ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10th 2011 

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

A.    Call to Order: 5:11pm

B.     Approval of Minutes: Neal/Mark

C.    Approval Of Agenda: Neal/Mark

D.    Attendance:  13 voting members

E.     Guest List:


II. Public Comment: 10 minutes




III. Old Business

            Item #10  R47-07 Diversity and Cultural Competency on Campus

  • Floor:
  • Motion to open to public comment:
    • Sabreen 3rd year political science major.
    • Vileana—Police brutality in UC Berkeley. As UC students we all should unite as leaders, activists and students. It’s important to address these kinds of issues.  We need to address the concerns of the budget cuts, police brutality. We we’re working with students who want to work for social justice and diversity and protecting our resources and staff.  I would like to see council more responsive and engaged on what is happening on our campus.
    • Traci Ishigo.  I don’t think we have had enough dialogue about how this bake sale was offensive.  The Bake sale—it trivializes the need for affirmative action. It reinforces racial hierarchy. The need is crucial to pass this legislation for our student leaders to be more educated and be more aware. One of my dreams is to live in a socially just world. We get the most learning from our own identities and sharing it with one another.
    • Nancy—Affirmative action affects all of us. Diversity being one of our core values is crucial. This needs to be a part of our university and see the representation of California in our student body.
    • Gabbie—It brings attention to the issue that has been happening systematically. The overall value is the future of education of our society and for generations to come. As leaders, those who serve our community should be diverse in order to fully progress. It is important to put this legislation in and show that we care.
    • We consider ourselves progressive and yet we are discussing this kind of issue in student government. IT shouldn’t have to resort to this.
    • We need to change in order to have our diverse.
    • This asks for holistic admissions—looks at socio-economic background and much more.
    • Jenny—I support the holistic legislation because it takes into account that people of color are underprivileged. And despite the Asians being the model race, other Asians aren’t
    • I understand that we all don’t have equal opportunity and I believe diversity should be reflected in ASUCI.
  • Dillon/Neal Close Public Comment
  • Debate--- Bruce/Andrea
    • Michelle—Thank you to all that spoke. We are considered a public ivy when diversity isn’t a core value. We don’t value real education without valuing real education.
    • Neil:  Diversity is very underrepresented.  Call attention the first resolution in the spirit of SB 185, group with the second resolution. We should be educating why it is important and what SB 185 is about. It barely has salience. Please consider.
    • Melissa—I support the bill, you don’t feel as safe if you don’t see people that look like you.
    • Bruce—Final resolution—Provide a space? What does it mean? Ask for Leg council consensus—it can be a townhall, can be a dialogue, an event on the issue so that students and faculty have a space to talk about this issue.
    • Jack Pan--  SB 185 talks about the a pool of people.  People from minorities are claimed to be underrepresented but it is mentioned in your application—this pool doesn’t increase. No one is against diversity. Diversity is a very passive thing. Increase diversity by joining teach-for America to improve these underprivileged places. This is not something we should not worry about.
    • Lisa—look at the let it be resolved. The effects have trickled how slavery has transformed itself through capitalism. We have our three values—accessibility, quality and affordability. We are only fostering quality.
    • Jessica Do—SB 185 wasn’t passed because of Prop 209.  Gov Brown rejected it because the regents aren’t going to implement because the regents can get sued.  We should focus on Prop 209 because it is the bigger issue. I didn’t mention in this legislation because it is far too political.  In the supplemental application you can describe why you need  more financial aid. What Jack described was a quota system. But SB 185 is not about quota system.  It is about considering the history of racism and institutional racisim in the system. When the playing field is equal, admissions would take into account the individual socio-economic background, race, religion, and the other person’s identities.
    • Janelle—Place of hardship shouldn’t be linked with race. We need to accept that there are
    • Chris--  the reality is that hyperpolicing and the war on the poor, certain races are disproportionate in treatment. No community or support in our student body.
    • Andrea--  We don’t have diversity on campus. I recognize that I’m privileged to be here.  Whether you pass this or not, these are real issues. If ASUCI doesn’t pass this, then this is a reflection of legislative council. I’m taking the time do this at a local level. I’m just doing my part in education.
    • Jack—Race is already mentioned in the admissions process.  
    • Dillon Gamboa—you have to work for it.
    • Daisy-- I feel that administration is scared. Police are targeting different cultural orgs? Why is it that diversity is in the master plan but not why in UCI?
    • Jon—I’m the minority here. Define minority because there are many definitions.   It’s what I identify with.
    • Motion to exhaust: Bruce/Lisa
    • Mark—Diversity is important. If you want to voice your background write it in the personal statement. In general it is holistic according to what is written in the personal statement.
    • Traci—holistic admission— readers are told take race and and racial oppression are told to turn a blind eye if mentioned in the personal statement. How do you expect a student to understand how . I cannot describe myself and my story in just a thousand words. 
    • Ben--  I feel uncomfortable with the first let it be resolved. I agree for the dire need of diversity but I agree with Bruce and Jack and Mark.
    • Andrea--   They are not taking care of the black student or any of the students of color. Look into the institutional root of the problem. They don’t represent the population of California. Holistic admissions won’t solve the root of problem but it


  • Question: Bruce/ JDo
  • 3-9-2 FAILED
  • Announcement of resignation of Andrea Gaspar


Motion to adjourn meeting:  6:58