ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Legislative Council Minutes

“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.”—Walt Disney


October 18th, 2010


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

A.    Call to Order: 5:10pm

B.     Approval of Minutes: Neal/Janelle

C.    Approval Of Agenda:

      •  motion to amend: item 10 under item 13/  (13,10,11,12)  Bruce/Andrea
      • motion to approve agenda--Mark/ Neal

D.    Attendance: 

E.     Guest List:


II. Public Comment: 10 minutes

Sarah Mirage—about student activism on campus. The legislation is about the Irvine 11. We’re not here to talk about the protest, but about the students who were arrested and put to trial. The students should not have been put to trial. These students have been punished and the district attorney has been and is continuing to infringe the student voice. The DA has pressed charges on the Irvine 11 and the Irvine 19 for misdemeanors. We ask ASUCI to defend student activism. Ask for the advocacy for campus climate and feel safe again on campus and peacefully protest.

The idea that a UC campus the ignorance to infringe on the student voice. On any other campus this would not be tolerated. For ASUCI to not take a voice on students that have the same rights as all of us. This is a larger precedent and allowing the DA and ourselves . If no stance is being taken then we fail as a student represented body to protect the voice of the student.  This should have been acted upon sooner. A charge of disturbing a meeting met with going to jail and being arrested. This is detrimental to the students for the rest of their lives. If you fail to act, you fail your position, and the right of freedom of speech.

Traci Ishigo—Activism has played a large component of my life and here at UCI. It is important to all of our college experience. UCI in the past has held a hunger protest for ethnic studies . When we organize and have voices heard. Activism is crucial to make change.  We need to protect and is especially crucial—budget cuts, Irvine 11 and we need to be knowledgeable of what has happened.  MSU is being put on probation.  When the university has punished these students already is it right that the DA further punishes the Irvine 11? Where are the admin efforts for protecting these students?  Important for those that are being unfairly oppressed.


III. Old Business

III. New Business

A.    Item #10 Diversity and Cultural Competency on Campus

a.       Motion to pull to floor: JDO/Bruce

b.      Motion to debate (for: 15 speaking time: 2min ) Lisa/Andrea

·   In congress for UCSA to run HOPE campaign – Holistic Opportunity and Promoting Equality Initiative that is in support of SB 185. If EVP is running it, then legislative council should support it too. We need to be on the same page. A lot of student came in today and all students wanted to change our campus climate. At Berkeley they felt targeted and it is possible it can happen.

·   JDo—I support the campaign. We should support as a council not just because EVP does.  Look in favor of who we represent. How was it racist, sexist and demoralizing?

·   Andrea—a list of prices for the baked goods—if you are white $2.00 Asian 1.50. Chicano 1.00 African 75cents American Indian 50 cents 25 cents if you were women.

·   Were the College Republicans punished in any way?Berkeley did not punish the college republicans but in response hundreds of students action.

·   What did Admin do?Administration condemned bake sale

·   Clarify—we are in support of SB 185, in solidarity with the Berkeley campus.

·   SB 185 did not pass but we can support what it stood for

·   There is a lawsuit of Prop 209 ( where

·   Janelle—SB 185 uses the students background to consider you as a student. College Republicans were against the bill? Instead of passing. The bake sale was a satire.

·   Jack—there are two legislation on governor’s desk Dream Act and SB 185. The Bake Sale was sexist and racist but in reality the College Republicans are the victims not their customers.

·   Lisa—Affirmative Action there will always be a pool of advocates and all qualified. When students are being selected, not creating a diverse campus. Essentially when everyone is on the same level, the application is looked holistically. They are looking at students as a human. SB 185 allows the students to look at the student holistically. Essentially legislation is asking for a safe environment for students.

·   Motion to extend debate: Lisa/ Andrea 7 minutes 1 minute speaking time

·   Andrea--They were negative intentions and wanted SB 185 not to pass.  Reccomends Tabling for Thursday

·   Neal—the reason why it was sensational-- college republicans were insensitive to the layers of oppression. If they were providing an example it was an insensitive example.

·   There are the misconceptions—race and ethnicity are considered but not factored in. There are no quota systems. Though I don’t condone College Republicans—it is a freedom of speech.

·   Jack—The admission process is not stupid. The socio economic aspect of each person is covered in the   College Republicans is a freedom of speech.

·   Legislation supports the nature of SB 185 and the issues of diversity and a safe campus climate.

·   Bruce—we should not target College Republicans because it is hypocritical,  strike first let it, strike SB 185 and it read “Fostering a constructive dialogue” and focus more on diversity issues.

·   Table til Thursday Bruce/Andrea

·   Please send more info on issue and council members me more informed

B.     Item #11 Appointment of Legislative Council Liaison

a.       Motion to pull to floor: Mark/ Neal

b.      Motion to vote by acclamation: Bruce/ Lisa

C.     Item #12 Creation of the All ASUCI Committee

a.       Motion to pull floor: Mark/neal

b.      Call question Neal/ Mark

c.       Vote acclamation Neal/ JDo

D.    Item #13 Against Criminalization of Peaceful Protest

a.     Motion pull to floor: Mark/Neal

b.    Motion debate for 15 min with 2 mins speaking time: Andrea/Dillon

§  Andrea in support of legislation and fully encourages all members to be on board or at least to speak of their opinion.  Our campus is very hostile in organizing. If ASUCI  supports our students on campus. If they are coming to us to stand in solidarity, we must step up. Students must be kept especially on our university. Don’t stay quiet.

§  Thank you for the legislation. I was one of the students that spoke out on February 8th.  Though it may be a controversial issue. But this is a simple legislation—protect our students and their voices. Protect the 19 students who were protesting in Aldrich hall. One of the traditions that council members should protect are for justice and the freedom of speech. The DA office infringing our right to speak is wrong. Council members please take a stand.

§  This is issue of Freedom of speech. Council Members are chosen by the student body.  With our political climate, UCI has this stigmatization that you can’t protest with fear of what may happen to you. Recognition by this kind of student body is a necessity. We as council members set a precedent. Students lives are at stake.  Take a stand.

§  Motion to extend speaking time: Jack/Lisa

§  Lisa—please fellow council members please speak your mind and I ask for your feedback.

§  Jack—how many people have read the New U? Students are criminalized for peaceful protest. All it takes for a police officer gets in a bad mood for a student to obtain a criminal record. About the ambassador speech—there is a question and answer at the end but the students did not follow procedure. Under university policies—the students should be punished.  The DA should not be charges when it is not a university affair for conspiracy. Conspiracy is when an American is traitorous.  We should stand neutral but support freedom of speech. Stand against criminalizing students.

§  Bruce—question: what is the citizenship of Michael Oren—American citizen. Attacking someone who is visiting from abroad and reflects poorly on our university. It has become an international issue just not our campus. It exceeded to that level by discipling their students  “ We are in support of the Irvine 11’s right to protest” it makes it sound like we are in support of what they said… Request that this be tabled in lorder to be more informed

§  Michelle Vasquez—we should acknowledge the amount of people an speaks to the people that this. We should pass this legislation and set the tone. These are the types of discussion we should be having.

§  Extend Lisa/Janelle

§  Daisy—Be aware of the issue and this is what happens in the student body. Legislation is strong and powerful and it represents freedom of speech. It means to me that I’m  scared to speak my mind because I might be arrested. As students we have the right of freedom of speech.

§  Sayharar(?)--Whether or not you agree with their methods or what they said, what these students did was a peaceful act. Keyword – selective interference. If you support—support students, their right to disagree, to be civil disobedience,  and you affect

§  Andrea—It is not our duty to remain politically neutral. We need to support the things that support us as student. If we remain neutral then we won’t stand for anything. We should all be politically conscious. Educate ourselves of the things that are going on in our campus.  Agree with changing it to the right to protest.

§  Mark—second with Andrea and Daisy.  Cutting off freedom of speech is wrong. Everyone here knows that. We wouldn’t be able to talk about this if we didn’t.  No one wants to be scared to voice their opinion. You shouldn’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind.

§  Lisa—Having all these people, it is only fair that we vote on this today. As council members we must be aware of the campus climate issues. I really want to vote on this today.  Yorba Linda video itself legislation- was tabled. If we just let it go then there’s a chance it won’t be talked about again. We shouldn’t stay neutral and we need to consider everyone’s idea. We don’t want to suppress student activism. Please think critically and pass it today. Changing the nature of it, but keep the OCDA accountable”

§  Ben Pan—Agree with a lot of them. To be punished is wrong. How much authorization does ASUCI have. We have no jurisdiction over OCDA but we do have a voice. For the future of activism, we need to be able to voice and protect every opinion.  There may have been people in favor of Oren, as ASUCI we are representing them too. In favor of Jack and Bruce.

§  Jennifer—by voting for this what are we exactly voting? We vote in taking a stand. They go live on line All organizations have access to this.

§  Love that it’s being discussed. There’s no prestige being taken away from being an activism. We are losing sight of what this is---this is for everybody—everyone in the campus with issues. To be silenced or intimidated and students being prosecuted. There are ways to do it. More and more people are being arrested for protesting . We stand in solidarity for their protest and all nonviolent protest. The students all involved were punished—MSU being suspended, and MSU do all charity hours.  We as council members have the ability to change and that’s what makes us heroes.

§  Council is to represent the students.  To put in perspective--  for a question and answer to suffice for a protestor who lost family member? Let people know what our views are. This is the norm on college campus. The DA criminalizing the students is normal. The students are not criminals. Put yourself in the students’ position. People on campus that support this whether or not you pass the legislation.

§  Dillon—want people to be more active on campus. On an apathetic campus, we need to support our students. We need to speak out for our own students.

§  Bruce amendment—“Let it further be resolved that we are in support of the Irvine 11’s right to protest and hold the OCDA accountable for wrongfully prosecuting students for peaceful protest and democratic participation”

§  Lisa accepts friendly amendment.

§  Call to question: Albert/Dillon

§  Voting: 15 Y-15 N-0 ABS-0

o    Adjourn 6:50pm