ASUCI Senate Minutes
Thursday, November 03, 2011

Nov. 3rd

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

A.    Call to Order: 5:14pm

B.     Approval of Minutes: Jack/Ben

C.    Approval Of Agenda: Neal/Mark

D.    Attendance: 

E.     Guest List:


II. Public Comment: 10 minutes




III. Old Business

Item #10 R47-07 Diversity and Cultural Competency on Campus


Discuss 15 mins 2 min speaking time Andrea/Mark

Jboard: Leg Council will needs 2/3rds vote rather than the majority vote because it is a political endorsement

  • Andrea—I changed a lot according to what you of the legislation to provide a safe environment on campus. Notice that diversity isn’t part of the core values of UCI and I want to ask council to give a voice of students of color on campus. “Supporting holistic admissions” is mentioned in the legislation. UCSA is working on holistic admission campaigns
  • Neil—My words might have been misconstrued. We should advocate for diversity, and I agree with the first 4 core issues.
  • Lisa—It implies that all identities are taken into account. Irvine isn’t strong in diversity but making diversity as a core value will change the environment on campus. I do support this legislation because diversity is something that is needed on campus.
  • Mark—I agree with Neil, having the first let it be resolved clause but I don’t agree with being just admitted because of race. I support diversity on campus and we should advocate for it.
  • Ben—For core values, I couldn’t find it online—On vice chancellor’s website. I see the core values when UCI was started. I’m in support of diversity but this has lasting value, but it shouldn’t be constantly changed just because of current issues. Changing the core values is very controversial.
  • Daisy—They take merit into consideration. You have to be competitive to apply. They take into consideration the background and the opportunities that were given to the applicant.
  • Andrea—I need to reach the A through G requirements within 3 years. There were no classes offered in Spanish. I needed to take the CAHSEE because I didn’t know English very well. I made many sacrifices just to get to college. So because of my language hindrance, I had low SAT scores but I was able to make it into the UC system because of how many involvements I had. It isn’t about just grades and having high SAT scores, but it’s the opportunities or lack thereof that have shaped the people we are.
  • Dimitri—I feel that my voice is being heard because you are disproportionally getting over the time line and Patrick isn’t doing a good job curtailing that kind of behavior.
  • Motion to Table legislation until after interviews: Lisa/Bruce


III. New Business

A.    Item #19 R47-15 UC Regent Townhall Meeting

·         Floor: Bruce/Jon

·         Start presenting at 6:15pm. Regents arrive at 6pm

·         What is leg council going to do to promote it—Flyer, fb group is out, all offices will help publicize it

·         Question: Lisa.Neil

·         13-0-0

·         PASSED

B.     Item #20 R47-16 Appointment of Elections Commissioner and Election Deputies

·         Mark/Bruce

·         Floor: Bruce/Dillon

·         Question: Dillon/Mark

·         13-0-0

·         PASSED


C.     ETech Updates—Dillon and Jon

·         Survey written for faculty and one for students

·         Changes/adjustments have been made

·         Next meeting not til finals week or after finals week

·         Charging stations (don’t have to bring chargers)

·         Extend wifi to campus housing/dorms.

·         Survey will define everything

·         If you feel the need to advocate  for something, flood the ETech website’s inbox but be civil and polite.

·         They’re asking for this charge but they are arguing or unsure of where the money should be used.

·         Virtual Library—Accessibility at home, you can download any book available on campus.

·         By the end of the next two quarters if there isn’t any wifii in our campus housing then someone should be held accountability.

·         Increase the strength of wifii and money is more maintenance

·         There should be accountability and transparency of who is on their ETech board and the allocation of the money.

·         If technology doesn’t meet the needs of the students now, we’re doing a disservice for the future generation.

D.    Interviews between 5:30-6:30pm


Motion to suspend the rule  of notice of closed meeting for 3 days: Dillon/Jon

13-0-0 PASSED

Motion for closed Executive session: Dillon/Neal

Motion to discuss JBoard applicants Raul and Matthew: Bruce/Jon 5 minutes

Motion to discuss At-Large Rep Melissa: 5 minutes


Motion to table to Thursday: Lisa/Neal

Adjourn 6:55pm