ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15,2011 

I. Bureaucratic Procedure

A.    Call to Order:

B.     Approval of Minutes: Neal/Albert

C.    Approval Of Agenda: amend Bruce/Neal

1.      Approve:Bruce/Jon

D.    Attendance: 

E.     Guest List:


II. Public Comment: Aaron Echols: Software Updates

Robert—replaced Patsy

Next week, we are creating a legislation to replace the accounting system. We  are asking for $10,000 which will go into scanning system and invert all of our data from old to new accounting system. We spend $3000 to update for yearly updates. With the new system, it would only be 800 dollars a year. The legislation is asking to take the money from reserves. Also, the purchase scanner machines included in the 10,000 dollars. The difference between this software with the new software is that it improves efficiency and time. The current system is slow and inefficient. Students have to wait two weeks to get a check with the current accounting system. Now that we know what we need and what we’re going to do, the amount was changed from 2000 dollars to 10000.  Contact for further questions.




III. Old Business

  1. Item#23 B47-05 Legislative Council Polos
    • We passed the legislation but with changes available by next Thursday. Pick up the check from will be figured out.
    • Table til Thursday: Bruce/Mark


III. New Business

A.    Tech Liaison

a.       Ben

b.      Evelyn--  respectfully decline, but willing to be an assistant.

c.       Melissa Gamble will write the legislation.

B.           Break into committees (1 Hour)        

IV. Standing Committee Report

A.    Rules:

a.       4 exoficio seats, 1 at-large, update the bylaws online

B.     Finance:  getting access code for #execs please be there to explain the budget presentation for next thursday

C.    Public Info:

a.       townhall til next quarter

b.      Proposal of leadership retreat sometime next quarter on a Friday and partner up with Dining for free food (one afternoon retreat) early in Winter quarter.

D.    Advocacy

a.       Working on standing committees so we will have less problems with Jboard.

b.      Working on transition legislation will be passed down their knowledge

c.       Working on All ASUCI legislation

d.      Hopefully table by Thursday but realistically by Tuesday



V. Special Committee Reports:

            A.) All ASUCI committee

B.) Statistical Analysis and Logistics Committee

·         Update soon on the interns

C.) Sustainability and Environmental Conservancy Committee

·         No reports


VI. Office Reports: Thursdays only

A.    Office of the President

B.     Office of the Executive Vice President

C.    Office of the Administrative Affairs Vice President

D.    Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President

E.     Office of the Student Services Vice President


VII. Announcements:

·         Executive Roundtable for Academic Senate HH 262 Tuesday tonight

·         Uniting Voices Winter Showcase  November 30th PCB 1100 7 pm

·         Circle of Fifths Concert Thursday November 17, Doheny Beach A, 8pm

·         Letters to Assemblyman Harkey to convince AB 970  (accountability and transparency for UC Regents) 6 months notification of fee  write a letter how the fees have affected you


VIII. Adjournment: 


6:53pm Neal/ Mark