ASUCI Senate Minutes
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November 29, 2011


I. Bureaucratic Procedure

A.    Call to Order: 5:10pm

B.     Approval of Minutes:

C.    Approval Of Agenda: motion to amend agenda and move into interview:  Dillon/Ben

D.    Attendance: 

·         Albert Liao

·         Ben Pan

·         Bruce Aquino

·         Dillon Gamboa

·         Evelyn Chan

·         Jack Pan

·         Janelle Pham

·         Jennifer Song

·         Jessica Do—left at 6:59pm

·         Jon Shubin

·         Lisa Lei

·         Mark Enverga absent

·         Mirage Mehta

·         Neil Bautista

·         Melissa Gamble

·         Ex-oficio:

Michelle Vasquez

Daisy Herrera

·         Vikram- left early for class

·         Charlyn left early

·         Patrick left early

·         Genevieve Galman


E.     Guest List:


II. Public Comment: 10 minutes

Sandy—Terri Jones—He is coming to Irvine Thursday this week. Is legislative council interested in having a discussion and make a statement? Or a non statement?

Lisa—because he didn’t give us enough time or book a room, I don’t feel we should accommodate.

Sandy--It is a counter-event to hold an interfaith dialogue.

Lisa—has he booked a space?

Patrick— There is already an event happening at the flagpoles but he will be there nonetheless. Terri is forcing himself upon the university and it isn’t our obligation to accommodate him but I do support having an interfaith dialogue.

Bruce—what is our role and our capacity in doing this? How are we going to message this out in 48 hours?

Student Affairs will do a lot of work. Campus wide email, Marquee are several marketing ideas.

Funding by the vice chair?

It’s not gonna happen.

Ben—why did he choose Irvine? We have a progressive MSU.

Michelle—I think it would be nice to support it’s students, but we should really think very carefully before we make a statements especially after Irvine 11 and Irvine 19. Maybe we can have open discussion?

Lisa—He sent a press threat release to the MSU. Yes we can discuss and open it, but if we tag ASUCI without enough substance, then they will say that ASUCI is trying to make another political statement.

Sandy—it would be an interfaith dialogue with sandwiches, coffee and soda and discuss about the  and we just wanted to give ASUCI a chance to partake in cosponsoring. This is a counter-event to the arrival of Terri Jones.

Bruce—we should come to a consensus now with the time constraint.  Consequences of not having it—it’s 10th week and many people are focused on just school or picking between two events. Upside—

Jack—we should do an event and having a private meeting with campus leaders esp from MSU with Terri Jones. If he talks at flagpoles, then there will be problems with Admin.

Bruce—Move him away from that space.





III. Old Business

  1. Item #23 B47-05 Legislative Council Polos

a.      PASSED 4-0-0

  1. Item#26 B47-06 Accounting Equipment Upgrade: Aaron Echols

a.       Floor: Bruce/ Vikram

b.      Discuss: Dillon/Bruce

c.       Evelyn: Will money be continually asked from reserves:  This is a one-time thing, scanners will be used every single day. We won’t purchase the scanners right away. Once we get the software, we will assess what scanners to you.

d.      How long will the upgrade last? Many years. The accounting system we use has been used in the 90s. It will be used as long as we the students decide to change it.

e.       Bruce: Is the $10,000 an overestimate so you don’t have to go back to council for more money? Yes, just to be on the safe side.

f.       End: Dillon

g.      Voting:  Bruce/ Dillon

h.      12-0-2

i.        PASSED

  1. Item #30 R47-24 TGIF Bylaw Revisions

a.       Floor: Lisa/Vikram

b.      Discuss: Dillon/ Bruce

                                                              i.      Lisa—in their by-laws Stephanie was getting more than she actually gets so they fixed to state how much she is actually getting from the fund.

                                                            ii.      She also sees all the internal stuff like Vendor Fair, Farmers Market etc.

                                                          iii.      End: Bruce/ Dillon

                                                          iv.      Question: Janelle 8—0—6

                                                            v.      PASSED

                                                          vi.      This would be updated on the website

  1. Sandy:

a.       Ask a lot of questions and don’t just past $10,000 just because it is a software. Come talk to me and ask me questions



III. New Business

A.    Item #29 R47-23 Appointment of Winter Quarter Speaker Pro Tempore

a.      Floor: Vikram/Ben

b.      Question: Vikram/ Dillon

c.       Acclamation: Vikram/Jon

d.      PASSED!!!!!!!!

B.     Interviews throughout the meeting



IV. Standing Committee Reports

A.    Rules:

B.     Finance: 

C.    Public Info:  

D.    Advocacy:


V. Special Committee Reports:

            A.) All ASUCI Committee

            B.) Statistical Analysis and Logistics Committee

            C.) Sustainability and Environmental Conservancy Committee



VI. Office Reports: (Thursdays Only)

A.    Office of the President

B.     Office of the Executive Vice President

C.    Office of the Administrative Affairs Vice President

D.    Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President

E.     Office of the Student Services Vice President


VII. Announcements:



VIII. Adjournment:  7:03pm Bruce/Ben