if not done ASAP JBoard will put an injunction on all legislation
unaware that there were 2 vacancies
how to get your 2 chairs? 15 applicants... leg needs to get on it
leg council nominates, leg approves, make legislation
individual elected officers, any ASUCI elected representative can make a nominations
TGIF and SPFB-- formed about a year, never looked at the appropriations for those two orgs and since those two are under JBoard jurisdiction. Decision of the respective committee one green project-- there is no student oversight.  Documents and by-laws are established for these two funds.

Council Member-- total absence 4 minutes (eligible for dismissal by Rules)
Exec of application to Rules  (ask Vikram)
nominate for JBoard need to write legislation