ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, October 20, 2011

 Legislative Council Agenda

“Fun Fun Fun Fun.” –Rebecca Black


October 20th, 2011


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

A.    Call to Order: 5:10pm

B.     Approval of Minutes: Mark/ Albert

C.    Approval Of Agenda: motion to move 15 before 14 Bruce/Lisa

D.     motion to table #10 til next thurs Lisa/Andrea

E.     Motion to approve Mark/Dillon

F.     Attendance: 

G.    Guest List:


II. Public Comment: speaking time 3 minutes

Sabreen Shalabi—PowWow is a native gathering that brings thousands of people from UCI campus.  PowWow was not able to be held because of funds. PowWow requested $8000 to help pay for the gathering.  Powwow has been on for the past 9 years and at a dire time of budget cuts, all our resources should be going in to help the students.  CSAC, the shuttle services and many other resources are being cut and many of these “Emergency spendings.


Nicole Hisatomi—Mood of the campus is important and pride. The idea of this concert is exciting. Before blindly trusting the event, it has negative effects. There is no guarantee and no warranty to back up our losses. Not everyone listens to these chosen artists. We do not have the money to cover our loss.  Use the money towards Academic Affairs or EVP. Money should not come from reserves but from the budget of student services.

A social life is not a bad idea. If we have the financial liability for it then it is highly supported. It would be difficult to cover the costs. The money you have is the money you can spend and the money you don’t have you do not spend. This legislation is not viable nor is it necessary. No survey was asked on what artist to come and perform or the popularity of the artist. It is highly irresponsible.


Aveva—a real disconnect between the student body and the administrators. So many students aren’t able to attend UCI anymore because they cannot afford. What does it mean if we are unable to pay for 17 students to attend school but put on a concert that is not even guaranteed.


Melissa—Money that is not covered will be charged an extra 5 to 10 dollars more for reggaefest.  It is affecting yet another tradition at UCI. The past legislation is the kind of issues and topics leg council should discuss.


Horatio—“This should be about the UCI students.” Is it really? We have so many other fees to worry about and yet we are unable to afford this. This is open to the whole community but does this help the average UCI students. Is it morally correct for the students that are unable to attend UCI? There are risks for this concert.  The chosen artist is not a representation of what the UCI student body wants. How is this concert vital or necessary at all?


This concert enraged me. This is a reflection of misplaced priorities. We do not need to look beyond our own campus to know how much in financial trouble we are in. It is disrespectful to put on this concert and a slap in the face for Francisco Ayala who donated money for the education and research this campus provides.


We have a huge budget of crisis, but this concert will bring in a lot of money because Avicii is a big time artist. If we put in money to this big event, then we can generate money back into UCI and much more.  There is obviously a general consensus of this chosen artist. No one would spend $170,000 unless they truly believed in the cause and the potential this concert has.


This is a good use of money to increase student life here on this campus.  We should at least try to do this. Avicii is ranked 6th dj in the world. Avicii will sell out the Bren and generate enough to cover the costs with a little extra to put into a charity chosen later.


Ben Teller—Money in reserves cannot cover LARC.  Admin cut LARC. ASUCI did not cut LARC. This concert gains legitimacy, and respect and your voice will be heard. University students should be proud of the university they go to. This concert will be beneficial for years to go. We guarantee we will make money. We will make this concert better for the UCI student population.


We cannot reestablish LARC. It is not our role to reestablish those programs. Leg councils role is to support the students of UCI and their voice with issues that are relevant and that matter. It is an absolute shame that the  money that can go towards organizations that handles issues that matter. It is fiscally irresponsible to spend this much money on a concert. Please look out for the best interest of your constituents.


The money in reserves cannot be accessed unless it is for the students.  We are not entrepreneurial students, but it is our duty to uplift the student body and offers a lot of things other campuses don’t offer. But in the greater scheme of things, it will not dramatically drain our campus. It is not enough to bring back everything that our admin has cut. This concert generates funds and builds ASUCI reputation.


That’s not gonna give legitimacy towards ASUCI. Our role is to support the students. Every campus puts on a concert, but how often do you see a student feel unsafe on our campus? Money should be going to students that need it most.  I don’t think I can be proud of this campus if you’re irresponsible with student money.


Gabbie—This money should be towards the students, not for a rave. If you want to make this campus look better ask the students of the Cross Cultural Center and LGBT and hear their voices.

Jordan Glenn--The concert will make a huge impact on student morale. The concert will gain a huge amount of support. $30 is not putting people out for the kind of music the student would be hearing.

Sienna— I am not in support of the bill. We are all a community but as a whole we are students paying ridiculous money and we all like to have a money. We can put on a concert by ourselves in Aldrich Park with our laptops and it could be free.


If ASUCI is for the students—what students? How can students who have to choose between gas or food, how can you afford a $30 ticket?

Tami Han--  What is the money for Reserves for? Money from Reserves is pushed for better things. We will make a profit. Reserves is not for Financial Aid. We want this concert because it will boost morale.


Jonathan Dhauw—Reserves aren’t for financial aid but not for concerts either. This is supposed to be for UCI students. Advertise for UCI students.


For the credibility of students doesn’t mean spend the money you don’t have. Reserves is used only for the vital and necessary. The majority of the speakers here are against this legislation and it takes a lot of guts to speak your mind but where are the speakers that are for this concert? Prestige comes from its academics.



III. Old Business



III. New Business

A.    Item #15 B47-04 Avicii Paid Concert Shows

·         Floor:Andrea/ Neil

·         Discuss 30 mins 2 min: 14, 1 0

·         20 min 4 min:

·         Bruce- Read off from what Reserves are for—purchase of technology, 1 time necessary and vital, 1 time for position/hiring. I do not see this concert vital and necessary. This opens a precedent and this section scares me—what else would vital and necessary be interpreted. If we are so confident in this money—alternative: bet on something else don’t bet on reserves, reallocate money from a different source.

·         Andrea—Why aren’t using student services money towards educational concerts specifically with issues on UCI campus? With conscious artists about struggles? Why aren’t we throwing concert that appeals to the Latina, African, Native American and more conscious artist?

·         Jack –Money is for emergency but there has been no emergency. We can donate money to LARC because it is necessary and vital.

·         Jun—It is my job to put on these events and my obligation to make these concerts happen. First 1,000 students are given that price range. We are releasing tickets to UCI students first. This is a great opportunity to utilize this money to bring awareness. From Avicii’s past shows, we can guarantee this concert will go on well.

·         JDo—what is JBoard’s decision? JBoard’s decision should not preempt ASUCI’s legislation.  There is broad disagreement and the legislation’s constitutionality is in question.  If Jboard disagrees, injunction is placed and leg council defends it. Very likely that Jboard will have issues with this legislation.

·         Michelle—I cannot interpret this is in a way where this legislation is vital and necessary. Not all the student body knows what the reserves money is used for! If this concert is used for moral and UCI spirit? How come I don’t see this much morale even for our own basketball team?

·         Lisa—Student Services has done a great job for the UCI students but the morale from this isn’t the type of morale I want to see. You’re bringing in this concert/rave with drugs and drug abusers. Leg Council can write a referendum for the money from Reserves to help LARC and CSAC that has touched so many lives.

·         Dillon—lower the price asked and take money from Reggaefest. Looking at facebook, comments about Avicii’s concert are not visible and people liking the facebook page aremore than just UCI college student but also high schoolers.

·         Aaron Echols—Reserves is used for capital improvements and only if you hit a deficit.  In the past, we took money from each area that weren’t performing well and then throw a concert.

·         Janelle— I am also a LARC tutor and we cannot use reserves to bring it back so don’t use it as a reason. The artist is very biased and geared towards ravers and only appeals to a certain group and not the diversity of UCI students.

·         Ben Toller—No legislation has been written to bring a motivational speaker. Make it happen. We’re advocating for what we want from this school.  All the money asked for has been budgeted in the matrix.

·         Andrea—I am a student activist and I give my life for the students of this campus. If you do want this concert to happen, then look for other sources of revenue. Reserve money is not used to cover for it.  Why are we talking about a concert when we should be discussing how to get revenue back into the UC system?

·         Bruce—It’s written in the constitution—written in Black and white… you can’t take from Reserves. We’re going against the by-laws and deemed unconstitutional.

·         Lisa—there is no “let it be resolved”  for compensation from Reggaefest.  Allocate money from other offices and other referendums to have an additional concert. It’s written in the laws… you can’t take the money out.

·         Motion to call to question: Lisa/Andrea 10-0-4

·         Motion to public Lisa/Andrea —8-5-2

·         Y-N-ABS – 3-9-4 Does not pass

·         Table Mark/Dillon

·         Adjourn Neal/Mark 6:51