ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November 1st, 2011


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

A.    Call to Order: 5:13pm

B.     Approval of Minutes: Tuesdays meeting Jen Song/ Neil Bautista

C.    Approval Of Agenda: Evelyn/ Jen Song

D.    Attendance:  13 voting members

E.     Guest List:


II. Public Comment:




III. Old Business

  1. Item #10 R47-07 Diversity and Cultural Competency on Campus
    • Floor: Neil/Dillon
    • Discuss: Lisa/Mark
    •  Lisa—please Formulate an opinion about this presentation, and this piece of legislation because it does affect all of us.
    • Jack—So reverse racism is when a minority discriminates against the “white”? No, it was formulated from the whites saying “a person of color is taking my spot.
    • UC Irvine Values does not include diversity.
    • As council, we need to be culturally competent
    • Diversity in higher education should be valuable and required for all student leaders
    • Lisa: Understand that SB 185 has been vetoed but it is asking for a constructive dialogue for affirmative action. It supports the diversity on campus.
    • Neil: It is diversity issue on campus, but instead of inscribing SB185, call it Diversity issues in regards to holistic admissions. Would it be an educational policy? Teach-ins?
    • Andrea:  taking out what SB185 keeps the nature of the legislation within our legislation. There is currently a lawsuit against prop 209 that repeals the ban on affirmative action. I can consider adding it to the legislation.
    • Jon: I still don’t understand what this bill is doing? What is it going to accomplish? It Asks UCI to consider diversity in holistic admissions.
    • Bruce: It isn’t in our position to take sides with a different school. I am against the insensitivity of College Republicans, but I’m not ok with siding with Berkeley because we are not that school. Hetero-normative event? The bake sale doesn’t take into consideration other types of gender.
    • Michelle: It doesn’t acknowledge the existence of other genders, which is actually worse in that they don’t recognize their existence.
    • Bruce: It’s unfair to call them out when they are just unaware.
    • Andrea: I included “hetero-normative” because it’s part of my identity.
    • Extend 2 mins: Lisa—it talks about the college republicans and about affirmative action in holistic reviews. I direct your attention to the let it be resolved. We must think critically about spreading awareness and what we can do about it on our campus. It is asking us to adopt a culture to increase diversity. Reach out to these organizations that have never had a diversity workshop and don’t know these kind of terms like reverse racism, institutional racism.
    • Andrea: Provide me your feedback and improve it for this Thursday. We could host a townhall in order to make our students more competent about these diversity issues. I will rewrite by Thursday.
    • Table for Thursday: Jack/Neal


    • Annoucement—Rules only wants to call back 1 for At-Large
    • 2 people for Jboard
    • Please ask questions on Thursday
    • Get Polo money to Mark
    • Ask EVP for Regents
    • Adjourn: Bruce/Dillon at 6:55 pm





III. New Business

A.    Item #16 R47-12 appointment of Rules Committee Chair

·         Pull to floor: Bruce/Jen

·         Question: Lisa/Ben

·         12-0-0

·         PASSED

B.     Item #17 R47-13 Creation of Statistical Analysis and Logistics Committee

·         Pull to floor: Bruce/Dillon

·         Discuss: Evelyn/ Ben

·         Evelyn: What is the time line? Depends on forms of statistics you require and the population you require.  When do you want to survey? Simple random sample—done by math students , more efficient of getting the student bodies’ opinion.

·         Bruce: “priorities” spelled wrong. What does “informed  students mean”? When will you be putting out samples? Creating this to make more efficient and alternative method to get student body?

·         Ben: How are you finding a random sample? Depending on desired sample you set up random sample booth at desired place?

·         Patrick: Doing random samples, it requires man power? Do you have man power?  Use Jack’s interns that are in the math department.

·         Discussion: Dillon/ Bruce

·         Question: Dillon/Jen

·         13-0-0

·         PASSED

C.     Item #18 R47-14 Creation of Sustainability and Environmental Conservancy Committee

·         Floor: Bruce/Dillon

·         Discuss: Lisa/Evelyn

·         Lisa: How would you be working with your organizations? Urge these groups to be more environmental friendly and use other organizations to achieve our goals. Legislative council will work through them.  Jack will

·         Bruce: ask other people in legislative council to help you or at least a vice chair.

·         Evelyn: Do you have a timeline? What do you hope to achieve? Outlines the mission of committee—minimize pollution, smart meters in freshman dorms, planting plants that conserve more water,  and will talk with Environmental Planning

·         Bruce: Do you know what you’re gonna tackle first? First unite these organizations together and use this committee as a platform.

·         Patrick: I highly encourage a vice chair.

·         End:Bruce/ Neil

·         Question: Lisa/Dillon

·         13-0-0

·         PASSED

Meeting Adjourned: 6:50pm