ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25th, 2011

Approve minutes: Bruce/Andrea

Approve Agenda Dillon/Jack


Public Comment:

Beatrice Montenegro

·         Field Organizer—works for UCSA and the official voice for the UCI UCSC UCSB and UCB

·         UCSA started in the 60s and based on affordability, accessibility and the quality of Califoria’s higher education. Officially UCSA a non-profit organization.  Campaigns that were chosen—

o   HOPE SB 185 and comprehensive financial and reform

o   Voter Registration reform: memorandum of understanding  to institutionalize voter registration and access to freshman dorms

·         graduate/ professional campaign: student regent reform

add two  more student regents

o   Budget Campaign: Prop 13 Reform

Calling on Governor Brown to include progressive taxes in 2012 budget

 Capped property tax—our parents pay more than corporates and commercial business and they’re not paying their fair share especially when education has been $600 mil dollars.  2/3rd requirement to pass any taxes


We got 400 today but we’ll get 1,000 to 2,000 and we’ll spread them out throughout campus.


AB 970: Working Family and Transparency accountability act

If they decide to increase our fees, must notify us 6 months ahead of time in order to prepare.  Ask for student consultation for fee increase and anything concerning higher education. It holds the regents accountability. Written by a student from UC Santa Cruz.


Jessica Enriquez: Campaign coordinators for Teach of America

A program where you can get credentialed and teach in low-income areas while you are going to school for your credentials.  You get hands on experience and training from teachers.  For more info go to

A fulltime job with  benefits and a salary.


Letter to Legislative Council:  Transparency  in Leg Council and bansnot to vote a secret ballot.

Motion to discuss: Lisa/Andrea

Lisa- it asks for something very  specific and we must all consider the importance of transparency.

Dillon--  I agree with it, but I don’t. It calls for a division and if you feel you can’t express vocally.

Jon—who are they to say we have to do that? Is it written in the by-laws

Michelle—those people are our constituents so they have every right to ask for transparency. We are to represent the students.  We are not representing ourselves. 

Daisy—The students are the ones that voted to have you all as representatives.

Andrea--  It might cause division, but we should be able to discuss about it.  We shouldn’t hide our voice and we owe them respect and our opinion of where we stand.

Lisa—When you run for council, you run as apublic official. You’re telling people what you’re voting for. It comes with being elected by the people. It should be written in the by-laws and you shouldn’t be ashamed of your vote. If you don’t want your friends to see your vote, you should be able to vote for.

Bruce—We are in multiple offices, it also plays the field where it is sorta unfair. It dances on the land of pulling your vote and highly influences how you vote. It hinders your ability to vote. I believe in transparency, I don’t truly believe in secret ballot and I think we should publish everyone’s vote.

Dillon—We should be able to call for it if we want to.

Jon- I’m not mad about them not asking for transparency but I’m mad about how they asked for a ban in secret ballot

Andrea--  Congress posts who voted what. We follow their example. Why would it be awkward to do so?  I’m for publicizing

Mark—I’m the one who proposed it but my reason is that our vote isn’t bias.  I agree with Andrea and I’m not afraid to vote the way I did, but if it’s really that big of a deal, then it makes more of a statement.

Lisa--  Our constituents elected us to sit here. This way would hold us accountability and  our responsibility.

Bruce—my only problem is posting online—sure it makes us accountable but someone named Anush Patel and his records were still online and it hindered him from getting a job.  It would bleed on to future careers and future endeavors.  Your beliefs now can change within 5 years.

JDo--  We are representatives and our constituents have a right to see it, we have the right to call for a secret ballot if it is deemed necessary.  We should refrain from calling secret ballot but if it is necessary, what needs to be done should be done.

Lisa—expansion of Bruce’s point, When you run for office you should be aware of what you do and he wanted more secrecy.  Standing on issues like Avicii will your career hold that against you.

Andrea—All for putting it online. You have to understand the issue. You shouldn’t feel ashamed of your vote because you’re educated about the issue. In the future when someone wants to look at my voting record, I am able to explain the reason why I voted the way I did.

Are you allowing yourself the time to get educated? Is this a process issue or a transparency issue?  Allow yourselves time to discuss this issues together

Sandy—people have different ways of expressing. If minutes are posted only hours before the meeting and agenda is before the meeting

Andrea extension/ Lisa

Andrea—We need a space to inform each other and help us to grow as Leg Council. I come off with a lot statements and it’s because I’m involved and more exposed. If we could get more

Patrick—this is a very different space I’ve been used for. I’ve been a chair for Model United Nations and you talk about the issues in a very informal manner.  Tension is relieved. It is a process that could work in this space too.

Lisa—We aren’t given enough time  to review and educate ourselves.  We should make a committee

Michelle—I like the new form of procedure and with this new vigor for public comment. How do we go about this? Change the by-laws?

Bruce—maybe part of standing committee that anything that concerns with finances that it has to be tabled for a week to be more informed.

Sandy--  Enact the version of Robert’s Rules if you like and add standing rules. You as leaders  can create a Compact to have an understanding that you need a different voting procedure. For secret ballot, remember that you vote Speaker Pro-Temp via secret ballot so if this is banned you are publicizing you like Bruce better than Charlyn.

Lisa—When it has something to do with Finance, it needs to be table for at least a week especially for any big bill. Do something for Rules? 

Dillon—already written in the by-laws.


Bruce—motion to send this topic to all committees: Bruce/Charlyn

Lisa: Pt of inquiry—sending to discuss?


Old Business:

Resigned—Rob Haghighi Vileiana DelaRosa

Sandy—I stop payroll so please have a written resignation


Vice Chair will become Chair we should still appoint a chair for Rules.


 motion to table item 10 to next Tuesday: Andrea/Dillon


Projection of Student’s Attitudes on Etech Initiative

Johnson Liu, Aaron Tso, and Samantha Bondi are student representatives on ETech Committee


ETech fee will be implemented Winter Quarter  2012 at $4 per unit.


Motion to pull to floor: Mark/ Ben

Motion to discuss: 5 min/1min speaking time Lisa/Andrea

Lisa—this is asking to collect constituents concerns and refer to the three student reps.

Patrick—they are part of the ETech committee and Jon Shuban and Dillon gather opinions

Andrea—collect information through public comment? Or gather information on campus?

Bruce—create spreadsheet asking what ETech fee should be spent on. Have it out for 6 days maximum. Create our own survey for this committee. 

Patrick—Etech is already deciding to create a survey. We could just provide our own opinions.

Lisa—everytime we break out to committees are we gonna always discuss the ETech fees? Regular thing?

Bruce—just only today

Bruce/JDo—extend to 5mins

Lisa—will we discuss ETech everytime they have a meeting?

Bruce—This current one involves the $4 so this will be discussed but future meeting we will not

Ben-- how will this be distributed?

Bruce—AS website. Make questions today?

Evelyn—maybe get a better response through campus wide email?

Jack—There is a simple mathematical way of surveying this… we should formulate a special interest committee will be specifically work with math students and analysts.

Charlyn—clarify that fee will be implemented Winter Quarter 2012

Call to question: Bruce/ Ben

12-0-1 PASSED


Interview questions 3 per committee to ask candidates

We will approve or not approve.


Come up with 5 questions with 1 to 5 scale

3 for short answers


10 minutes for break


Send interview questions to Bruce


Standing Committee

Acting Chair—Dillon

Need rewrite, 3 people in Rules

Meet on Fri AS office for by-laws that we need to look into

When are ex-oficio—out probably week 7


Finance—we have access to recent accounts from recent exec officess

Presentation will be week 7 on Thursday

Shows council what Finance has been doing


Public Info—have polo shirt $10, compensation for half of them

UC Regents

            Coming Nov 8

            Need legislation to amend Nov 8th meeting

            Need a consensus of how many people would be attending and EVP publicity  for outreach

            Need to draft questions to ask the Regents

Advocacy—nothing to report

Office Report


Academic Affairs- Academic Senate—starting executive roundtables announcements

Matthew Ikpa- 3rd year sociology major

Adjourn: Jdo/Andrea