ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22 , 2011


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

A.    Call to Order: 5:11pm

B.     Approval of Minutes:

C.    Approval Of Agenda:

D.    Attendance: 

·         Albert Liao

·         Ben Pan

·         Bruce Aquino

·         Dillon Gamboa

·         Evelyn Chan

·         Jack Pan

·         Janelle Pham

·         Jennifer Song

·         Jessica Do

·         Jon Shubin absent

·         Lisa Lei

·         Mark Enverga

·         Mirage Mehta absent

·         Neil Bautista

·         Melissa Gamble

·         Ex-oficio:

Michelle Vasquez

Daisy Herrera

·         Exec:

o   Vikram Nayudu: absent

o   Patrick Le

o   Genevieve Galman: absent

o   Charlyn Arellano: left early

o   Jun Wang: absent


E.     Guest List:


II. Public Comment: 10 minutes




III. Old Business

  1. Item #24 R47-19 Moving the elections Commission under the Judicial Board
    1. Under laws, unable to do it
    2. If really needed, ballot initiative, student vote
    3. unconstitutional
  2. Item #25 R47-20 Renaming and Revising Vice President of Admin Affairs
    1. unconstitutional
  3. TGIF By-law Revisions
    1. Asks for commissioners to be a voting member

                                                              i.      We felt that marketing needed 2 commissioners and title change. 2 marketing positions were not the best use of commissioners

    1. If process of changing by-law, it needs to be reviewed by legislative council
    2. Table: Lisa/Jennifer




III. New Business

A.    Item # 26 B47-06 Accounting Equipment Upgrade

a.       Floor: Mark/Jack

b.      motion to discuss: 10 mins Lisa/ Bruce

                                                                          i.      Michelle—send to finance committee, will finance presentation

                                                                        ii.      Vikram—Aaron echols will be here next week to answer any questions and it will be tabled til next week

                                                                      iii.      Bruce—we passed it half a year ago, I felt like at the

                                                                      iv.      We didn’t have an accountant last time

                                                                        v.      Lisa—are we ok with it?

                                                                      vi.      Jack—I think so

                                                                    vii.      End—Lisa/ Mark

                                                                  viii.      Nonbinding strapple: Mark/Bruce

                                                                      ix.      7-1-5

                                                                        x.      Melissa—need a more concrete number

                                                                      xi.      Evelyn—I would like a breakdown of numbers and allocation

                                                                    xii.      Lisa—When would be the next time they’d ask for money again?

                                                                  xiii.      Aaron Echols will attend meeting next week.

                                                                  xiv.      Bruce—we’ve been using the same accounting system since 1997 so this will last for quite a while

                                                                    xv.      Table til tues: Lisa/Bruce

B.     Item #27 B47-21 ASUCI Liaison and Tech Assistant Appointments

a.       Floor:Mark/Dillon

b.      Vote by acclamation: Janelle/Ben

c.       PASSED 13-0-0

C.    Item #28 Ratification of Fall Elections 2011

a.       Floor:Mark.Ben

b.      Question: Lisa/Vikram

c.       Result will be posted tomorrow morning

d.      13-0-0

e.       PASSED


IV. Standing Committee Reports

A.    Rules:

a.       Interview ex oficio and  at-large

b.      I recommend similar appointments within the same day

c.       We won’t send all to council but mostly ex oficio

B.     Finance:

a.       Look through legislations but needs to change some wording

b.      We have access to every account spent by execs and some spending looks suspicious

c.       Need 20 mins for presentation 

C.    Public Info:  

a.       Retreat for next Winter

b.      Break in the newbies

c.       Having some collaborative time from the different branches would be nice

D.    Advocacy:

a.       Any consequences for all ASUCI retreat? His or her meal at ASUCI banquet will not be compensated

                                                                          i.      Excused absences include: Medical emergency, family emergency, class, review session, work (other than ASUCI)

                                                                        ii.      This will apply to the next election

b.      Standing rules: it goes into effect as soon as this is passed. It will be written just to show transparency

                                                                          i.      This is procedure changes

                                                                        ii.      In order to not abuse this—the chair has the power to stop someone’s speaking time

                                                                      iii.      You will always have an equal amount of speaking time

                                                                      iv.      Chair is smart enough to see if this is abused

                                                                        v.      Add a rule if there’s an abuse then it can be contested

                                                                      vi.      Clarify public comment



V. Special Committee Reports:

            A.) All ASUCI Committee

            B.) Statistical Analysis and Logistics Committee

                        No reports

                        Info on Christmas trees and would it fall under your committee?

            C.) Sustainability and Environmental Conservancy Committee


Speaker Pro Temp

1.)    Withdrawal of nomination of Neil Bautista

2.)    Dillon Gamboa’s Vision for leg council—Promote having a full council, working with everyone

3.)    Jump into formal meeting for new people?

a.       Encourage that the first process be a training process


VI. Office Reports: (Thursdays Only)

A.    Office of the President

B.     Office of the Executive Vice President

C.    Office of the Administrative Affairs Vice President

D.    Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President

E.     Office of the Student Services Vice President


VII. Announcements:

Execs need to turn in commissioners

Uniting Voices Winter Showcase—PCB 1100 Wednesday PCB 1100 7pm

Police Brutality on UC campuses and execs had meeting with campus police

Students don’t know what the lines are (police guideline for when they are allowed to use force)

Townhall in the winter to have dialogue

Guideline should be posted on ASUCI


VIII. Adjournment:  Bruce/Evelyn 6:56pm